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02-27-24 02:15 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Diablo 3/Torchlight Megathread
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Totally agreed, it was the most epic and "boss fighty" ... haha.

But wow, now that I'm playing Act III and solo on NM I'm just tearing it up. Way easier than Act II, better exp, drops, and everything. Although I hear Izual can be a bigger pain than Diablo on the higher difficulties, guess I'll find out...
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Act 2 definitely has the best boss fight though, you have to admit.
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Hot damn am I sick of Act II or what. Finally cleared it on NM with a party of 4 though, but we had a level 56 wizard in our party (no idea why) that was tearing it up. lol, but oh well. I'm so sick of that act.
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Let's hope set items are actually comparable with legendarily

E- OP Updated!

To prevent shit happening like what happened here. I decided to put up some basic rules to prevent bitching and stupidity on an ultimate level beyond my imagination. Don't be like people here. If you want to bitch about Diablo 3 or EITHER games. This thread is not the place to do it. Go complain to Blizzard. (This is that Always Online or all 40 people getting hacked, or whatever you shit imagination came come up with.)

I made things simple here. Don't shit up this thread. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E2- Also, I'm going to be putting Battletags in the OP as soon as I can. Right now there are only three people who posted their Btag...

But yeah! Also as soon a Torchlight 2 comes out Ill be sure to make an edit there as well. Count on me!
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Thankfully, in the near future, a patch will buff all Legendary items to be actually worth a damn. In fact, they may be worth two damns. It won't retroactively make the previously found Legendaries any better, as it only applies to those found after the patch is implemented.
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That's honestly my only issue with the game. Sometimes you get something really good for your level but at the same time there is something in there that is absolutely worthless.

And even if the item was perfect the game likes to try and throw in something that...ugh.
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Originally posted by Bitmap


Wow, Blizzard. Just wow.
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Posts: 2696/3409
I still haven't beaten Diablo yet, so no worries there.
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Demon Hunter is ownage.

Still on Act III, damn I feel slow. But then again I'm about to hit 30 and I think I'm way higher leveled than some of my friends were when they were at this point. Guess it kind of pays off to take my time.
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I'm not Thex! Also, you're welcome.
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I'll get the thread updated by Sunday by the way.

Also and yes, I will be getting Torchlight 2 as well.

E- Thanks again Thex or whoever changed the thread name!

E2- Actually, wait. Fuck you Thex.
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Hey, if you guys want, I can also edit the OP with Tourchlight Information.

You can rename this thread into Diablo 3 / Tourchlight megathread if you guys wish.
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The first TL didn't have multiplayer at all, unfortunately. This is something that the sequel is going to remedy. But yeah, two of the guys who founded Blizzard North helped make this game.
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Yeah I missed out on it unfortunately. How was the online / co-op handled? I think that's one of the best things about D3 so far, so hopefully Torchlight does a good job with that stuff as well. Don't the Torchlight games actually have one of the old composers too? (I know some of the old Blizzard staff supposedly makes those games).

The D3 music is excellent too though. A lot of it makes me think of the Zerg though, haha.
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Originally posted by X
Kind of related, but I am very stoked for Torchlight 2 as well now.

Same here. I liked the first Torchlight more than Diablo 2, and Torchlight 2 looks excellent.
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Kind of related, but I am very stoked for Torchlight 2 as well now.
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lol, kinda awesome that I was first in line at the Midnight release, although I camped out 18 hours to get my hands on this game. Was it worth it? Maybe.

Over 800 people shown up. So yea. I also got a poster, T-shirt, and a free meal thanks to the managers.

E- Going to write the review. Stay tuned!
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Dudes, Xeogred#1278.

So tell me about these classes... trying out the Demon Hunter myself now, digging it a lot.
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I can see how INT would be good on a STR item -- in the later levels (Hell, Inferno), the extra resistances on a Barbarian could definitely come in handy. Sure, probably not as much as VIT, but still. I'm sure the rare Inferno sets will have a nice mixture of stats on them.
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Diablo 3/Torchlight Megathread

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