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10-03-22 02:04 AM
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Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1660/1852
I really can't see how this will go well for you. 255 has minor rules ( if at all ) sure, but theres a reason for that. A forum like that would promoted massive spamming, rediculous content that has no need in life, and cause you to just jump your post count as fast as you would want without penalty of earning it.

It would also give Xeogaming a fall activity readout for posts and threads.

Also, regardless of your disclamer, there will be people who get offended, and take offense, and the flame war would rage out toward other areas of the board. Can't really see this workin, bud.
Posts: 2217/2746

Does it look like I'm laughing?

Because I am.
Posts: 6475/7838
It's silent cause you would be choking on my dick lmao owned

Join the Dark side
Posts: 2210/2746
Normal post: Meh. I could see it getting out of hand and spammy, which I guess is the point, but we don't want it leaking into other forums.

And with you as a moderator, I'm sure you would do your best to provoke the out-of-hand-ness. xD

Post in the forum: **silence, because I probably wouldn't use it**
Posts: 6463/7838
I mean seriously post your sense of humor. It's also a good place to meet new friends!
Squire Vince
Posts: 1434/1586
Normal Post: Lol'd ^ I think this is a good idea, a place where you can go to unwind and just fool around.

Post in Such Forum: Choke on my dick!, just make the damn thing
Posts: 6460/7838
Instead of a post count. Add -1 every time you post in this forum. I will have highest negative post count!

E- If I moderate this forum I will make sure no personal drama goes into it as much as Sunset Asserfall
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 4220/4539
Well, I honestly don't really see the point, I flaming still, nothing illegal still, anyone on Xeogaming would still want to post with decent grammar, just so that they could be understood properly. We'd also have to have rules about only linking to offensive material, rather than displaying it properly, just because if we don't have that, I, along with several other people, would avoid that forum altogether.

So basically, this would just be a place where you could post "lol" in a thread about something funny, instead of actually saying something meaningful...

Except right now then we don't usually care if you just post "lol" as long as its not a regular thing.

Yeah, I pretty much don't see the point to this idea, except as a place where you could spam.

EDIT: And this type of forum could cause more than enough flamebaiting to give the staff a headache, xD.
Posts: 6455/7838
Normal post: Yes. It is a great idea!

Post like inside the forum: Here is an idea go fuck yourself
Posts: 1607/3409
At first I thought this was a terrible idea... but as time goes on the idea becomes more intriguing...
Posts: 6454/7838
A new subforum idea I wish to buy for the low low price of $5. This is on top of the $20 donation I wished when IRC would be implemented.

How does this forum work?
First of all. No Rules. No punctuation. No idea where the fuck the threads you make will go. And best of all; no penalty. There are no restrictions. Well, ok. There will be some depending on how Xeo wants it to be sane. Like torrents, CP, etc. But this idea should be spread out and discussed before I even purchase the idea.

(Don't be creepy or else I will take a shit on your posts. Like call you a idiot or something worse!)

Where did the idea come from?
NSFW FYAD NSFW's a shitposting forum? How is this funny?
It's a good place to keep it cool and post absolute nonsense in public. Not to mention you can possibly flame people. But so long as it's kept in there (And is funny. Nothing personal or anything) then it should be in there. If people who are not used to this sort of thing then either lurk in FYAD or watch how I post when this idea comes to life.

Will this forum be NSFW?
Depends on you!

What about 255?
That forum kinda has rules. This one I plan on not having one. I have kinda shitposed there from time to time but it's all about porn and whatnot. Why not shitpost about videogames? Current events? Music? Anime? Etc?

Discuss this idea in which I will happily buy! Plus, I can easily moderate such forum.
Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Posting Losers for Assholes

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