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02-22-24 12:36 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - The Situation in Egypt
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I heard something about fighting in Yemen as well. Eddie Izzard posted a link about it on his Facebook fanpage.
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That stupid computer is just not copy/pasting things like it used to.

Link to Aljazeera:

Hold on, let me look for that thing I previously posted. It had members of parliament chanting for the death of the protesters.

Can't find it. CNN has a similar video.

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Link didn't work...

But yeah... Iran sucks.
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People in Iran are trying the same thing.

Their government just demanded that the demonstration leaders be executed.

SOURCE Nevermind. It no worky.

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HA! I really don't think that would stop it if they were serious about wanting change.
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So the other countries in the region are starting to freak. The king of Bahrain just promised every family $3,000.
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Yeah, I know what you mean. This whole situation has been so tense at times, and to see the people in that crowd erupting into joy is really touching.

The military leadership has announced that the emergency rules that have been in effect for years will end immediately and they will ensure free and fair elections.
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Mubarak stepped down this morning. I turned on the TV when I woke up 15 minutes ago to hear he just made the announcement.

Apparently he's putting the military in charge.

Everyone's celebrating. That leader of the opposition with the Nobel Peace Prize has been chanting that Egypt is free.

Normally, when I hear the military is taking over, I'd be even more concerned, but everyone's sure the military will construct a democratic government.

People are calling into the news, crying tears of joy, and they're showing a live shot of people dancing in the square in massive mobs.

I feel like we're watching our generation's fall of the Berlin Wall.
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Yeah, I really don't know if he could hold on to power... he has been out of the country for so long I don't think he really knows what all is going on. What has me really worried now is these "pro-Mubarak" groups that are attacking the protesters and causing violence to erupt in the streets... it just seems like they are more of those hired gangs trying to make the protesters attack so that the army can be ordered to open fire.
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I'm pretty depressed, to be completely honest.

I'm taking a cruise there in October, and they're worried about Americans being in that region. After Egypt was a couple days in Israel. Hmm...

Anyway, I'm very amazed with the protesters. When people started looting the museums, the protesters came to defend the artifacts. I just e-mailed one of my American studies professors from last semester about how amused I was that National Geographic was claiming Egyptian history as mankind's history (some push for America's history when they say that in other texts). We went over this when discussing how nations collect relics from other cultures as a way of asserting power over others and so on.

Link to Nat Geo:

Mubarak did say he would step down in September, but the protesters aren't happy about it. Obama's been calling him to say he should step down sooner.

The people have apparently been rallying around this Nobel Peace Prize winner who's been saying he'll take the job, but doesn't really want it.
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So, unless you have been under a rock for the last week or so, you have no doubt heard about the civil unrest in Egypt right now as the people call for the resignation of President Mubarak and an increase in democratic freedom.

We have been having to walk a fine line diplomatically since Egypt has been a staunch ally since the late 1970s and we do not want to lose that. Whoever takes power in Egypt could cause a lot of changes if they have the right agenda, and so the western world watches from the edge of their seats.

What are you thoughts on the whole situation?
Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - The Situation in Egypt

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