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11-30-23 12:13 AM
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Phoenix was hardly surprised to see the barrier. He had heard what Ryan was capable of, and the psychic seemed ready to hold up his reputation.

With a quick backflip, Phoenix let his fiery wings emerge from his shoulder blades and carry him up and backwards, avoiding the rushing energy. A few segments of the floor flew upwards as the blast hit the ground, but nothing harmful flew his way.

"You're not trying to ruin my new suit, are you?" Phoenix then lunged towards Ryan, his wings flat against his back as the tip of his golden sword aimed for the levitating boys chest.
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(It's fine ^^)

A test? Ryan could cope with that, his eyes flashing a bright purple as the arc of fire rapidly approached him. His body stumbled back as the flame bounced off an invisible barrier in front of him, his hands lifting to his head, holding it in slight pain.

"Ah... I've been in stasis too long..." He groaned, rubbing at his head as he lifted his own mass off the ground, floating about a foot in the air as he focused his gaze on his attacker. He closed his eyes briefly, a powerful blast of psychic force rushing forward while he floated off to the side, trying to circle behind Phoenix.
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oc: Sorry, I've retained a few injuries and haven't had the time to put thought into anything.

"I'm here to test you," Phoenix answered. He studied Ryan carefully, wondering how the man would do after being left immobile for X amount of years. "And here's your first question."

A white fire enveloped the air near Phoenix's right hand for a brief second, leaving behind a golden sword. The hilt was fashioned to the form of the bird of fire, and the blade itself seemed to glow as Phoenix slashed through the air, sending a diagonal arc of golden fire racing towards Ryan.
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The chilling echoes sent a mild shiver down Ryan's spine, the lights flickering a little in response to his unfocus. They shut entirely off for a moment as he span around, shocked to hear another voice. His eyes glowed a bright purple as he saw the figure, a scowl forming across his expression.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, coughing a little after. His voice sounded deep, rough, nothing like the youthful chipper tone he once had. "How do you know who I am?"

The situation was a little frightening, but Ryan stood his ground, fists clenched and emitting a strange deep purple haze as he readied himself for battle. He was struggling to cope with the fact that even after six years in the prison, he was still being hunted for battle.
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ooc: Sure, I haven't done this and actually followed through in a bit.

The alarm screamed on for several moments more before shutting off with a sudden click. Desperate echoes rang through the empty chambers, leaving behind a slight hint of energy in the dusty air. Everything was silent in anticipation.

"Bravo," the voice came from a suited man at the end of the hallway. His voice rang out, breaking the silence as he walked towards Ryan, clapping slowly and deliberately with a wide smile on his face. The man seemed barely over the age of twenty, and had short red hair that stood out out brightly against a dark suit.

"I heard rumors that you were still here...Ryan," the newcomer said, stopping fifty yards away from the psychic. Without breaking eye contact, he sid his arms from the suit jacket and let it fall to the ground, revealing a white button-down shirt and black. "My name is Phoenix."
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(Open to anyone who still battles, although it appears this forum has gathered a lot of dust over the last two months.)

A low, broken alarm jolted Ryan awake, the once young boy having matured over the years. His long sleep in a stasis-like state had ended, immediately his adult, six foot form getting up and stretching. He glanced around the prison, his cell still locked, but the rest of it was clear. No guards, no other prisoners...

Once locked up for his powers, he had been placed in a prison dedicated to his rather specific needs. He was a powerful psychic, and as such possessed a lot of powers that a standard prison would be incapable of containing. As such, his cell was once surrounded by a powerful technology, preventing his powers from effecting anything outside of the barrier. Others with powers like him occupied the other few cages, strewn across the lower walls of a large hallway with lots of open space to make running that much more difficult. It was hardly fun, being thrown in there at the young age of 14, along with the testing and experimentation they forced him to cooperate in.

Ingeniously, he had put himself into a stasis-like state, becoming totally immovable and invulnerable. Peering into the half-shattered mirror in his cell, he did not recognise the face staring back at him, but he couldn't help but crack a little smile. He had escaped his torment. Perhaps he overshot it a little, given the dust and grime covering almost everything he could see, but he had escaped nonetheless.

Dusting off the rags hanging from his skinny body, he approached the cell door and with a concentrated blast, sent it soaring across the room, clattering with the opposite wall. He wondered what had happened during his slumber, stepping out into a dull, skylight-lit open hall. A gentle focusing of his thoughts caused the lights to glow brightly, eliminating the shadows casting eerily throughout the empty building. Then it occured to him. That alarm... Just what had triggered it...
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