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08-10-22 03:26 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Hormornes make me lazy and upset
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True Flight
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Out of the 25 wks I have been pregnant I have had only TWO rage quits (if you play a game or something and just walk away aggravated). So... The first one was funny. A friend of mine during our dungeons and dragons session. The only direction we had to go was right and our group never goes right. So my friend kept making left turns taking us in weird directions. I just walked away aggravated.

This second time... I am a little proud of myself. During a game of magic the gathering I lose to this guy. No big deal. I knew I was going to lose to "haunted humans" there's so much hate out there for the deck I was playing that night. So I went to my second match. WTF this guy was playing a version of the original deck my husband tore apart to test out his Zombies Deck. I was set up for failure. I realized it was time to quit and called to the judge that he won. Then the guy who was playing "haunted humans" began talking... and talking... and bragging... and what not. I walked over to the judge and said "I drop" and walked out. My husband was like oh s**t and ran out of the store after me.

"What's the matter hun?"

"I absolutely hate that guy! You know why I like playing against you and your friends? Because you guys don't turn around and play the same decks over and over again. You guys actually come in and test things out. It's not like he even matters! He's a joke! He's just someone who chooses one thing and sticks with it til block runs out."

I'm in tears now.

"I just got my awesome blue black grand architect deck and you take it away from me! It's not your fault though. Because I wanted to see how Zombies would run with it! He's an idiot! It's his fault! He comes in and just brags about how awesome his deck is and what not! It's been the same for 2 weeks. At least I think of awesome things to add to mine!!"

and the original person who made me see red... still is clueless and has no clue what I said. lol.
True Flight
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They claim their porn is artistic... >.> Only thing I find artistic about it is the fact that it doesn't have extremely loud and fake high pitched screaming and teh spanking of the buttocks. =P
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Dare I ask what Joymii is?
True Flight
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Yeah but Joymii porn is soooo awesome.
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As much as they are annoying, there are always those mommy groups... you know, the ones where women who are all due around the same time have little meetings and plan things... okay, I know very little about them but one of my friends is into that and she talks about it all the time. Gets you out of the house at least?

Write a romance novel? It's like creating a porno with a slightly (slightly) better plot.
True Flight
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I believe it's true. I would rather us be broke and my husband be home all the time because I see my pregnancy as a "shared event."

I only clean when he's home and what not. I'm starting to get lazy.

I won't even play my wii. In fact all I really do while he is gone is watch porno.. And to be quite honest it's getting kinda boring.

I miss Eric... a ton and I believe by doing the same things he did while I was gone I think I'm personifying him. lol

Any idea on how to get out of this rut?
Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Hormornes make me lazy and upset

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