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02-21-24 11:34 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - As an apology to you Phoenix lets test out my new character
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Phoenix angled his sword towards the ground, holding a block against the slash with both hands.

"You have to do better than that, darling. I really must get rid of that 36 ounce Slushee in my bladder."

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BIC: Kyll saw the slash headed towards her and quickly stopped just far enough for her to feel the wind off of his blade. "Wow... Serious now? You know you can use a tree if you want to concentrate."

Kyll jumped back and stabbed a blade into the ground. She smirked. "Beneath us is a lot of metal. An element I love to use. We'll make this fair." The blade began to turn red. She grabbed the hilt and pulled it out the ground. The blade was a sword just about the same size as Phoenix's. She took out a smaller blade and held it with her other hand. She ran forward holding the blade further behind her. She sent a slash to his side with her newly furnished sword.

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Kyll may have let go of the sword, but it was still in the air. With the kick coming towards him, Phoenix chose the next best thing--hold the sword tight, angling it the slightest bit. If Kyll continued her path, the limb was bound to be lost.

ooc: I did not respond to the roots because of the nature of my attack. It happened before your magic was activated, and therefore must be dealt with before hand. Just letting you know, in case you were curious as to why I skipped that part.
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The vixen took out two blades from her wrap around. She blocked his parry holding the blades in the shape of an X and looked Phoenix in the eyes. "Kyll," she said. She held a tight grip on the sword with the blades. Kyll then sent a flying spin kick at Phoenix's face finally letting go of the sword then jumping back. Kyll closed her eyes. She won't be blind because she can feel his foot steps on the earth around, hear the rustle in the wind, and smell the smoldering that represents his name. "Phoenix, you'll be ashes here, only to be reborn again. My kind of opponent." She said with a smirk. The ground began to rumble around the two. Finally crackling out of the ground at high speeds were roots of the trees around the two. The roots flew up from the ground under Phoenix to impale him.
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Phoenix withdrew his right hand from his pocket, holding a golden pocket watch. He examined its face as the rocks hurtled towards him, and then clicked it shut once more and returned it to safety.

"I suppose I can hold it for the time being. But let us make this speedy, shall we?"

While speaking, Phoenix unsheathed a sword seemingly out of nowhere in a dazzling flash. He leapt over the boulders easily and continued the movement after he landed, running towards his apparent foe at a slow speed before jabbing with the golden blade.

"We seem to have not traded pleasantries, I'm afraid. My name is Phoenix."
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Kyll smirked. "This is my training area," she said. "There is no washroom. You're going to have to go thirty kilometers north of here for civilization." Kyll also looked at Phoenix. "You also entered into my arena," Kyll snapped her fingers. The earth around the two began to rumble. The wind rushed around her. Suddenly two boulders flew out of the ground pushed by the forces of miniature tornadoes. She pointed at Phoenix and the boulders flew, crashing towards him at high speeds.
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Phoenix seemed slightly disgruntled by the woman's touch, but recovered quickly.

"Ah. It is a fight you wish," he stated matter-of-factly. "I do not engage in violence recklessly. Rather, I am a warrior of sorts."

The young man smiled apologetically, his eyes scanning the are for a restroom of some kind. Surely this woman did not expect him to use the woods? Foul.
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Kyll walked up to the man. She reserved her battles mainly for women. Men were meant to suck energy out of them, not for fighting against. But this one will have to do... Her hair blew in the wind. "You're a man aren't you?" She put a finger on his chin. "Your bathroom is probably everywhere. Just like any man would think." She looked deep into the eyes of this man. She could feel a burning deep within him. "You're not what you seem to be young man." Her face inched in closer. "Very warm..." Kyll smirked. "A fighting spirit." She moved away from him and turned her head with a smirk. "Yet you do not come at me."
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Running the man was not. Instead, Phoenix strolled easily into the arena, hands in the pockets of his dress pants and the sleeves of his white button down rolled up.

Short brown hair lay ruffled on top of his head, as though he had just awoken.

"Greetings! I suppose you couldn't point me to the nearest restroom, could you?" If the man was surprised to see a creature of another world, he never showed it.
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Kyll walked across the ground. Rocky... She thought. Perfect... She looked around the beautiful moutainous area she stood atop. Kyll closed her golden eyes then felt the wind on her face. "I can't believe I'm here now..." She said aloud. Kyll turned around. A huge was three feet behind her training area. She smirked. Kyll turned again and there was the view of the world below them. This was the perfect area for a fight. A mountain side arena with the forest beside them. Kyll was so happy. She waited for her dear opponent to run into her.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - As an apology to you Phoenix lets test out my new character

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