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11-29-23 07:57 PM
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Samuel began to laugh wildly as he continued flying towards his opponent. In a flash of light, a white scimitar rested in his hand as he slashed downwards, aiming at Alex's chest with a simple slash.

Phoenix suddenly ran forwards, also, his golden sword appearing in a similar, fiery manner. A cloud of ash surrounded him as he ran, leaking from his pores to cloak his movements.

Alex was a strong opponent. He had a wide range of skills, and his technique a versatile one, but Phoenix was hoping to stop this man before any blood was spilled.

Samuel was just enjoying the fun.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex grinned in spite of himself, these two were clever, but not clever enough. Stopping the momentum of the shards would be foolishness, the wind would make sure of that. But he din't have to stop them...

He just had to stop them from hitting him.

He concentrated carefully, an as the shards were only a few feet away, he applied an ever so slight amount of momentum to their sides, redirecting them, redirecting them so that their momentum remained, but simply flying past him.

"I think you missed."

Alex began concentrating, a much easier feat thanks to the cocaine. He focused more and more. His next move could b devestating.

His next move could cripple them both.
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Samuel smiled widely, ignoring Phoenix as he narrowed his eyes. While the orb remained hidden, Phoenix could feel the energy forming in Alex's hand. He was unable to control raw energy, but in tune with its very presence. Especially the heat. This would be an easy job.

And then Phoenix felt it. The odd energy in the center of the orb.

Samuel was reaching out his arm, most likely feeling the energy forming as well. With a quick hand, Phoenix grabbed Samuel's wrist and threw him into the air.

And just in time. The orb arrived before Phoenix had time to blink, not that blinking would do anything. The explosion that followed was tremendous, and Phoenix was inside of it.

Samuel heard the explosion over the stream of insults he was spewing from his mouth and looked down, easily taking flight in the air. With an enraged yell, he charged at Alex, screaming his head off the entire time.

Before he reached Alex, however, shards of coal shot from the dust cloud that remained behind from the explosion. They were trained on and around Alex, and also moving as fast as a bullet. They covered a six foot span in all direction from their target.

Samuel stopped and yelled with excitement, manipulating the air to push the shards faster. Even if their kinetic energy was taken away by Alex, the air would continuously add more.

These shards weren't stopping until they hit their target.

"Jumping to conclusions, Samuel?" Phoenix was laughing as well, enjoying the look upon Alex's face. By heating his body to extreme temperatures, Phoenix was more than protected against the sheer cold. The explosion had driven his back a bit, and there was dirt on his white button down, but Phoenix was more than alive.

He was immortal.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex stared Samuel in the eye. The man put on the face of a fool, but Alex knew better than to underestimate him. From what he'd heard, this man took on the speed and strength of his opponent. Fortunately, Alex was physically no stronger han any other man, nor any faster. He didn't need to be.

"As you wish."

These men would pay for the lives lost.

Alex concentrated. He knew that Samuel absorbed vast amounts of energy, and Phoenix was likely immune to heat. To use fire, energy, heat, that would be foolish at this stage of the battle. No, he'd have to use something else.

He'd have to be smart. Alex reached for his belt, the katana shaped scabbard holding his mighty blade. Alex's hands gripped the handle, and he slowly drew, a high pitched whine as his sword rubbed againt the scabbard.

He held it in his right hand, blade pointed towards his opponents, other hand ready.

His bright sword was nothing more than a distraction. Alex was instead concentrating on a far more dangerous attack.

His hand switched, and from it, a small orb flew between Phoenix and Samuel. However, as soon as the orb was between them, it would explode to an enormous size.

This orb had an outer shell of energy, heat. Enough to seem like Alex had been a fool and fired energy at his opponents. Given Samuel's cocky nature, Alex hoped he would try and absorb it, rather than avoid it.

Inside was the real power. The inside of the orb had no energy. It was at absolute zero, a cold enough temperature that it could instantly kill anyone who touched it. A limb would harden and shatter immediately.

The orb moved faster than a bullet, and exploded as fast as a gernade, the bubble going twenty feet in either direction before finally dissipating.

"Do, or do not, there is no try." Alex grinned in spite of the seriousness of the situation.
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ooc: This is going to be fun. EDIT: Forgot a close italics...thing.

