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02-21-24 05:46 AM
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Kyoku kun
Posts: 1287/1329
Originally posted by Elara
Snorted pixie sticks... that is a terrifying concept.

Friends of mine have done that. It turns your snot the color of the pixie stick. And it hurts, apparently. . Someone online said they did several of "red" and they cried a red tear. That can't be healthy.

Posts: 6147/9734
Snorted pixie sticks... that is a terrifying concept.
Posts: 2253/2724
I wasn't paying attention, sorry.

Hope it was fun.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2648/2915
oh hai, happy belated birthday!
Posts: 1733/3409
I said "Happy birfday" on her Facebook...

But again, Happy birfday Elara!
True Flight
Posts: 4398/5243
the plan is to snort the pixie stix. XD
Posts: 6145/9734
Plan? That just got derailed by mention of pixie sticks... darn you True!
Cyro Xero
Posts: 1736/1778
Nah! We didn't forget. We just like to surprise people. Happy Birthday, Elara. So, what's the plan?
Posts: 6771/7838
I've been busy but at least I can say Happy late Birthday!

True Flight
Posts: 4397/5243
I wish I could send you pixie sticks.

Happy b-day Elara!
Posts: 6777/11918
Sorry 'bout that.

I was writing an ethnography for my upper division American studies theory class and have been pounding my head against the wall the rest of the day.

You definitely weren't forgotten, I just suck at posting.

Happy birthday, Elara. And happy moving.
Posts: 6143/9734

And I thought you all forgot about me... thanks. It has been a pretty good day, small party of friends and family with yummy ice cream cake.
Posts: 8897/11750
Ohhhhhh, happy b-day Elara. Hope it's a good one!
Posts: 3039/3649
Did no one make Elara a birthday thread!!! You bastards!

I have to take down that post radar thing, cuz it makes me confuse 'em with the birthdays. XD But yeah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

It's just a little after 9pm here, so I hope this isn't TOO late in the day for you!

Happy birthday Elara!

Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - How the hell?!

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