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11-29-20 03:26 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Anime Lounge - Favorite credits song?
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Baki The Grappler + Dir En Grey!

Baki is one of my favorite series. But I like the 80's version a little better. At least the opening credits are nice!

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Originally posted by Spiral King
Gurren, if you haven't seen Votoms you should! ...

Now downloading...
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Oh my god, Xeo. You posting Maison Ikkoku totally reminded me of my favorite opening when I was 8:

P.S. Had to edit Kyoku's post since the new YouTube coding doesn't work on the board, in case anyone was wondering why it says I touched her post.
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Not my favorite show, but that OP is off the hook.

Gurren, if you haven't seen Votoms you should! ...

It's real OP/ED's are still among my favorites:

Can this be topped? Fucking 80's!

[insert every other 80's mecha show here]

The one that cannot be topped:

Heck yeah Touch.

Madoka is my wife.
Kyoku kun
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Ghost Hounds Opening was always a favorite of mine:

Also Excel Saga:

But that's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there is plenty more that I adore that I'm just forgetting.
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I'm gonna have to go with "Ai wo Torimodose!!" from Fist of the North Star, especially Masaaki Endoh's version.

A close second goes to "Sorairo Days"... Endoh also does an amazing cover of this one as well.

...and here's the Endoh version!
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So what's your favorite anime opening/closing credits song? Any song, really, from a series or movie?

Although, I have several favorites ("Tank!" being a top one), "Reckless Fire" from "S-CRY-ed" has been my go-to for almost a decade now when it comes to getting me excited about a series:
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