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12-02-23 10:50 AM
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Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1703/1852
"No truer words could be spoken about this place, my friend. Regardless, I'm bored, and you sent me an interesting idea. A friendly spar then? No holding back?"

He chuckled to himself as he pulled himself back slightly, sliding his metalic right boot behind him, and making his left armored shoulder face his wise friend.

He stood like that, body tense, yet looking relaxed.
Posts: 1559/1567
The monks thoughts were so deep and adrift that he barely noticed the figure right in front of his eyes. His eyes came back in to focus and he smiled at seeing the man in front of him. He slowly stood bringing himself to his full height, just over 6'0. As he brushed his hood back the slim features and the green eyes that swam with brown spots he spoke.

"waiting?" he said with a small laugh

"I've waited countless years, and mere minutes all the same. In this place time holds no purpose besides from thoughts of the past, present, and future." He gave a small shrug

"How are you old friend, I was hoping you would make a stop by one of these days. The boy has been antsy with anticipation."

Another small smile spread across his lips. yet you could see something dark and dismal in his usually bright eyes. The in all realization that he for once was utterly at a loss and had no idea what to do next. for once his future wasnt painted so beautifully in prophecy, Hell the present age only knew a fraction of who he was, or his story to tell the truth.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1702/1852
It was a small shifting movement, one that he was sure the Monk noticed. Hell, the Monk could probably see at a 360 degree arc, for all he knew, but it was a small shifting movement all the same. It was a quick move that he had done countless times when seeing this obscene room, with it's ability to cause one's anxiety to rage with claustrophobia. But no matter.

He fazed through the door all the same.

He smiled as he looked as his friend, the one just camping out in the dark little room, with his dark little thoughts. he always was amazed when he saw this, since he couldn't' possibly think of himself in a similar situation.

Truly maddening, he was sure.

"Well now... I do believe I've left you waiting long enough... no?" He said arms lifted in a 'I'm Here' type of motion, as his cocky grin broke half his fast.
Posts: 1556/1567
This fight is between me and Kaijin. I will put it forth that most, if not all of the posted Sim battle rules are not in affect. How should I put it, were kind of "Kicking it old school!" in this one.


There he sat, in the same chair, in the same room as he had for countless bothersome years watching the locked door that he thought would never open. Just awaiting that one moment of truth. The dull gray walls, the dull light that seemed just enough to light even the darkest crevices. The room was small to unsuspecting, though the closer you walked to the walls the more they seemed to run from you making the room feel gigantic.

The door however, was different. You could walk right up to it. Study it, touch it, and feel it. There was a egg shaped symbol in the middle a little bigger than a mans fist with many lines cris crossing through it making a odd pattern. Vines sprouted from the symbol to the edges and corners of the door, one at a time the vines would disappear as if burning off into nothingness over the years. Yet.. they still held true and the door remained locked.

He sat there in a simple wooden chair, nothing ornate about it. Just like you would find at a small dining room table. The monks robes were dark as the night sky just at the final moments of sunset. Still with the streaks of white light running through them. He rested his chin on his fist as he continued to stair at the door. His face covered with the shadow of his hood showing none of is his facial features.

In the chair he waited, waiting for the moment of truth....

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