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05-28-22 07:11 AM
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"I see...."

*Kahlida inhaled deeply and tried to clear her mind when she felt the probing, adding the spices to her meal in an automatic fashion. It did much to help the taste of the food, which she ate until she was full, in silence while watching the three males in the room*

"The meal was quite good, thank you," she said as she finished.

*Kahlida stood, making a polite nod to everyone in the room before addressing Makii*

"I would like to be shown to my room now, and I look forward to the... details you will share with us tomorrow."
True Flight
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Sorcha looked towards Makii's with a small glare. She didn't like that feeling one bit. She shook her head as she was guided to her bedroom by Primula. Sorcha didn't ask anything. She didn't want to talk. She was a bit mad and could not really figure out why.
Makii Tachibana
Posts: 31/31
Primula looked into the girls eyes as she handed the spice to her. " Im an empath" she said just as a figure walked into the room from one of the paintings.

"She is more than just an empath, she scares me sometimes with her... abilities."
The figure said while walking in. Makii took a seat at the table in humanoid form.
"Primula please show Sorcha to her bedroom." he said taking his seat.

Primula nodded then walked over to Sorcha and started to lead her off to her room.

" I see my cookies were a big hit." he said while looking at the table.

" I hope everything is to your likeing." He continued as he sipped some wine from his glass. " And do not worry about asking the whos and whats for tonight. Just get a good nights rest and i will answer all your questions tomorrow." he continued.

* Something can be sensed by everyone. Like thier mind is being prodded. as soon as Sorcha and Primula Leave the feeling also leaves.*
True Flight
Posts: 4504/5243
Sorcha looked at the vampire character and shook her head. "It's your face..." She got out of her seat and walked away. She put a hand on her heart and sighed. Sorcha's next move after she left the table was to find something to sleep on. Sorcha put a hand over her bracelet to reveal the same short brown haired girl with dull green eyes.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1758/1852
He sat quietly to himself as he looked around at his surroundings.
He figured there was something up, since he was making a point to not even ingest the food, and drinks that was around him.

"Quiet the hospitable host we have." He glanced over at their 'waitress', with a questioning look. "So, are we going to proceed with the 'whys' of this place, or are you going to stuff us till were fat and load us in an oven?"

He leaned back, snatching his hat off it's resting place, and sat it into his lap. Most of his humor had left his face now. He slid his left arm back, sliding back his long hair backwards. This act revealing to Sorcha that he looked horrifyingly close to Kaijin, when his hair is thrown back.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1757/1852
(Sorry, mouse glitched. Duplicate post.)
Posts: 6305/9717
So they didn't know....

"I am a Suli-jann, a descendant of humans and the Jann... genies tied to all four elements and who make their homes on the Material Plane. Though my closest ties are to earth because of my monastic training."

*Kahlida turned to answer Primula and found her standing behind her with the spices. She looked around at the surroundings warily and then back at the girl*

"How did you know what I wanted," she asked carefully.
Makii Tachibana
Posts: 29/31
Primula looked at Kahlida. "Miss what kind of spices would you like for your meal." she smiled subtly.

*anyone looking around will notice paintings and silk screens of different places. In one painting there is a very large dragon with a female riding it and shooting fire from one of her hands. Yet, another painting shows a figure running up a long line of stairs to a very familure looking temple.*

* Everyone in the room gets a very odd sense permeating their perception. The food never ends. The bowls and plates never seem to empty. The Goblets and wine glasses never seem to empty. Any one paying attention notices that the candles on the table are lit but never seem to burn down.*

"Miss, your spices." Primula says as she pulls from behind her exactly what Kahlida wanted. (Without ever getting an answer)
True Flight
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Sorcha grabbed another cookie then pointed at Kahlida. "What about you, what are you?" The way she held herself and talked sounded rude however Sorcha lacked what most people would call 'social tact.' Sorcha really had no idea of her tone of voice, she never understood how not to sound cheeky.
Posts: 6297/9717
*She nodded in understanding*

"Sounds like a Dhampir, almost... in my homeworld there were a race of beings that were created from vampires spawning with humans. I do not know much about them though, as their lands were far from the deserts I called home."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1756/1852
(I'm at a table then, lol.)

He chuckled to himself as he looked at Kahlida.
"Sometimes, I'm not quiet too sure of that question, myself." He subconciously clenched his bound right arm as he spoke.
"Human, Demon, Vampire, or some combination thereof. I could be something unique entirely. Don't know, and never really bothered me enough to look into it." He grinned a carefree grin as he leaned back to look up.

