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08-13-22 10:43 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - We need spambot security
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A captcha? Please no. If the spambot decides to post garbage the moderators can always ban them. Simple and no one has to suffer!
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Y'see all those asfdfads-ish users? Those most likely are a spambot, seeing how each one has all his fields filled with crap.

Now, he's doing no harm for now, aside from wasting database space, but if he somehow learns how to post on the board, it could be really bad.

And I guess he could. Looks like he already came across my tagboard and posted his random garbage in it...

So I guess register.php would need some spambot security. A captcha would work, as long as it's not fucking unreadable like some, and as long as it is secure too
Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - We need spambot security

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