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09-24-23 03:52 AM
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Yeah, that's what I usually do. Just type it up in Edit Profile, save the changes (another window in Edit Profile open with the original layout, in case I screw up horribly) and see what it looks like. The only reason I suggested the Preview Layout button was so when someone was editing it, their posts weren't ridiculous if the layout had a lot of work needed.
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There is a preview layout function in your profile. If that is close enough.

The way that I do things is copy the entire code onto a notepad and make any changes I feel is necessary (Look at me talking like I know how to code. Sheesh). Then when I save my changes; I look at my profile.

If that isn't what you wanted then it's up for DS to decide on how it's done. Though I am gonna assume that once DS has a say in this
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Now that the layouts update every post you have made using one, it becomes rather bothersome for me when I am changing my layout and it isn't complete. Everyone would have to deal with it being changed and edited. Sure, it's not a big deal, but a solution has been thought of.

Would it be difficult to incorporate a 'Preview Layout' button, or something along the same lines? That way we can see what is going on before we decide to save the changes to the board.
Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Layout Preview

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