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11-30-23 12:09 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Anime Lounge - AMV Hell: AMV done justice
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I never saw 0/0 all the way through, but I have seen all before it and I loved them all. I need to check out the new stuff when I get the chance.
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AMV Hell 5 is offically out! And you can download it Right now!

Gonna edit this post with my thoughts later. Right now I am too busy downloading.

Review- Better than any AMV Hell out there. This shit is hilarious! I laughed the whole way through.

The whole way through!
Kyoku kun
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I absolutely ADORE AMV Hell. AMV Hell 3 was my favorite. It's genius.
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AMV Hell 5 should be coming out soon. It was aired at AWA (Anime week Atlanta) and I can't wait to watch it.

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Originally posted by Bitmap
AMV 0/0 without the stuff that will harm you for life

For one, I was scarred waaaay before my friends insisted on me being scarred by this and secondly, I have a moon pie. And it's delicious.

Back on a more serious track, I was shown the /0's all back to back. It was a fun filled 3 hours of giggling!
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SO you browse youtube one night and you look up some AMV's. Linkin Park, Linkin Park, and more Linkin park.

Don't you get tired of all of that?

Well this thread is for you!

Introducing: AMV HELL

What is AMV Hell? And why is it better than the stuff I listen to? Hell, I get to see my wifu!
AMV Hell is one of the greatest series ever to be created by man. Basically, it showcases anime visuals while playing some music that best fits the scene of the anime. Not only making it hilarious; but it also has some good music to boot!

AMV Hell eh? I'm interested
Check the link above for download information!

AMV Hell 0? And there is also a 0/0! What is that?
Those are the Hentai versions. The 0/0 version has more raunchier stuff included with scat porn, "Nigger" jokes, and women with three dicks in them. In other words, it's the Goatsee of anime videos. Watch at your own peril.

These are not music videos! They are just 30 second clips of music with shitty anime on the screen!
Thats the point really. It's entertainment. It's not ment to be taken seriously. It's also drawing each and every year from the community to be played at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Yes, even the 18+ shows.

Just...if you have a weak heart do not watch 0 or 0/0 ok? The first 4 shows are great.

Have some samples:

AMV 0/0 without the stuff that will harm you for life:

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