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07-17-24 05:53 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - DEBATE: Was this too HOT for Sesame Street?
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I don't think the video should have been pulled; it never should have been conceived in the first place. Her outfit isn't the issue. Like Cairoi said, the kids aren't gonna be looking at her cleavage. They are, however, going to be noticing the song that Elmo is singing. And this is probably going to prompt them to listen to the real song, which is far more risqué than a low-cut shirt that a child will see ten times worse if they simply walk out their front door, most likely. Think of Katy Perry what you like, she is NOT a role model for children. Should the video have been pulled? Yes. Because of her outfit? No.
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Honestly, she wore what amounts to a figure-skating outfit and can't lipsync to save her life. I don't think it was too risque, I think it was too stupid.
Kard Ayals
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Welcome to America, where a little cleavage is darn wrong, but limbs exploding / violence on TV is a-Ok!
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"Raspberry Sorbet," Most awesome muppets appearance.

This is career-destroying, not necessarily too hot for tv...
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This is stupid. All the four year old kids are not going to notice cleavage. It's not like Elmo is copping a feel or anything. People are way too hypersensitive.
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The latest uproar has apparently been parodying the Old Spice ad. Most think it's funny, but some are arguing that if the Katy Perry thing was too sexy, playing off an ad with a sexy man in it shouldn't be allowed either.

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I voted "no."

Here's the thing, could I consider it too risque? Yes. But compared to what parents let their children see and do nowadays, I don't think it's all that bad. Hell, I had my 3 year old niece working ALL summer to memorize the song "Hey Soul Sister!" by Train, and while its all cute with a nice beat, I didn't realize until she called me the other day to sing it, that my baby was singing to me "The way you can cut a row, watching you is the only drug I need." Now mind you, I don't think those are the actual lyrics (Although that's all I can hear now.) It seems everyone thinks it's cute. And she sings those words having no idea what she's saying.

Point is, children are exposed to ALL sorts of shit, and stupid parents need to stop deciding when they feel like and don't feel like giving a shit what their children are exposed to.

I think if parents focused on putting some censorship to Katy Perry in general, rather than allow her to become this icon in their worlds for kids to make the connection from her Sesame Street skit to her other theatrics, at least that would make more sense, because if I take the Sesame Street skit as is, I also think it's rather cute.
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Happy Jim Henson Day, everyone!

Funny thing. A lot of the people who were sticking behind Katy Perry on this, were pulling out the recent "True Blood" parody that "Sesame Street" aired, saying that should be pulled too because the source material wasn't kid-friendly.

But "Sesame Street" has been doing this thing since I could remember. They used to reference classic movies all the time.

I totally laughed my ass off watching their "Mad Men" sketch:
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Granted she could have worn a dress that wasn't so risque, I thought it was cute!
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Originally posted by Seijika
Haha, poor dame. She even embarrassed herself like all people do on kids' shows and doesn't even get to have it aired? WEAK.

She apparently is the person who posted it on her website. The news is saying that she says she considers this appearance a career highlight.

Not being a Katy Perry fan myself (for some reason I feel sick and annoyed whenever I hear "California Girls"), I'm not bummed to see this pulled. But then again, I don't watch "Sesame Street."

Ooh, ohh. But Neil Gaiman's going to be on "Arthur" next month. I'm excited.

EDIT: Apparently it's "California Gurls" ... ugh.
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Haha, poor dame. She even embarrassed herself like all people do on kids' shows and doesn't even get to have it aired? WEAK.
Squire Vince
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Yes too much cleavage for a child based show.
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Katy Perry was supposed to appear on "Sesame Street," but her duet with Elmo was cut due to a barrage of parental complaints.


The video has, of course, leaked. So I'm asking you... was her appearance kid-friendly?

Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - DEBATE: Was this too HOT for Sesame Street?

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