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05-18-21 11:05 AM
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Staring at the suddenly still Ethan, Damion sighed and walked around the spear hung in mid-air. Clouting his pupil on the back of the head, the wanderer yelled, "Wake up, boy!"

"Usually, a post is required within three days of the previous! You have to at least tell someone of your absence, or they are deemed victorious. Now, resume your response!"

Walking back to his original position, Damion awaited his opponent's attack.
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"Schoolyard fights are nothing compared to these, my boy," winked Damion.

Not moving the least bit, Damion just smirked as the spear was jabbed just short of his face. "You're going to have to do more than that if you expect to progress in battle."
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"Right," Ethan answered curtly.

He stood, brushing his pants and jacket off. "At my school, using lightening during battle was really just for show. Can't zap a Conductor; just tickles us."

The boy took his spear along with about a dozen steps back. He was nervous now, Damion was starting to feel more like a threat and less like a friend.

"So I've been taught not to rely on shocking someone to death. But my battles back home were always high-octane."

Ethan advanced slowly-at first; patience was a virtue he didn't have though. How could he possibly slow down? Especially when battle beckoned! With Indra held firm once more he ran forward and aimed low.

However, rather than charging right back into the throng Ethan abruptly stopped several feet away. He shifted Indra forward through his palms; tauntingly jabbing very near to the older man's face.
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"I was thinking about it, yes," Damion withdrew his sword from the grass, and for the first time, his face was a solemn one. "The Arena, however tempting, is a dangerous place. Lives will be taken, and blood will be spilt. Dodging is a skill needed by all fighters."

Withdrawing once more, the wanderer signaled for Ethan to stand up when he was ready.

"Now, even the strongest users of magic will use weapons more frequently. A blade can end a fight just as quickly as a fireball. So, I want you to attack me using nothing but your weapon. No bolts. No speed boosts. Just Indra.

"Once you are able to effectively harm me two times, we will move on."

His smile back, Damion waited for his pupil to make a move.
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Seeing the blade heading straight for his hand Ethan pulled back; it nicked the webbing of his thumb and index finger, tarnishing his perfect white gloves with blood!

Damion's sword pierced the earth uncomfortably close to something Ethan would rather keep.

If anyone had been observing, Ethan's next move would've been amusing although frightening to watch. As the fire barrled towards him he fell back on the ground, stiff as a dead possum, hugging the ground so tightly he might sink into the dirt.

The immense rush of heat passed over him, making his eyes water and singeing his tiny nose. He had never seen anything like it. Sure, his lightening could spark fire but he had no control over it afterwards. When the wave had passed he lay, stark white and trembling.

"You were ACTUALLY going to burn me, weren't you?!" Ethan's laughter was of bemusement (and embarrasment) as he took his teacher's words to heart.

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With a simple flick of his wrist, the sword held in Damion's hand sliced the air where Ethan's wrist would be if the latter did not withdraw the grapple.

At the same time, a blast of fire was shot from Damion's right hand towards the youth's chest. At this close range, the attack would be a bit more than difficult to dodge.

"You need to survey the situation when you battle. Think ahead for possible attacks that your opponent can administer depending on how you react."
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Ethan took the punch full force, feeling tremors rattle through his body and realizing his cockiness was unwarranted.

He hit the ground with a thud, dropping Indra close to his right. In a daze he wondered how hard he'd been hit. It felt much harder than any punch he'd taken at school.

Once Ethan had collected himself he shot a nasty glower at his mentor and ignited in a flurry of static. He made a grab for Damion's ankle, a weak current would be enough to give him a dead leg.
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Switching the blade to his left hand, Damion stabbed downwards, the weapons meeting in a clash of sparks.

Using his right hand, a simple jab was administered towards his face. The force would be multiplied beyond a simple punch, however. Due to Ethan's great speed boost, his momentum was greater than usual.

"A simple attack is sometimes all you need, given the circumstances," the mentor smiled. Whatever the situation, Damion always had a smile upon his face. It seemed almost mocking at times.
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A smug smile crossed Ethan's lips.

Damion couldn't have said a more perfect thing.

Ethan crouched and gripped Indra tightly in both hands. A sudden crackling sound similiar to crinkling plastic echoed in the arena.

It was the sound of the jittery electrical currents that had built up in Ethan's heels. Once the current had gained enough strength it propelled him forward, he almost appeared to be gliding over the field.

He took a quick swipe at Damion's legs and felt that maybe he had assumed too much of his trainer.
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Damion laughed easily at his pupils excitement. "A good description, and a bit eager, as well, eh? Make sure you tell your opponent everything during a battle."

The wanderer withdrew, putting several meters between the two. "Okay then," he smiled. Reaching out his hand, he plucked a longsword seemingly from mid-air and held it loosely.

"I want you to attack me."
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“Yes, Sir!” Ethan answered with a fervent grin.

Being the very best Conductor among his pupils in Perun, Ethan’s gift for harnessing and handling his inner electricity had given him abounding self-confidence. However, it had also left him with a desire for greater challenges. Challenges he trusted his new teacher would present.

Ethan had been anticipating this meeting for days and now that his first lesson was finally upon him, he was hanging on Damion’s every word. He gawked as if he could learn something just from the way the man walked. And maybe he could. Ethan sensed Damion held great power and although he was unsure of what it was he knew it was a force to be reckoned with.

“Let's get started!" Clutched to Ethan’s chest was his faithful spear, Indra, and both were sending excited sparks in every direction.

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This is a training battle for Akwin. In it, I will be teaching her the rules and fundamentals of simbattling, while bending reality.

The Arena was, as usual, empty. However, it was a calm, homely empty. The Arena had changed much since the new era of simbattlers around the world, thriving off of the new life and adventure. One couldn't tell that the smooth, painted bleachers of stone had once been falling apart beyond repair.

Grass also had also sprung up through the flattened dirt, blanketing the soil below like bandages covering old scars. The Arena looked better than it ever had, fitting for the new generation.

Standing amidst this new realm were two figures, one a man by the name of Damion Ace, a great combatant of an age long past. Now living as a wanderer, Damion was once a revered warrior, capable of a great many feats, both magical and physical.

"Greetings, friend," his smile an amicable one. "Shall we continue as planned?"

Damion hoped his trainee remembered to include a proper introduction. Not only does it paint a picture for one's opponent, but it gives life to the character itself.
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