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08-08-22 01:24 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - Tommy Jordan shoots his daughters laptop and?
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Lord Alexandor
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As a 2nd Amendment enthusiast, let me clear up a few things:

1) Hollow point rounds are used in defense because they expand and cause massive tissue damage. In civilized places, victims are likely to get proper medical treatment. The Geneva Convention bans the use of hollow points in WAR and ONLY in WAR because of the extra tissue damage. In war, its not so easy to get proper medical attention in time to save a life.

2) Hollow point rounds are available at any sporting goods store that sells ammo, including Wal-Mart. You must be 21 or older to purchase any kind of ammo. However, the father in the video probably meant that the daughter would have to pay him to cover the cost of buying replacement rounds.

3) The ammo in the video is described as "Exploding Hollow Point" ammo. This is not easy to find, is much more expensive, and requires an explosives permit. This kind of ammo, if it is true that he used it, is both dangerous and un-necessary. I think he meant that it was "non-jacketed hollow point" ammo.

As for the rest of the video:

- I don't agree with shooting (or otherwise intentionally damaging) anything that still works. I'd have sold or given away the laptop. However, it is his choice. He owns it.

- Minors in the United States are never the legal owners of any property, but their parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) are the owners of their property. Thus, the daughter could not legally "own" anything until the age of 18.

- When it comes to reading the daughter's Facebook, I don't see an issue. Minors do not have the right to selective privacy. In fact, they don't have the right to privacy at all from their parent(s)/guardian(s). It is a privilege that must be earned. If a kid posts something on facebook, it is public knowledge and the parent has a right to know what was posted and when. This is different from a private diary, which I would not agree with reading without permission or without very extreme circumstances.

- Kids (and Americans in general) are pampered, babied, rude, entitled, ignorant, stupid assholes. I think this horse has been beaten to a pulp, so I won't go on.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nor do I have any formal training in the law. Nothing in this post should be taken as legal advice. This has been a long rant/post.
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Another old thread. :p I'm surprised I have time on a Saturday morning...hasn't happened in ages. Haha.

Anywho...on one side, I thought the video was hilariously awesome.

But in all seriousness, it WAS a little too far...but when it comes to child services and things like that, location is the thing. I watched a woman make a call when she saw another woman backhand her child in the supermarket because her kid was being a little asshole. I know what its like to get hit hard. And abuse is abuse, and it still does happen. But not everything is abuse, and here in Philadelphia, they're actually pretty bad with that shit. I mean, there are some parents who deserve it, but there are a lot of parents who are dealing with Child Services coming to their homes 2 days a week or more, just because of something like that.

It's definitely something to watch out for. But it's still no reason to let your kids be ungrateful little bastards. But it's, I was that teenager too. I ranted about my family soooooo much. It depends on the situation though, and I think sometimes its good. Like, the ranting I did here let me get most of it off my chest, and then when I turned around and faced the situations, I wasn't NEARLY as stupid about them as I was when I DIDN'T vent. Still stupid, but it did help. But I think that depends on the individual. I knew I was ranting. I knew it was making me feel better, even if it was just a little. There's other little bastards out there who rant because they actually think they are right and want to wage this war and realistically expect to win.

Good parenting I think depends on understanding the individual. I don't have kids of my own, per se, but my nieces and nephews? They're good for me. For the most part, always were. There's things that can't be helped because their parents shouldn't have bred, but when it came/comes to the little shit, I could ALWAYS have them with me without them having tantrums for not getting their way, they were always punished for their bullshit, but I didn't abuse them. I got creative. I knew which one needed to be put in the corner for 5 minutes, which one needed to be ignored for 10 minutes, which one could entertain themselves on their own, as long as they had their stuff....

You can punish effectively without going overboard. But, backhanding the little bastard on occasion isn't going "overboard" either.
True Flight
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Please refer to my white button. =P
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Will your schedule ever be free again with the little one running around?

I kid.

Ha! That turned into a pun!
True Flight
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I am off my soap box...

So let's start a revolution!!! ... After my schedule frees up.
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It's okay, hormones are always fun in debates.

You have to admit that was a pretty illogical statement. Just because a person doesn't think that shooting a laptop is okay doesn't mean they are totally pacifistic and will let their kids get what they want. That is a fallacy.

Personally, my plan is that they don't get most of that stuff. No iPod, unless they earn it (like save up holiday and birthday money for it, or get straight As for all of high school).

And honestly, the "every kid is a winner" thing started with the generation before us, so the blame is on them and that is who should be bitched at, not the people that grew up that way. The trophy thing is stupid, I agree. Don't give them one just for showing up.

