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06-04-23 09:03 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - What are you eating?
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I don't recommend it.

I'm glad I fell back off my cookies kick again, lol. Think some of those pounds have maybe fallen off.

Can't stop the chocolate milk though. NEVER!
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Originally posted by Xeoman
- Oreo cereal this morning
- Frozen pizza for lunch
- Oreo's and chocolate almond milk for a snack
- Finishing up the last of an old box of Oreo cereal for dinner after pouring another glass of chocolate milk

that sound like my girlfriend's dream tbh
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I've been pretty happy with Hyvee's own brand of almond milk for a few years now. Not sure if that's out Westcoast though. I did So Delicious coconut milk for a few years but it seemed to get worse and worse over time... even got consistently cloudy, that's freaking nasty to pour over your cereal. Almost milk seems way more consistent.

I've been big on coffee over the last few years since I got a data entry job, haha. So yeah I kind of finally realized, since I'm a sucker for fancy mixed coffee blends but stay away from dairy normally, I should look into the alternatives for coffee too. Definitely happy with this Califia brand. I just wish there were some options at my work in the vending machines. It's just a bunch of Starbucks stuff.
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Oh yeah, that is good stuff. I was using Califia's coconut-flavored almond milk with cereal, but it had a kind of weird taste for me.

I ate Carl's Jr. for dinner. Yeah, nothing earth shattering, though I really need to cut down on the fast food.
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I think this is my new favorite thing in the world.

Posts: 11705/11918
Went out for donuts and Mexican food because I'm a piece of shit.
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sausage sandwich with pepsi max.
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This speaks to me.

We ate at The Habit for dinner. I had a Cobb salad, because I've been eating like shit for months. Really would have preferred a cheeseburger, but The Habit does make some great salads.
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- Oreo cereal this morning
- Frozen pizza for lunch
- Oreo's and chocolate almond milk for a snack
- Finishing up the last of an old box of Oreo cereal for dinner after pouring another glass of chocolate milk

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I get Chipotle with the clients sometimes, but my co-workers are really hung up on the bullshit rumor that they use cats and dogs for their meat and act like we're freaks for going there.

I called out of work today, so we finally tried lining up for Howlin Ray's Chicken in L.A.'s Chinatown. It's Nashville, hot chicken style. We got there a half hour before opening and still had to stand in a nearly two-hour-long line. Their chicken's great, but it's not worth that line.

Got a wing in each of the heat levels. If you get X-Hot or Howlin, you need to wear gloves and they let you know about the recovery time that you'll go through when the chicken, that spicy, is going through your system. Christ, Howlin was an EXPERIENCE. Definitely one of the hottest things I've ever eaten, and we each only ended up taking small bites. Brandon was kind of crying.
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I've been getting Chipotle every Monday for awhile now. Last week I tried just steak and no chicken, it was like half the flavor was gone! I'll never skip out on that chicken again haha.
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Ate at the Croatian American Hall this morning. They really did not prepare for the World Cup. $10 got us an ungodly amount of unsalted scrambled eggs and only a small bit of sausage.
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Lately I've been getting some twice baked potatoes from Hyvee, with chedder and bacon. Combined with asparagus and it's delicious. Sometimes I'll have some chicken with it or crackers.

What's everyone's favorite frozen pizza?
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I last had one of those microwaveable burgers, and indeed I toast the bun too with burgers as it makes a better taste in my opinion regardless what type of burger it is. Those microwaveable ones aren't good for you, but they make a decent quick snack and are pretty convenient, and they're not as bad as people make them out to be. Don't expect something of fine quality though!
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My great uncle made some awesome burgers grilling today with family... he toasted the buns. Surprised I've never seen that done before!
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Last thing I ate were alcoholic milkshakes from the movie theater in Phoenix where we saw "Baby Driver." I had a grasshopper one and an Irish coffee one. So damn good.
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It was just one of these:

Problem is, since we've mostly been steaming potstickers in it, the starches are starting to mess with the metal and hinges.

I'm not feeling that well, so I don't know what I'll be eating today.
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Steam basket, you say? Now that sounds like something I would like once I have a bigger kitchen.

I had blueberry gelato from the one local ice cream place today... so yummy!
Vanilla Lumina
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Just had sausages, potatoes and peas for dinner. Did pour some gravy over them and it was delicious. ^^'
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I've got a pecan pie baking in the over for Pie Day. While the filling came with bourbon in it, I poured some of my Trader Vic's Macadamia Nut liqueur into it. I hope this is good.
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