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11-29-23 10:47 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Was Threatened at work. About to quit my job.
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Well all I know is that I will find another job that is well suited for my time. Sometimes I feel like i'm being held captive there because of my skill and they know that my talents rise elsewhere.

I will be going back to school this may and I may have to quit a few things when I do (Drinking and using E-cigs. I think it's almost that time) but the effort will be worth it. I know the OG knows that I am going to be looking for another job and thankfully people around here love adults in school.

But I will say that my pay is nice. But the stress is NOT worth it. It just isn't
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It's sad how you can be so great at a job but others will drag you down. That sums up my three years at Jiffy Lube basically. I'm not bragging since it's a fact, but I busted my ass off there way more than mostly everyone else that worked there and man, I couldn't take it anymore after three years.

Glad to hear about the good ending though. Just keep your chin up and don't back down, speak out when it needs to be done, and yeah. But if it keeps up, I don't know about you but if I were in your shoes I'd probably start looking around for another job. Generally it's always sounded like you're enjoying your work though, so maybe this was just another bump in the road.
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Originally posted by Nelrith
I couldn't possibly imagine a better ending to that situation. But like Elara said, it's still crap that your supervisors suspended you.

I still got paid though. Which was hilarious. I was in WoW those days saying I am getting paid for playing at the time.
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I couldn't possibly imagine a better ending to that situation. But like Elara said, it's still crap that your supervisors suspended you.
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Well, that is good that you two resolved your differences. Honestly, it is probably the best outcome in such a situation. I still think that your supervisors were totally wrong to suspend you though.

I wish you luck on the job hunt, because like you said, you are so much better than that job.
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So a week has passed and I decided not to quit my job. I know I am better than this and I have not changed my mind about finding a new one. But a surprising turn of events happened.

-He- came to work. And there was something that we both realized as soon as he came up and apologized. He was a Mason at a Prince Lodge. And the moment he shook my hand I knew right away who he was.

I'll admit though. We both were a little in the wrong. But at least he came up and apologized. I did as well for sticking up for myself in a way I could have been better able to do. Without making the situation worse.

One thing he did tell me was to not take shit from nobody. But at the same time. Keep being professional and don't let the job get to me.

I kinda feel I have improved as a person when he told me that. Even after he admitted his wrong; I did as well. And I think we both respect each other a lot better and both of us improved.
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How goes the job hunting? And please consider taking some action against the restaurant for their creating and apparently fostering a hostile work environment. You were not the problem, he was. Did he get punished at all?
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good luck. Hope my examples will help you out.
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Well, i'm on paid suspension because for fuck knows reasons. I guess when I told the guy "I'm right here" when he threatend me it wasn't supposed to be in front of guests.

Oh well, I'm quitting friday when I have to go back in. Free money.

E- So I was talking to some friends of mine and I was told to pick up something at a technical college. Decent pay and as long as i do good in school the government pays me. Also, some very good experiences and whatnot.

Downside to this is I need to wait about two months before I do this. So to make up for this I am going to be putting in my two weeks notice and file for unemployment while trying to go back to school.

E2- As much of an internet tough guy that you guys think I am. I'm very much a coward when it comes to confrontations. But I at least I know how to stand my ground in certain situations. This one thankfully. I did.

So I'm going to be getting paid all day tomorrow for getting my resume prepared.
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three tables = more tips.

Wow... what a douche.
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I'm surprise you didn't demand he be fired on the spot. Seriously, what lazy fucking people are they? Oh no, three tables! It's your fucking job! I have friends and family that work as servers and none of them bitch about three tables. None!
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This has to be a sign. Right?

So, today at work I pretty much had it up to my neck in stress. I'll try to keep this story short because I know how I am when I go into detal so I'll list the event in bullet points.

- I took control of the floor. Half of servers were on so it was my job to seat guests to their tables. Meanwhile, all of them were bitching that they were not let off so they had to stick around and continue serving tables.

- Everyone mad at me because I sat them. My response: Too bad. Pick it up. *Walk off*

- I start standing up when people start talking shit to me. But the usual responce was "Oh, you don't like money?"

- One server, who was not even on the clock. Was embarassing me saying that I was "Good at seating two to three tables in a row" and how stressful it was to have someone like me on the team.

Keep in mind. I am one of the BEST in the team. And with good scores and compliments to back it up.

- He starts making gestures at me and I politely tell him to not do that. He continues to do so and after telling him two more times to stop. He wanted to pressure it further by doing the same thing. Just to piss me off.

- So that was when I told him that the next time he is on. I will GUARANTEE that he would be sat three tables at the same time. That was when things got elevated.

- He said that he would not make promises and that "He will come and find me" meanwhile esclating into a higher more angrier voice. Meanwhile; I immedietly went to my boss and told him that the server was threatening me. After which, the boss threatened back that he would call the cops on both of us (I didn't escalate nor do anything).

- Had to write up a statement before I had to leave. Mentioned that I do not feel safe with threats being made at work.

So here I am. And here are my cards.

- First off, I will NOT return to work until the matter is delt with. And I have, at least, have this on my side. Sadly though, and I hate to say this but most of the people there are racist. So I know this is on their side. And 90% of the people there hate me for stupid shit reasons like not being let off early. BUT! I do have proof that I did not in any escalate the fight in any way.

- Even if the matter is delt with. I might come back. But only if he leaves. If not. I -will- call corporate and the BBB about the matter to get this settles once and for all. There is a zero tolerance policy on threats. So again, if he isnt gone after all of this. Then I will leave. Period.

So, that's about it. Does it suck? Oh hell yeah it does. I wont have an income to pay for stuff that I like doing. But it's a lot better than going to work not feeling safe.
Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Was Threatened at work. About to quit my job.

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