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12-07-22 12:57 PM
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This actually sounds fascinating, I will have to track it down.
Kyoku kun
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I just finished a manga called Alive: The Final Evolution. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it. It poses a very interesting plot, good characters and has enough going on that it's exciting, but not too confusing. It's a shonen, but it's got a good amount of gore and a dark story line. I really recommend it.

Basic plot:
Taisuke Kanou is your average 16-year-old student. He has two close friends, Hirose and Megumi. Hirose has trouble with bullies, but Taisuke is always there to defend him, even though he just winds up getting beaten instead of Hirose. During class one day, Taisuke is hit by something unworldly and for that split second, he sees a vision of the universe. As he's walking home from school, he sees a girl fall and die in front of him, but his first thought is jealousy. He later finds out that the strange sensation that hit him is spreading throughout Japan. Those who are struck by it either commit suicide or "evolve," but the comrades have evolve usually have dark intentions for the rest of the world.

Great powers, makes you think, creepy at times, comedy, characters, romance (a bit, I guess) = I like.

Also, the author finished this manga literally at his death bed. It really puts a depth to it.
Xeogaming Forums - Anime Lounge - Alive (manga)

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