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08-16-22 11:40 PM
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So... favorites this season?

Based on the first episode, my top picks are Roxxxy, Ivy, and Detox.

For some reason I could see them keeping Alaska around for a while just because of who she is.

There's a pretty fun Facebook game that has Michelle Visage trying to uncover who stole Sharon Needles' crown: Link
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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY about who won All Stars. That is all.
True Flight
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Oh wow. She was a favorite of mine too. T^T
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Oh my god, Sahara Davenport just died, and they don't know what caused it. Manila is devastated.
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If not there's always That's how I end up watching a lot of things when I can't catch them on TV.
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hope they put it on hulu...
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They finally posted the cast for the upcoming All Stars season.

I'm really happy with this group, but I understand people's fervor in wanting Mimi Imfurst replaced with someone like Willam or Morgan McMichaels.
True Flight
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that killed me too. Willam is back on the cool books for me now. After hearing her say "I'm an egomaniac," I really liked her for owning up to her faults. Willam even pointed out to Phi Phi that she Phi Phi a crazy person.
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Originally posted by Shuyin
Willam was on point last night. He stole the show!

I'm so glad Phi Phi didn't win. I was rooting for Sharon, but I wouldn't have been mad if Chad one. Phi Phi was looking kind of busted sitting next to the other two. Anyone else agree?

A-fuckin'-GREED on ALL counts. I love how they all turned on her. Couldn't really blame Jiggly for crying, but at the same time it seemed like Phi Phi just kept going, "It's all about the money."

I couldn't stop laughing when Willam gave Ru that sticker, said it was scented, and when Ru smelled it Willam went, "It smells like a sticker."
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Willam was on point last night. He stole the show!

I'm so glad Phi Phi didn't win. I was rooting for Sharon, but I wouldn't have been mad if Chad one. Phi Phi was looking kind of busted sitting next to the other two. Anyone else agree?
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I'm not gonna rupaulogize. XD I love it.
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Yup yup. Not my top favorite, but was a favorite of mine throughout the competition nonetheless.

I find myself loving Willam after that display tonight, though.
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all's well that ends well.

Sharon Needles
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Oh I see why they are doing it. To prevent leaks like Raja's was leaked out.
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A couple friends got to go to the taping last night for the reunion episode. Apparently they did the crowning portion three times so even the audience doesn't know who won.

They announced Chad Michaels first, and then when they did it again apparently Phi Phi and Sharon didn't look very happy and it looked like they weren't aware that they'd have to pretend they won or lost. Would be kind of a shame if they win and they don't look happy on screen.

Entertainment Weekly was there too and wrote a play-by-play minus crucial details
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yeah great to see Raja. I put my vote in.

Someone said I will die a slow and painful death if Phi Phi O'hara doesn't win. I wanted to reply to the tweet and say... Well good then die. Instead I stopped myself and went IT'D DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT TO TROLL ON TWITTER.
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Rumor has it they wanted to do live voting at the reunion, but I haven't a freaking clue on that end. At the end of the episode, Ru said to let her know who we think should win through Twitter.

Anyway, it was good to see Raja. Tyra was just blah.

True Flight
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OMG WTF!!! My satellite cut out on the end of the show and Eric had to read me what happened on an article by Entertainment Weekly.

T^T NOOOOO!!! I want to know who won now!
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You seen this?

Poor Chad lol
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It's time to vote for Miss Congeniality.

The consensus seems to be to vote for Chad since everyone's "sure" Sharon will win.

I'm voting Chad since he's not only my favorite, he's been the one to drop everything and help people when they ask for it. He's honest and professional.
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