And I think you are really turning the angsty teen into a specter of sorts. You're not that far removed from those years... did you get that bad? I know I didn't, and it had nothing to do with getting punished and everything to do with knowing what was stupid. Only really dumb kids provoke their parents to the point that the bust in a door or something like that. I got in my parents faces, I yelled, I slammed doors... but they never had to resort to those punishments. The beatings stopped when I started to not back down. Instead they'd chill out and talk later, and it worked that way. My parents method of handling me at that age wasn't perfect, but they managed. If you can't manage a teen, you shouldn't have kids... and I honestly think this guy can't handle it.

Kids normally don't call the cops either unless they honestly think that you are going to hurt them, because they know that if they call over nothing, the cops will arrest them for a false police report. They don't call over emotional abuse, because it's too hard to prove unless they get it on tape or the neighbors call it in. They call for physical or sexual abuse, and they should if that is the case... because most likely that is the reason they are angsty.

And finally... "forced to be a new age parent"... no... forced to follow federal laws and not abuse your kid. As sad as it is, 9/10 times a cop investigating a call from the kid about abuse is like a woman reporting rape, they tend to side against them until they see hard evidence otherwise. So if they kid is going to call the cops, they better have some damn good proof and they know it. And if the parents did nothing wrong, what do they have to fear?
True Flight
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Originally posted by Sorcha Rohan
Shrug NOW I know why my dad says that he feels sorry for my generation in raising kids in the present.

Any kid can jump up and call the cops on parents. Parents are going to basically live in fear because they are being forced to be the new age parents that the US wants them to be.
I think that's my cue to abandon hope and gtfo
True Flight
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Shrug NOW I know why my dad says that he feels sorry for my generation in raising kids in the present.

Any kid can jump up and call the cops on parents. Parents are going to basically live in fear because they are being forced to be the new age parents that the US wants them to be.

Jackass or not. He was making a statement to the new age parent that wears the 100% hemp shirt...

In fact now it's EVERYONE'S A WINNER in sports. Kids are going to sporting tournaments and getting trophies for participating not for actually succeeding. When I was a kid in sports you get a RIBBON. A lousy green ribbon. What kind of bullshit is that? Is this seriously going to be the next generation? Kids who believe that they are to be given everything on a silver platter and if they fail still get a "trophy" in return?

NAY I say NAY!!

No I will not be destroying my child's laptop. I will be okaying everything with my land lord as I go along. Doors will be removed. Laptops will be hacked and wiped... ipods will be taken away and sold to Gamestop. All that will be left in my future angsty teenage daughter's room is a dresser, mattress, and her freakin school books. She will ride the bus to and from school and I do not expect her to actually get a job until the same age I was (18).

I will instill the fear of god(or gods or fear of what ever you believe in) in my child when she hits the angsty years that I have.

I will--- Oh hey Ghost hunters is on. *watches and is enthralled*
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Originally posted by Astrophel
Abuse or not, he's a childish jackass with no defense for this anger-induced tantrum.

Seriously. Take away the laptop. Sell the laptop. Give the laptop away. Just don't destroy something that expensive when it still works.

Thank you!
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Abuse or not, he's a childish jackass with no defense for this anger-induced tantrum.

Seriously. Take away the laptop. Sell the laptop. Give the laptop away. Just don't destroy something that expensive when it still works.
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According to another news article I read, he's an ex-Marine. And if they are against the Geneva Convention, I further have to ask why he has them and why he's super proud that he has them? And then saying that his 15 year old has to replace them?... Uh... she can't, since you know, minors cannot purchase ammo in this country. Especially that ammo.

I know several teenagers, they are no different than when I was a teen. The main difference is that teens now use computers and smartphones for school a lot more due to increases in technology.

I also believe one of his first statements was that the "maid" wasn't a maid, she was some lady that did a few specific things around the house for some extra cash. The daughter had chores, not punishment. If she wanted to get paid for it, she should have asked for an allowance instead of bitching on Facebook.

I agree that he should make her buy her own laptop, but wouldn't it have been saner to have just taken it away, wiped it, and either sold it or kept it for himself? Also, I get he was an IT guy... but why did he feel the need to hack his daughter's facebook to see what she was saying in private in the first place? That is up there with reading her diary... that's not right.
True Flight
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I really think this is being read into too much.

Maybe he took the laptop away. SEVERAL times and finally saw this was not going to help.

The fact that he knows what hollow point rounds are could be three things:

1. The person he bought them from knows what they are.
2. He was in the military and had to turn in hollow point rounds (against Geneva Convention)
3. He's got a cowboy hat on automatically makes him a redneck and knows about guns (most stereotypical)

Teenagers now are TOTALLY different from when we were teenagers. Parents like THIS GUY who has a maid do all the cleaning and what not and makes his daughter do all the work because SHE WAS BEING PUNISHED spoil their kids with laptops and cars.

