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10-04-23 11:37 AM
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Everyone's pissed off with the season finale cliffhanger. Glad I just don't care any more.
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I'd been watching it since the beginning, but fell off somewhere after the mid-season hiatus last year. I just can't get into it any more.

I definitely hear you on the Facebook spoiling. Hell, the official FB ruined a major death with a picture and everything, which they posted right after the episode aired on the eastcoast. I think that's pretty much where I gave up and lost interest.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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I finished Season 3, but kind of stalled there. It was just a bad season, to be honest. People say it gets better after, but I just haven't been able to get back into it.

Also, it doesn't help that every time something happens, everybody on Facebook announces it, so I feel like I already know the whole plot without even seeing it.

I watched Fear the Walking Dead though, and I thought that was a lot better. I really liked the characters in it.
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I've been watching this show since the Season 2 finale, I'm hooked on it. It's a great show, I also like Fear of The Walking Dead.
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The show's definitely gotten better. Pretty good season premiere this weekend.
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The trailer they showed at Comic-Con for season 5 is up. Seems pretty spoiler-y.

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GAAAAAHH! I wrote out this long post and instead of submitting, it gave me an SQL error and deleted everything I wrote.

I pretty much said that I get that the Governor is supposed to be this great villain in the books and they don't want to lose him on the show (especially since Shane lasted an extra season), but they spent the entire season building to this big battle that was a big mountain of bullshit.

The Woodburians get into the prison, get scared off, and when they leave who is it that decimates the Governor's army? Oh, that's right. THE GOVERNOR.

I know he's supposed to be crazy, but seriously?

The only thing we really got out of the finale is that Rick's abandonment of humanity is destroying Carl. He's shooting people in cold blood without any sense of remorse now.
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They can't exactly be done with Woodbury yet, then they would be pretty much caught up to the comic. However, I am really getting sick of the prison setting.
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Well... that was anticlimactic.

Thanks for reminding me that shows can easily pull a Heroes all over again.
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Ha, I really spoke too soon on this season being an improvement. The second half has been dragging like crazy.

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Thankfully this last season has been a big improvement on the second, but apparently they lost their show runner again, so we might be in for some rough times... again.

We'll have to see.
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And then when she went to tell Shane she thinks the baby might be his and so on, just when he seemed to finally cooperate with Rick, who FORGAVE him. What the hell did she think she was doing?

Then this bitch goes around henpecking Daryl and Glenn to get her shit. Go find Rick! Go get me some abortion pills! WAAAAAAAHHH!
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Originally posted by Rogue
She's incredibly self-centered, stupid, and bitchy.

I think "conniving" would be a more appropriate word. She seems to have wanted to manipulate the situation to get either Shane or Rick to do something to one-another. Hell, she planted the idea into Rick's head to off Shane, there's no way around that.
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Originally posted by Nelrith
I would have posted that word for word if you hadn't beaten me to it.

Carl is the reason for so much moronic shit. And Lori's definitely no better. She's incredibly self-centered, stupid, and bitchy.

It's sort of funny how the characters that I like the best tend to be my favorites because they are higher functioning and keep to their fucking selves (Daryl and Glenn). That's probably because anyone else that gets more camera time tends to be a fucking asshole.
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Originally posted by Rogue
As others have shortened the season: Carl is told to get inside the house. Carl is NEVER in the house.

I would have posted that word for word if you hadn't beaten me to it.
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Season's over, and shockingly didn't hear anyone talking about it at all at the comic convention that was this weekend.

Well, in my opinion, the season kind of sucked, though the ending was stronger than the overall package, and Rick's family needs to get wiped out in a heinously bloody fashion already.

As others have shortened the season: Carl is told to get inside the house. Carl is NEVER in the house.
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Someone uploading merch to AMC's online shop let loose a rather large spoiler onto the page:

Now, if you've been reading the books, you've been waiting for this for a long, long, LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.
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I'm damn ready for them to move on, as should they. Didn't they have plans to leave a LONG time ago, too? I'm really hoping that they finally move on in the next episode.
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If anyone else is keeping up, what are your thoughts on all of the main characters squatting on Hershel's land, using up his resources (medication, food, cars, gasoline, etc), and refusing to leave?

Every time I see them in his house, I find myself screaming at the TV.
True Flight
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HANDLESS GANGSTERS!!! I want more handless gangsters!

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