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06-22-24 08:21 PM
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Eventually. I am hoping his own dissatisfaction with how the final seasons were treated will spur him to get at least Winds of Winter finished.

People are joking already that he's just going to pull a Robert Jordan and have Brandon Sanderson finish the books when he dies. I know it pisses him off. The difference is that Jordon knew he was in bad health and made preparations to have someone finish it. Martin is in much better health but has made no such preparations that I know of. It worries me.

Also Sanderson has a very different writing style than his so I don't think it would work as well as him finishing Wheel of Time did.
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Do you guys think George R. R. will even finish the books?
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My issue is that the last season was just WAY too rushed. I think at the very least they should have done the full 10 episodes to give plot developments the attention they deserved. Honestly, I think the last three episodes had enough major events that it could have been expanded into another season.

They way that plot points were just abandoned (like all the prophecies) was rather annoying. Yeah, GRRM didn't get the last two books out in time. So what? You had enough to work with and knew how it was going to end.

That said, I am not actually dissatisfied with the overall end... i.e. who got the Throne and such. I am more irked in how they got there. Also in how the nation of Dorne was treated in a way that made zero sense.
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I don't regret watching the show, and I still think the first 6 seasons are pretty much the pinnacle of TV.

The final season just didn't do what needed to be accomplished to wrap up a lot of the loose ends. They spent all this time showing us these interweaving storylines and prophecies and twists and then they sort of just end it all.

It was a rather mundane ending, but it could have been so much worse.
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My master plan of never watching this series worked out!...

lol, I still want to check it out eventually. But yeah sounds like everyone I know was really disappointed with this season and finale.
Posts: 11786/11918
So ... that's how they ended it. Yup ...

I feel very numb regarding how they played off most of this season.
Posts: 9543/9734
Cleganebowl 2018! Hopefully! The Hype is real!!!

But yeah... that scene in the great hall at Winterfell was the stuff of fucking dreams!
Posts: 11522/11918
So it happened. We all knew it would, but I still wished it hadn't. Eh.

Anyway, the part I found myself cheering the hardest for (I'm sure you could guess already) was the kids dealing with a certain sociopath.

And, sad, no CleganeBowl this season. Well, there's always the next/last one. Whenever THAT gets to air.
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I hope it is next episode... I mean, it's the first opening for it that they have had in awhile... and it so needs to happen for the Hound to really complete his redemption arc, I think... he needs to face the last real demon of his past.
Posts: 11519/11918
I'm just wondering if the CleganeBowl is ever going to happen, and if so, in this next episode?

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So... Beyond the Wall... I think that was the most "omg omg omg omg" episode they have had in awhile... more than the Battle of the Bastards. It was just... so very intense.

And now we have only one episode left, albeit a long one. I am hoping this one doesn't leak at all because I honestly think that would ruin it for so many people.
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We were bad and watched the leaked episode. It's REALLY good. Oh my god, they're going full force with it all now that it's off-book and wrapping up.

And yes, Sam's line in last week's episode was goddamn great.
Posts: 9521/9734
It was. I totally expected the butting of heads, and it did not disappoint. And I know that Sam has always been the comic relief in a way, but damn his line about reading the book made me lose it.

Posts: 11497/11918
Tonight's episode was pretty kickass.

Still rooting for the Northerners. You know, the ones who know what's what.

Posts: 9516/9734
Yeah, I didn't get the hate at all. I mean, I didn't know who the fuck he was, and I thought that the scene was actually a nice one since it provided a humanizing moment for Arya... ya know, a reminder that this isn't all black and white, and that the soldiers often don't have much choice in all this. Even if I had recognized him, it wouldn't have ruined it for me... I recognize a ton of the actors from other roles or places, it doesn't ruin their moments either. He was playing a part, he sang a song from the books, and it was done. Big whoop.

That opening scene though... oh that was fun!
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My boss is trying to catch up and he's mid-season 3. His wife already had him watch the Red Wedding, and that was when he'd only seen a few episodes of season 1. Apparently he's also seen the last episode of season 6. My friend and I are going, "What the hell, dude? You're ruining it for yourself!"

I'm just amused so many people are pissed about Ed Sheeran having a three-minute cameo. He sings a song and has ONE line thereafter and people are saying it ruined the WHOLE episode for them.
Posts: 11486/11918
I made the mistake of Googling season 7 posters. I was seeing ones that look to have been purposely omitted in this country and now something fairly crucial may be been spoiled.

Anyway, had to put up a notice that I hope people don't send me spoilery shit tonight.
Posts: 9509/9734
Yeah, I was wondering how much that bothered you. But yeah, the theory was kinda lame... basically saying she was showing signs of turning into her father.

Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here, looking forward to the Stark reunion.
Posts: 11480/11918
Originally posted by Elara
I was reading some article today theorizing that Dany is really the bad guy... I don't really buy it. But who knows. All I know is that we are less than a week away now and it cannot get here fast enough!

I've been avoiding fan theories as much as possible because it sucks when they turn out to be true and, in that sense, turned out to be a spoiler all along.

Anyway, I don't like Dany and I would love to see her take a fall. Then again, I love Tyrion and now they're entwined.

Posts: 9504/9734
OMG that trailer was the shit! Seriously, that was so well done!

I was reading some article today theorizing that Dany is really the bad guy... I don't really buy it. But who knows. All I know is that we are less than a week away now and it cannot get here fast enough!
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