"I just kinda go where I'm either directed, or feel like vanishing off too."
Posts: 6295/9717
((I thought we were at a table))

*Kahlida looked at Kyo as he sat down, noting his eyes and strange arm*

"So... I am just trying to get an understanding of the situation. There is a Fox girl, a type of beat man, a dragon, myself ... and what are you?"

*When she mentioned herself, she spoke slightly quicker. She was still unsure if the others knew what she was*
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1754/1852
Kyo just kinda poped in from nowhere, as he came up behind the two girls, and plopped to the ground next to them, with his legs crossed. Doing so flushed his coat back, revealing a whip that was attached to his left side. He used his left hand to remove his hand, from there he shook his hair loose, leaving the long black hair to fall over his right eye.

"This is a bit of a change" He mused to himself, looking at the two, and then glanced up to Primu. "I came exploreing, and I find myself in the middle of a picnic" He set his hand infront of him, on the ground, and leaned on his left elbow, and rest his chin in the palm of his hand.
Posts: 6282/9717
"Has Makii heard of Golarion by any chance?"

*Kahlida reached cautiously for one of the cookies. It was like something she had seen once in the markets of Katapesh, some Talderan treat... the Monastery didn't really have such things. Biting into it, she nodded slightly in approval*

"I can assume it lacks essentials for survival... but these cookies are quite tastey."

*She then moved on to sampling the food on her plate, which was much more familiar to her palate in terms of flavor*

"Hmm... needs spice....."
True Flight
Posts: 4492/5243
Sorcha grabbed a cookie ate it in one bite. "I don't eat regular food really..." She said to Kahlida thinking she has noticed that she only ate sweets. "I eat sweets and lots of them." Sorcha happily continued eating more of the cookies she stopped and looked at Primula. She blinked and swallowed down her mouthful. "I'm sorry, but I feel like I've had an argument with you or something..."
Makii Tachibana
Posts: 27/31
Prim heard sorchas question. " They are suger cookies with orange peel, there are also chocolate chip, and peanut butter cookies. Makii made the cookies from scratch using ingredients from a planet called Earth in the Sol solar system."
Prim finished with a slight smile then went back to her gaze across the table.
True Flight
Posts: 4485/5243
Sorcha stared at the fire place. "Humorous..." She looked at the table and helped herself to a plate then her eyes lit up when she saw a platter of cookies. "Hey Primu," she said with a happy smile. "What kind of cookies are those?"
Posts: 6275/9717
"Thanks..." *Kahlida looked thoughtful at the information, but said nothing more on the subject*

*She served herself a plate in silence, but nearly dropped it as she saw the log move and speak, her eyes widening as she watched the spectacle*

"Did... anyone else just see that?"

*She slumped slightly into her seat, looking very confused*

"This is stranger than visiting than visiting my grandfather...." she muttered to herself.
Makii Tachibana
Posts: 24/31
" Yes miss i am living, i was created by Makii over 4 million Seasons ago, or one Terran Cycle." The girl continued looking over the table staring at the wall. " I took no offence to your inquery. And yes you can "Dig In as you see fit. If you need more drink or spice for your food i can prepare it and bring it to you." She continued. " Please enjoy your meal. The main dish is Rakk bird bastedd in ginger and lemon broth. The sides are mixed potatoes, dream stalk (zukini like), Caremeled Fretson Leaves (Salad), and spinach. All fresh from the gardens."
the girl never moved nor looked anywhere while rattling of the coarse menue. " If anything is not to your liking just say so and i will try to correct the mistake."

* the fireplace looked to be dieing down, a small log that was sitting next to the fireplace lifted off the floor sprouted legs, arms, and a face. It then ran and threw its self in the fire saying " For the Horde". The fire then grew and the warmth filled the room once again. the hole from the temple closed off after everyone was inside. In its place a painting of the inside of the temple is hanging slightly off level.*

Prim all the sudden says " Yes Sir, i will have the rooms ready as soon as the guest have had thier meal."
Posts: 6272/9717
"I meant no insult... by saying you are real does that mean that you are indeed living? If I might ask, who created you? They must be very powerful indeed... perhaps even a god?"

*She looked at the food, stomach growling slightly... it had been a long time since she had eaten.*

"Um... is it correct to serve ourselves? I do not wish to offend... and to be honest I am not familiar with such formal dining conditions."
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