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08-13-22 07:50 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Xeogaming is turning SEVEN
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Sooner better than later!
Posts: 18/20
Super, its 7 years? Well, I owe the board a happy birthday then Yay for being around for so long...kinda.
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Originally posted by Rogue
I think I 'Shopped your head onto naked Daniel Radcliffe once, but I think it might have been Bitmap who 'Shopped your head onto this guy (can't remember if it was a DBZ shirt-wearing dude or not ).

HAHA! I missed this!
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I think I 'Shopped your head onto naked Daniel Radcliffe once, but I think it might have been Bitmap who 'Shopped your head onto this guy (can't remember if it was a DBZ shirt-wearing dude or not ).
Posts: 9233/11746
Nice to see you VGF.

@Rogue: Didn't someone do that with a guy in a DBZ/Goku related shirt? haha...
Posts: 7474/11900
I know, VG. Seems insane that we've all been here so long.

And damn it, Xeo. Don't make me Photoshop your head from old pictures onto embarrassing things.

I'll do it.
Posts: 260/274
Wow, seven years already -- time sure flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? I'm glad to see this board still up and running after all this time. I still come by here sometimes even though I don't post much anymore.
Posts: 6855/9719
Recent pic or gtfo! But on the otherhand, yay Dexter poster in the background!
Posts: 7349/7838
E- Oh wait gotta let the image load first. Duh.
Posts: 9227/11746
I wish I were joking, but here it is... another amazing quality picture of me!

I'm on the right, no idea what was going on that made my friend smile like that. Creeps me out.

There you have it! This is like a year or two old as well!
Posts: 6839/9719
You are an evil man, Xeo. Did you know that?
Posts: 9219/11746
Thanks again everyone.

I guess maybe I will post another picture of me... I have a really good one that's like, me in the distance on a couch and you can kind of see the side of my face! Think I'll post that one...
Posts: 2149/3409
In before he doodles a mustache on the original picture.
Posts: 7452/11900
You know... the board's been around 7 years. I don't think I've even seen seven different pictures of Mr. Xeogred.

I think you owe us a photo.
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Wow, I get online to lurk a bit and boom. Memories haha. 7 years, I remember when Kai introduced me. Happy birthday xeogaming
Posts: 6823/9719
You should change that.

And yeah, if feels weird to do a board birthday without Vulkar here. Shame he can't get on a computer at least.
Posts: 126/128
Happy birthday, Xeogaming.

It's great to see a website get older.

I was here for 453 days, I find that a bit scary since I contributed little to nothing to the site but my boyish charm.
Posts: 3805/3807
If Vulkar was available, we could shred. Shred like the wind.

But he's not, so I'll post when I get back from work/party.

Happy birthday, Xeogaming!
Lord Alexandor
Posts: 319/417
Holy shit! This board is so freaking old! I remember when it started! I think Xeo and DS deserve some major props for keeping this site up and running for over 8 years (7 as Xeogaming, more as other names). Having this board around (even though I'm almost never on and rarely post - I lurk a lot) keeps me in touch with my inner geek and helps me remember the best years of my life.

Cheers, Xeogaming! May you survive to be 25 or older!
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1805/1852
Hmm... I feel like an old ass now.

Why don't I remember Xeogaming being a Leo? No wonder I like it so much. =P
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Xeogaming is turning SEVEN

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