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08-11-22 09:02 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - And the baby's name is?
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True Flight
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D'Arcy is a friend of ours that introduced A LOT of change in the house I lived in. She helped me out with gaining a more open mind to those I love(mainly my sis). Nicole is a friend who brought Eric and I together to the same bar.
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Aww, a xeobaby!

Interesting name... how did ya come up with it?
True Flight
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D'arcy Nicole!

That's right I'm having a girlie. Anyway I am glad... my snoopy twin sheets will be put to use when the kid gets to twin bed size... thank god. XD Anyway I am seriously happy about the girl. I finally got an ultra sound... THANKFULLY I am not having twins like my in laws keep cursing me with... But now that I've seen the kid... It feels more real especially hearing the heart beat.
Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - And the baby's name is?

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