"Oh golly," Samuel mocked desperation, "I wonder which one of us is going to die, Phoenix. I sure hope it isn't meee."

"If you don't knock off the charades, I'll be the one to kill you," said Phoenix gruffly to Samuel. His eyes had never left the face of Alex since he came into view. The pain in his eyes when he realized that those innocent people had burned to death. Burned for the sake of luring Alex himself out.

Samuel waved his hand at his partner in exaggerated dismissal. "Like you would kill me. We both have to report back to Braksa. You know, at the secret base!" With that last sentence, Samuel had leaned towards Phoenix, covering his mouth, but speaking louder nonetheless.

"You fool," Phoenix answered Alex, his eyes narrowing. "We would never give you information on Braksa. I'd like to see you try to get it out of us."

"Oh, please do!" laughed Samuel.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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ooc: Well, I can't very well be a superhero and kill good guys, could I? xD.

ic: Alex walked forward, his mind racing. Racing faster than it ever had before. His blood pressure rising...

He didn't usually taken drugs, he didn't like what they did to him, and he knew the dangers. But he needed it this time. Cocaine was a mental stimulant, allowing him to focus far better than he normally would. Alex was a psychic, his abilities came from concentration and focus.

With cocaine, he was far more powerful. He needed power to take on both these monsters.

He walked forward, and stopped as he saw lights. Orange lights.

Fire. He ran. The houses burned, and Alex acted quickly.

Alex was more than just a psychic, he was the master of all energy. Fire, electricity, momentum, they were his domain, they were his to control. They were his to cast away.

So he ran, ran towards the fire. It was too late. The siding peeled away, and anyone inside would surely be dead. To cast away the fire would expend energy he knew he needed.

He turned, and there stood the monsters. Phoenix and Samuel. They'd never met in person, but he knew they were with Braksa. He knew they'd know where to find the demon.

The fire at his back, the monsters in front, Alex stared. He was ready, but they deserved a chance to live bfore he struck.

"One of you are going to die," Alex said simply. "The other is going to tell me where to find Braksa."
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Stinky Underwear made me make my characters evil!!!!

Only for this fight, though.

It was an average Saturday on the street of Academy. Children were outside playing various games on the well-kept lawns while their parents were inside, televisions on and minds empty.

The only imagination lay in the minds of the children. When they grow, their bodies become empty shells for the laws and rules of the adult society. Nothing remains the same when you grow old. The youth is the only hope the world had.

The man sitting on a bench in the small park across the street knew too well how these things worked. Even in the summer, he wore a white button down and dress pants, but not a glimpse of sweat was seen on his brow. On the contrary, the man rubbed his hands together slightly as though he were chilled. The movement, however, looked to be that of an impatient gesture. He looked up at the sun as another would look at their watch and pursed his lips.

"Sorry. I got caught in traffic," the voice cam from behind the man sitting on the bench, and belonged to another. From the dark jeans to the tight fitting shirt, the newcomer was dressed entirely in black. He had a light smile upon his face as he took a seat.

"Samuel," the man on the bench smiled, the suggestion of a chuckle hidden in his greeting. "Do you have news" All humor had left the man's voice, replaced with a serious tone.

The smile was also wiped from Samuel's face at the statement. "I didn't go for nothing, Phoenix. His power is growing. Humans aren't his only means anymore."

"What do you mean?" the man called Phoenix had shock in his voice. "Is it.."

"Yes," Samuel nodded solemnly. "Braksa was able to possess a magical being. Just a mortal for now, but a huge success nonetheless."

A nod is all Phoenix could muster at the moment while he thought. "So, he is almost ready for the binding of souls."

It was Samuel's turn to nod. "One of us will be his new host in a matter of weeks."

A silence crept over the neighborhood after the statement as though Academy itself were listening to the conversation. "But the mission now is the same," Samuel continued. "The one called Alex is here, and his head is wanted by Braksa."

Phoenix smiled again as he rose from the bench, glad to let the news slip into his subconscious. "So let's lure him out."

With a flourish of his hands, three of the houses across the street were alight with flame. The children playing stopped in horror until the first one ran off screaming. Already, the paint was peeling and the siding was melting. The houses would only last a minute longer.

Hopefully, Alex's tolerance wouldn't.
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