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10-07-22 02:17 PM
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Just a note, you post a joke like that again, and I will ban you myself.
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I think Nelrith is being too nice just moving the thread.

As for code layouts: Consider this
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Sunset Waterfall is not for joke threads, in any way, shape, or form.

I'm moving this to Help & Suggestions, which you can find as a subforum of General Chat.
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I had a friend who was out on a stroll then some guy comes up rapes and punches him in the face he was fine just small cuts but after that got a little crazy so I went to my shop house(AKA my garage)and made a weirdness machine(like a blood pressure machine)that straps around your head to see your weirdness his was 500% each day it rose by 100% so we moved him into a Mental hospitle but a month later died from a hidden kidney failure regarding the mugging/beating they thought his Excitment/Blood pressure/Heart rate was the cause of death.

NEW INFO:This just came in apparently maybe the kidney failure didn't cause this the mental hospitle is waiting for survailance video of his room to see what happened without an aultopsy.

The real part of post

This is the real part of the post:Dose any one know how to code layouts on here

Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Notice and need help

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