I totally agree with this guy. MAKE HER BUY HER OWN DAMN LAPTOP that way she can say something if he completely destroys it. Why? Because IT'S HER PROPERTY. She can trash her dad all she wants on her own laptop.
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I saw this video. Firstly, the daughter is stupid bitch. Secondly, shooting your daughter's laptop is excessive. Cathartic, yes, but excessive. Bragging about it being hollow point rounds makes you appear to be a gun nut. And if you're angry enough to do that, then it is logical to think you might do something to your kid.

I was raised by old school parents. I was beaten with a leather belt for crying. My parents didn't give me one or two swats, they swung until all their anger had been worked out or their arm got tired. I think I turned out just fine.

However, I still consider what they did physical abuse. I consider the things that they said to me emotional abuse. You know why? Because it was.

This guy... I don't think he's an abusive parent. I think he's just an incompetent one that doesn't know how to talk to or handle his kid. Anger never works. Ever. And by shooting that laptop, he just made it worse, because that will just piss her off more.
True Flight
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Gets trashed about it.

Originally posted by ONTD_political LJ
A Dad, A facebook note, a laptop and a .45.

11:38 pm - 02/09/2012
The disgruntled teenage daughter of a tech-savvy, gun-toting father just got a very public lesson in respecting one’s elders.

“That right there is your laptop,” the father, named Tommy Jordan, says in a YouTube video while pointing a video camera at a computer on laying in a patch of dirt and grass. “This right here is my .45,” he says, moving a pistol into the frame.

He cocks the weapon and shoots nine exploding hollow-point rounds into the laptop.

Jordan’s 15-year-old daughter apparently wrote a Facebook post complaining about the chores she has to do at home and the overall hassle that her parents make her life. The father took exception to the public airing of grievances, and so decided to exact his own bit of public revenge, according to the video description, as well as Facebook and Reddit posts he appears to have made.

The role of social media in family life has been debated since social networks began to catch on, but Jordan appears to be taking a proactive approach.

In the video, which is titled “Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.” and looks to be shot from a tripod, Jordan sits down in a chair outdoors with a computer print-out in hand. He dedicates the recording to his daughter and, “more importantly for all her friends on Facebook who thought that her little rebellious post was cute, and for all you parents out there who think your, you know, kids don’t post bad things on Facebook.”

Jordan says he works in IT for a living (and, indeed, appears to run a company called Twisted Networx) and chastises his daughter for thinking she could hide the note from him with privacy settings. He then reads the purported note aloud after explaining, “since you want to hide it from everyone, I’m going to share it with everybody.”

In the note, the daughter says that she should be paid for the chores she does and her parents overwork her, criticizing them harshly. Jordan says that her complaints are mostly unjustified, and contrasts it to the work he had to do growing up.

After about seven minutes of preamble, he gets up from the chair and plugs the computer full of lead.

Jordan writes in the video description: “Maybe a few kids can take something away from this… If you’re so disrespectful to your parents and yourself as to post this kind of thing on Facebook, you’re deserving of some tough love. Today, my daughter is getting a dose of tough love.”

Mashable has attempted to contact Jordan for further comment, but so far has not received a response.

and the video

Tommy Jordan puts out a video of him shooting his daughter's laptop with his .45. Many parents who were raised in the old fashion go YAAAAAY... Many parents who are now "new age" parents say NOOOOO BAD.

I look at all of the comments on this lj post and figured out as a child I must've been abused and need counseling. wtf. I turned out just fine when my mom and dad tore into me about stupid stuff. Along with that there was the risk of getting REALLY EMBARRASSING pictures posted on my myspace.

What kind of bs is that? What's wrong with being raised in a fashion of having the FEAR OF GOD instilled in you by your own parents?

So now... I gotta fear having my kid call the cops on me every time I open the door to her room because of "invasion of privacy"?

Sorry I'm a first time mother. My husband says that their room door will be unlocked and if he gets locked out while he's trying to have a discussion with a rebellious teenager (being that we all have been there) he's going to beat down the door.... personally I think it would help to wait til the kid cools down. You can't skip a touchy subject with me.. ever I can hold a grudge. I know i"m talking outta my ass but seriously...

THIS GUY IS CONSIDERED AN ABUSER? How about him being victim to an ungrateful rebellious teenager who was stupid enough to post up a note complaining about her chores.

Let's be serious most of us have been there as kids. I remember several summers I had to put on lotion because I was moving pinestraw by hand. Mom called it "Kid Power." and rewarded us with something to drink and an awesome dinner.


/rant done.

So after ranting about this I am considered an abuser appologizer. I am siding with an emotional abuser... NO I'm siding with an adult who is sick and tired of being disrespected several times by an angsty teenage girl.
Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - Tommy Jordan shoots his daughters laptop and?

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