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02-21-24 05:54 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Current Guilty Pleasures?
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Watching "Tangled" for the billionth time. I love this movie way too much, and yes, I have a constant crush on Eugene/Flynn.
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I've seen the first episode... definitely seemed promising... and disturbing.
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Originally posted by Spartan

No seriously, if you haven't watched it yet it is fucking amazing.

Been watching since day 1. I'm trying to just sit back and enjoy it, but yeah, all the timelines are sort of crazy to piece out.
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No seriously, if you haven't watched it yet it is fucking amazing.
True Flight
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>.> Survivor Generation X vs Millenials. Yeah... Been watching that for a bit.

Hairspray... Just can't get over John Travolta.
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Heroes is probably right... I want to give the credit to Lost though.

Heroes was pretty painful to me after awhile. "Save the cheerleader!" and then it had WAY too many characters. It definitely felt like they didn't really plan ahead much after season 1. I remember season 3 or something turning into X-Men haha. I won't say I hated it, and I miss those days when my friends and I would have get togethers weekly for new episodes of this and Lost, but yeah. I agree though, seems like it's been since then that there's always been some quality shows that are doing well.
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Originally posted by Xeoman
I like that TV is gaining some prestige and some big actors are even going that route or enjoy it more instead.

Seriously! I was already really looking forward to "Westworld," but to find out Anthony Hopkins is on it. WHHHAAAAAAA?

It's so great that TV is not looked down as something stage and screen actors are settling for or are stuck in.

It wasn't until "Heroes" was huge that I started hearing actors going on about how wonderful it is to be on a show because now they get many hours to hone and develop a character as opposed to the two hours average you get with a play or movie. A 26-episode season means nearly a day's worth of character development and almost the equivalent of 10 movies time-wise.

Still, most of my favorite shows these days seem to run around 8-to-13 episodes a season, but it's so the quality can remain high.
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Haha, I never really got into reality TV thankfully. It seems like it might be finally dying out?

Even though I've barely scratched the surface of modern TV, I agree. The best stories aren't being told in Hollywood thesedays, it's TV. I like that TV is gaining some prestige and some big actors are even going that route or enjoy it more instead. I'm getting really burned out on the super hero movies and barely anything else nowadays feels worth a damn.

Well for me I'm trying to think of something entertainment wise but not sure...

Chocolate almond milk is one though, I get a carton or two weekly. And with acid reflux I KNOW it's terrible for me but I can't put it down. lol
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Wow, reading about all the reality TV 26-year-old me used to watch makes me really appreciate all the good TV we've got now. There really aren't ANY reality shows I watch these days other than "RuPaul's Drag Race" when it's on. I haven't really watched "Face Off" in a while, and that one is entirely drama-free.

So guilty pleasure these days?

Nothing that I'm really ashamed to admit.

I guess the only thing close would be the fact that I look for "Much Ado About Nothing" fan art all the time and occasionally read what fan fiction I can find.
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OK, I got WAY, WAY TOO excited when I heard over the radio that Rose Leslie and Kit Harington are dating.

Ugh.. shoot me. I've become as bad as the Twi-tards.
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Originally posted by Rogue
EDIT: How could I forget to include Black Canary/Green Arrow?!

*gasp* Even I knew about that one. For shame, Rogue, for shame.
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I've been abusing the shit out of Deviantart, looking up fanart of the characters I ship in different fandoms. Katniss/Peeta (commonly shortened to "Peeniss"), Korra/Mako, and Amy/Sheldon, primarily, but I still go for Rapunzel/Flynn, Arya/Gendry, Jon Snow/Ygritte, The Hound/Sansa, Hungary/Prussia, and of course, Rogue/Gambit.

I know not all of these are official, but I can dream. *Sigh*

EDIT: How could I forget to include Black Canary/Green Arrow?!
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Rogue: I know you aren't really big into gaming and such, but if guys are ever bored enough the Cobalt Nightmare larp can always use extra NPCs. It is cheap to free and you get exercise at least.

As for my recent guilty pleasure, it is a more traditional one... ice cream. Specifically, Edy's (Dryer's) black raspberry chocolate ice cream which is like $6 here for a quart or so. I have finished half of it on my own and have no intentions of sharing because it is the closest thing to the Thrifty razzberry rumba that I loved so long ago... and that I still consider my favorite even though they stopped making it nearly a decade ago.
True Flight
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Push the button

Best moment ever.
True Flight
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Yaaaay Face Off is back and so is Being Human@
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I've been watching A LOT of Storage Wars lately. And I've given Auction Hunters and Storage Hunters a chance, but they suck.

Storage Wars, being the original, just has more going for it. It's like a treasure hunting Antiques Roadshow with how the majority of the show focuses on the appraisals and what to look for in certain items. It's just so fascinating. Plus it's a group of people going to different auctions all around California, so I'm intrigued since they tend to frequently go to certain places for appraisals that I've been to.

Auction Hunters is just two guys going around the country, going, "Yeah, we're the shit and we're totally winning all of these auctions out from under the hick locals," and then trying to sell everything they bought. It's Spike TV's copy-cat show, so what else is there to expect, I guess.

Then there's TruTV's Storage Hunters, which is full of "drama" with people literally fighting in the hallways and it just sounds so scripted. It's supposed to be a group show, like Storage Wars, but it tends to just focus on this couple you just want to see fail.

Yeah... I've got too much time on my hands.
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... ok... so the romance novel thing has continued and I actually found something amazing.

The series is called Viridis, and it's a Steampunk romance mystery novel. The world the author created is just amazing, and I really think that she made a romance novel just to get it published easier.
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Speaking of Kindles, I'm actually planning on getting a Nook Tablet with my leftover FAFSA money, basically so I can get back into reading. I've had so much trouble reading books in the past few years and I'm hoping that this might help a bit. The backlight would obviously help me read before I go to bed (I won't need a booklight or the actual light on or anything like that).
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Ah, I see.

I... downloaded a free Harlequin Blaze ebook on my amazon kindle app for my phone. I was really bored and the plot sounded fairly amusing.

*is ashamed*
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It's the mashing together of Sheldon and Amy, two characters from CBS' The Big Bang Theory.

In last night's new episode, Sheldon finally, officially asked Amy to be his girlfriend. Though it's doubtful they'll even hold hands, kiss, or do anything more than they were already doing (which was pretty much being stimulating conversation for one another), I'm still thrilled that it's official.

The funny thing is the writers created the name mash-up before Amy was even seen on the show:

Just for fun, here's their first date from a much earlier episode (Penny's just there as a chaperone):

I'm not usually a shipper, but I think they're cute together.

EDIT: Also, just for shits, here's them playing a game they invented:

EDIT TO THE EDIT: Oh god, they're too good not to share. Here's when they briefly "broke up":
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