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11-26-22 04:55 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Daeron.
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Squire Vince
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OOC: You suck at being the villain XD

BIC: "Ehh, not really my style to go the vengeful route, but I'll murder you for the fun of it." With that Daeron pulled back on his arrow, the tip of which began to glow brilliantly, and released the bolt towards his opponent. As he released the arrow, Daeron rushed backward into the cover of some bushes.
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ooc: I flippin' hate it when you make me a villain. xD

Through the thick ash flitted a small noise, growing louder as crunching footsteps approached through the gloom. A figure in white robes was chuckling, his thin but muscular chest rising and falling with every laugh. The man's face was grayed with ash just as the robes, and his short brown hair looked dirtied with burnt wood chips, but he looked happy as could be.

"Daeron, yes?" he giggled. A shining blade suddenly appeared within his hand, its golden hue reflecting the flame and despair of the village softly.

The village was quiet then, only the soft crack of wood burning sifted through the air. With a sullen face, the dreamthing spoke again; this time not a hint of humor tainting his voice. "I've killed your family, your friends. Everything you have ever loved is burning behind me now. All you have left is your memories...and my name. Phoenix," the last word was uttered with menace. "Use this to fuel your revenge and become better. This is your quest."
Squire Vince
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OOC: Phoenix and I. Usual nonsense.

BIC: Daeron swept through the forest whistling lightly as he passed towards his village. The day had been long but good for the hunter. With his unique steel bow draped along his back lightly taping against his quiver with each step he felt reassured. Behind him in a sack lay the corpses of two boar, and three rabbits. The Eladrin were a kindly species and prayed long and hard for the animals that were killed for their sustanance. Daeron suddenly stopped a few yards from the entrance to his village, something was wrong. There was no singing, no bards, there was smoke. Daeron moved into the light. The flickering flames showed a slim face, scarred with the marks of his ancestors. Daeron stood 6'3 with a slim build, sleek leather armor was wrapped tightly over his body, with a steady hand he seized his bow and readied an arrow. Slowly he entered the burning village not sure of what he would find.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Daeron.

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