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06-25-22 10:37 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - The President's Job Speech
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Originally posted by Elara

You no like Bill Maher?

(A cookie to anyone who sees just how Republican my post just was. XD )
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I think what infuriates me most about Fox News is that they have their audience brainwashed to defend it as "the only conservative media outlet"

It's not! Most local news channels are fairly conservative, and then there is also the novel concept of reading the news yourself!

... I just don't like Ron Paul. There is something about most Libertarians that I just cannot stand. Mostly the pretentiousness of thinking they are better than everyone else.
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It's just infuriating...and honestly, I feel a bit betrayed. Like, I was all gung-ho on being all Dmocrat-y-and stuff, especially back in 2008.

Now Ron Paul is REALLY starting to get my attention.

I still stand by my statement that they're all assholes. Democrats don't fight and they try to be too nice. And Republicans can't admit that they're heads are so far up their asses that they don't even need to eat anymore. It's all just easily recycled.

Oh...and Fox News...but unlike the normal Republican mindset it seems, I can admit when something makes me look bad. And should I change parties, Fox News will continually be heavily denounced. They're idiots.


I know I'm kinda going off topic...but...there's just so much shit going no leading up to this job speech that makes it hard to believe in him. And honestly, I want to. I think now is a REALLY good time for a New Deal mindset...just like Regan was good for his time. Time and a place for everything. Democrats were supposed to shine. They didn't.
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Yeah... I have absolutely no faith in Congress at all, Democrat, Republican, Independent... none of them. I think the President needs to stop trying to pander to the Republicans to get them to like him, it has cost him so much during his presidency... he should have used the super-majority when he had it and who the hell cares what the jackasses on Fox News say?!

But that ship sailed, and the economy is stagnating, and we need to get into that New Deal mentality if we are going to get out of it. That is one thing that worries me... the decided abandonment of Keynesian Economics that the New Deal... and honestly our entire economy, is based on. Sometimes you have to spend... yeah, the debt will be huge... but honestly most of that was Bush and the Bush-era Congress' fault, including the economic crisis.
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I caught as much of it as I could. Was actually intending to find it, as I'm sure there's a recording of it somewhere, after work this evening.

I will say this: People keep saying it sounded like his proposal a few years ago...I say it reminds me more of Roosevelt's New Deal...

**shrugs** I dunno. It feels like right now, they're all assholes. And I don't mean that statement like the people I tend to get at least, who know nothing of the world and just say it because it's "cool" to do so. I don't really have much faith in ANY of the people that run this country. And I'm starting to lose faith in my ideals as a democrat. The Tea Party, in my opinion, are making Republicans look bad...and Republican leaders are making them look bad...but I feel like I'm so stuck in the middle, it's making me unsettled.

From what I saw, I was both excited AND cynical about the things the President was saying. I think NOW is the time for a "New Deal" sort of mentality. I think this whole "war" of Republican's against Democrats(not that this is a new thing) is stupid. Globalization has taken over. We need a more united front. But the Republican leaders we have now are being big babies. (Notice I'm saying Republican leaders. A lot of the Republicans I know personally, while I don't agree with GOODNESS are they swaying me on their ideals for the business world.)

There's a time and place for everything. And I don't agree in big government ALL the time. But I do think, like the President proclaimed, that we need to help each other. We need to look after each other NOW. We're ALL effected by the bull that's going on in Washington, whether some care to see it or not.

I'm still not confident enough in my political views to go on a full on rant...but at the same time, I like listening to other people, whether they agree with me or not. It helps point me in at least A direction.
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I caught that right after I posted it (I was tired), and corrected it...but the editing glitch is still here so the edit doesn't take.

And yeah... at least they were smart enough to stand when he talked about Veterans... I almost wish they hadn't just so they could hurt their standing further.
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I didn't watch it, but I watched snippets of it on the news. Everyone's fairly cynical about it, at least seems like every newsanchor in Los Angeles is. As some put it, it's just the continuation of the status quo.

Seems like no matter what he sides with these red-stated Congressman will almost always take the opposing side just to block progress and make sure everyone thinks he's not accomplishing anything.
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Originally posted by Elara
and considering how many Republican ideas he used I am going to find it really interesting to see how they manage to bitch about it and turn it down.

They'll reject it because he supports it. The tea party demands it.

Also, there's no a in speech. I'd fix it, but I'm not a full mod anymore.
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Did you watch it? What are your thoughts?

I thought that it was good that he showed anger, and considering how many Republican ideas he used I am going to find it really interesting to see how they manage to bitch about it and turn it down.
Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - The President's Job Speech

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