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09-25-23 11:17 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - London Riots
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Who are we to judge why his father let him be on the street? Mental illness in a family can break things up pretty bad, and who knows? Maybe Kelly Thomas took off without caring about his family at one time? We don't know their personal family business, and I personally don't believe that that should really be an issue. A father loved his son.

Either way, the brutality of police in that area kind of frightens me. The London riots began over the police shooting a man, and people feeling that the police are abusing their power. (and random teenagers running amok). It could easily happen anywhere, including Fullerton.
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That is insanely fucked up. Though at the same time, if the father cared so much why the hell was his son left to be homeless on the street? Seems rather hypocritical.
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No, that's what he looked like after being beaten and tazed 6 or 7 times and ending up in the hospital where he died a couple days later.

He was a homeless man with schizophrenia. I don't know where his father was when he was living on the street, but he's roaring mad now and talking to the press every day.
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Originally posted by Rogue

It's really graphic and I'd rather not show it here, but if you Google "Kelly Thomas hospital" and look at the images, you get the shot of him from after the beating. THIS is the image people are putting on posters and swarming the Fullerton police department carrying.

Ugh, that's an image I won't get out of my head for a good while. So hopefully i'm getting this story straight. They tazed this person five times while he was in that condition?

You have got to be joking me humanity. That was an already horrendous beating. Tazing a person of that health five times is like rubbing salt in the wound. That's disgusting.

I was gonna make a joke post posting a youtube video of some british guy tipping over a trash can. But until I read that little tidbit I felt awful just thinking about posting it. Wow...
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Originally posted by Elara
What is this about Fullerton?

Pretty much police beat and repeatedly tazed this homeless guy (Kelly Thomas), who supposedly was mentally ill, and he died a few days later in the hospital. The guy's father came forward and has started this crusade against Fullerton. The chief of police suddenly took an indefinite leave of absence for health reasons, and videos are suddenly popping up of Fullerton cops beating up people in different incidences.

The only footage of Kelly Thomas' beating was taken from far away on a cellphone:

His father's been on TV every other day crying about how Kelly's last words in the video were of Kelly crying out in anguish, "Dad! Dad! Dad!" (which you can hear in the video above at about the 0:45 mark and onward).

It's really graphic and I'd rather not show it here, but if you Google "Kelly Thomas hospital" and look at the images, you get the shot of him from after the beating. THIS is the image people are putting on posters and swarming the Fullerton police department carrying.
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I think the riots themselves have wound down, but there is still tons of controversy over the shooting that sparked it. From what I have been reading no one can agree on if Mike Duggan was a gang member, if he had a gun (seems so), did he fire it (seems not), how many shots were fired, etc etc.

I really hope that this wasn't a police screw up that they are trying to cover up, that would just suck.

What is this about Fullerton?
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Are these over? The news doesn't talk about London any more, switching to Fullerton ready to riot over the death of a homeless man beaten by cops.
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The comparison wouldn't be so bad if they actually went somewhere with it. Any reports I've seen so far have just mentioned, maybe some pictures. It seems more or less that the comparison isn't made to try to get as many people familiar with the current situation as possible, but more or less as a scapegoat of sorts. "Yeah, but...we're not the only ones...see?"

And nothing further. Really? We've gone back to elementary school? Even I'm outraged, considering one year shy of two decades ago, I was 4. I was too busy putting those little bastards' faces in the sandbox for eating all the oreos in pre-school. If you're going to bring something like that up again, at least make it educational. I had to LOOK UP the LA riots to find out what went on there, on my own for Chrissakes! If you're going to make a comparison, then EDUCATE! At least a little...

I'm totally not as fed up with that part as you guys are, with this part.
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Yeah, I said it on another board, but it really seems that the entire world is just a giant tinder box and it takes very little to make a spark.

I do find it funny when people from the UK or east coast draw the LA comparison. I remember the sirens and the patrols since the riots were happening in Paramount as well, which was literally one block away from my house back then. I remember a police pursuit ending across the street from my house, spotlighting the guy they were chasing and cops cuffing him and my family watching it all from the living room window. People in Florida or Scotland really can't know that experience.

I think they draw the comparison because of protesting turning into riots just like protesting the verdict of the cops trials following the Rodney King beating turned into riots. At least the people in LA waited for the trial and verdict!
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I wrote out a REALLY long post and it has since been lost.

I'd rather not try to re-write it, but the gist of which was that 1) this is a very unfortunate situation that seems more like malcontents wanting to riot than a mass of people genuinely concerned for the deceased.

And 2) I'm tired of the international media (BBC, etc) comparing this to the L.A. riots which happened one year shy of two DECADES ago. It's one thing if you're from Los Angeles (or SoCal, as Elara and I are) and you're breaking the comparison because it's something you identify with, but what about the rest of the world (other states, even)?

There have been more recent riots, with greater damage even. I'm looking squarely at you Egypt, Tunisia, and Nigeria. Greece has been flaring up with riots off and on for two years now, as can be said with much of Africa and the Middle East.

I mean, there were riots in 2005 in Australia regarding a couple of teenagers being killed by the police. No comparison?

Anyway, hope London and the surrounding towns can sort this all out soon.
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Well, they are better called the England or UK riots by now, but anyway.... Sparked by protests over a police shooting and talks of brutality, riots broke out in London and proceeded to wreck several businesses and homes, leaving some dead. A lot of what I have been hearing says it is young people doing this, and I cannot help but wonder just what the hell is really going on and how they think wanton destruction is going to help solve it. It's like the LA Riots all over again if you look at the pictures

Furthermore, what does this do for the Olympics next year? I think it can only hurt attendance if people are going to be afraid to come to London for fear of more riots breaking out.
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