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10-28-20 10:10 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Axis of Awesome and the 4 Chords Song
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I don't think that anyone would recognize an edgy song if it bit them in the ass.
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The best ones that get me by far are the people who say "Look, this song's so edgy!"

Excuse me, that melody was borrowed from a piece older than you, and the lyrics themselves came from another song that's about half as old as you are.

Long story short, I really like Fair to Midland.
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I only consider songs/musicians crap if they stick to the same boring formula that has been abused for the past 50 years. I want something new and fresh, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everybody else does!
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I wouldn't call 4-chord songs terrible just because of the reliance on simplicity (especially since one of those songs was "Let It Be," one of the greatest songs ever written and performed as far as I'm concerned). I think it's mostly just poking fun at those songs.

I'm more inclined to believe most of the songs named off in the Pachelbel's Canon in D rant are crap (although "Let It Be" shows up there too ).

Funny that they left out "Waltzing Matilda" from the shiny, new video, but included the theme song to "America's Funniest Home Videos."
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Originally posted by SirAileron
The worst part about studying music is that you get to realize just how much it all sucks.

I'll have to agree with this. I used to like REALLY crappy music (ie: rap) until I learned some music theory.

Then again, I can understand why people like crappy music - the human brain derives pleasure from simple and predictable music, whether or not you actually like the song. I learned that from!
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Yeah, I originally posted the old one, but then I watched this one and decided to put it up for the extra content.

... and the costumes. Because they are awesome.
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I kinda miss the old version. I felt they put more feeling into the lyrics in the live one. Well, it's still out there.

Still, they added more things, and hey! Costumes. Good stuff.
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True enough, though I generally listen to music for the music, and not the accompanied words. This kind of alienates me from everything ever.
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I would not say that it all sucks, just that much of it is unoriginal.
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Hahahaha! It was refreshing when I'd seen someone other than myself confirm this fact. The worst part about studying music is that you get to realize just how much it all sucks.
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I know that some of us have seen this, but for those who have not, this is an awesome video that shows how all the major pop hits of the last 40 years are pretty much the same damn song. This is the official video, and they managed to get even more songs into it.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Axis of Awesome and the 4 Chords Song

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