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11-29-23 08:07 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Letter from a Friend: A Tale of Revenge
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ooc: This post is for Alex, Vulkar's character. See the thread in Sim/RP Discussion for further explanation

Alex stood, eyes closed, at peace. Always at peace. His mind calm, ignoring the cares of the world. He'd fought many battles, and there were more still to follow.

He'd seen death, he'd seen battle.He'd seen horrors beyond comprehension. But no, he was at peace. Calm. Only enjoying the wind as it blew through his hair. Only enjoying the peace he felt before the storm.

He could hear children in the park nearby, laughing merrily as they moved about the playground, performing acrobatic tricks that Alex could only dream of doing without supernatural assistance.

A tear ran down his eye. These children would soon see horrors no child should be exposed to. Feel pain that none should feel. No. Be at peace. Calm, enjoy the moment, though it may be these children's last. Be calm.

He stood on a sidewalk, across from this small neighborhood park. Houses one side of a street, a park on the other. Houses hat would soon burn.

Houses that would burn because of him.

No, he had no choice. Houses had already burned. Children already died. This had to be the end. This battle must be fought.

This battle with a being who would only come for death, destruction. Where other shrunk, it thrived. The battle had to be here, for it would appear in no other place.

Alex opened his eyes. It was here. The battle would soon begin. Blood would soon pour. Alex's hand tightened, itching to reach for his sword.

"We meet again," Alex said calmly, his voice not betraying the hatred he felt. "Tonight, you will die. Tonight we fight for the last time."

"Braksa, defend yourself."
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Letter from a Friend: A Tale of Revenge

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