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12-04-20 12:27 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Halloween Story Contest
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Of course. I will be putting up criticisms tomorrow when I can use my laptop.
Posts: 174/201
Yeah, that sounds fine. I'd still appreciate any criticisms though. That was an idea I'd been playing around with for a while, and I'm not sure how it came out.
Posts: 6114/9699
Yeah... since you two are the only ones that got entries in, I am thinking of just calling it a tie. Seems unfair when you only have two entries.
Posts: 173/201
So this contest went swimmingly... :/
Posts: 2401/2746
Well, today's the 6th! Which means we're turning in our entries!

I would be, anyway. No extensions being asked, and no reason to give except that I am leaving for an undefined reason; this time for real. Every other time I came back in about three days.

In any case, good luck on the stories, all. And, well, everything else.

You're awesome. I will miss you.

Posts: 6103/9699
This works for both of you then. I understand about life explosions, so yeah, enjoy your extension.
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Originally posted by Elara
What happened to phoenix's entry?

Originally posted by Cairoi
Going to need an extension, my life freaking exploded


Trust me, I started. This one was my idea, so there was no way I would bail on it. Plus, I need to stand up Cairoi.

I actually have a day of peace tomorrow, so it will be completed then.
Posts: 6101/9699
... since I would like more than two entries, sure. What happened to phoenix's entry?
Posts: 3769/3807
Going to need an extension, my life freaking exploded. Imagine others will, too. How about the 6th?

If not, we could judge the merits of city vs. Xeios.
Posts: 164/201
Were me and Xeios the only ones to enter...?
Posts: 2945/2954
Entered. Also, please tell me you're riding a dolphin, doin' flips and shit.
Posts: 6100/9699
Ok, back from cruise.. gonna wait til I am on a real computer to judge. Writing this from the ship... that's right... I am on a boat.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1553/1586
Upon further investigation i've realized i cannot enter this competition.
Posts: 159/201
I just finished.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1552/1586
Have a sweet idea, but no plot haha it'll be done.
Posts: 2359/2746
I have a plot, but I need to set aside a day to write.

I'd better have this submitted on time.

How is everyone else doing?
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Bring it.
Posts: 3765/3807
You're going to eat those words, Lord Poopypants.

I'm so in.
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Originally posted by High Chancellor Cairoius
Since I won the last one (and never recieved my prize), I think I'll enter. Maybe.

You should. It would be fun to watch you cry after I defeat you.
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Still? I must have a chat with Bitmap.
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Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Halloween Story Contest

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