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02-08-23 01:55 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Curtis got slapped by a white teacher!
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Originally posted by Elara
Yes, thank you. I missed that.

That's definitely my favorite part about all of this, heehee...
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Yes, thank you. I missed that.
Posts: 1721/3409
Originally posted by Elara
Wal-mart gift card?

Posts: 6117/9733
That women is out of her fucking mind! All expense paid trip to Disneyworld because your kid got slapped? Jazz lessons? Of all the stupid, racist bullshit I have ever heard this takes the cake.

Wal-mart gift card? Seriously? Exploiting your son for your own gain is disgusting. Someone slap her and take the kid away, she doesn't deserve him.
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Goddamnit, Xeo! We need you here to find her and slap her for us. Where are you?
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He prolly got slapped by a white teacher

The woman who made the 40-page essay is about to join the SA forums. Internet history
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2643/2915
Originally posted by Rogue
Where the hell is Xeo? This is going on in his neck of the woods. I need a local's comment on this.

More like, we need him to go slap her (her being the mother) =D
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Where the hell is Xeo? This is going on in his neck of the woods. I need a local's comment on this.

Yeah, I read over the next page of her demands for herself. What a cunt.

I mean, it's definitely out of line for her son's teacher to be hitting him, but really?

I mean... I don't... I... I need to lie down.
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This shit is gonna be in billboards across america
Posts: 1718/3409
I love Wal-Mark!
Posts: 6723/7838
$1,500 Wal-Mark gift card

Kard Ayals
Posts: 2642/2915
I'm afraid I'm rather disgusted.

Especially since they throw around "black" "white" everywhere.

I mean, shit, first few pages is the whole "black victim" mentality, which is the most retarded shit ever.


This girl is so freaking racist, it's not even possible. And I'm on page 7, for fucks sake.
Posts: 6722/7838

Ladies and Gentlemen. A meme being born. Catch this meme before it's beaten to death by 4chan.

To save myself the frustration of linking 40+ images. I'll link you to This thread instead. Which showcases 40 pages of pure fucking insanity.

But to put it simply; A black kid was slapped by a white teacher. And the mother writes up a 40 page letter saying all this horse shit and she is charging folks 3 grand a minute to read this letter or something.

Immediately following this outrageous statement, Lisa Bowen starts getting into a list of demands, not only for Curtis, but for herself as well. The list starts at page 8 and goes on a full NINETEEN PAGES, including such demands as:

-A district-wide "We Don't Hit Kids Here" campaign instructing teachers not to strike their children.

-Revoking Ms. Curry's teaching license in the United States "forever!"

-A bill of $250,000 dollars payable in cash or silver coinage.

-A $1,500 Wal-Mart gift card for the next 9 years.

-A free college education.

-7-day annual trip to Disney World for two years, compliments of the Government, the State, and the School District.

-Pay off my Current Mortgage.

-A new car, "my choice."

-An Audience with President Barack Obama.

But it's only at page 27 that the real anger, insanity, and paranoia shit start to emerge. You have to read it to believe it.

And it's hilarious

Ow. my ribs.
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Curtis got slapped by a white teacher!

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