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12-01-23 11:59 PM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 347/1586
Joe watched Alex's concern as the truck neared the newlly formed hole. "You actually care about these things? We're stronger than they are." The butt of Joe's spear was nearing him. He raised his right hand and sent a shot of piercing wind, destroying his own earth spear. "Let's see how you handle stopping what you can't see." Joe raised his other hand and sent a wave of air at his opponent. The blast had the strength to move cars, and was zeroing in on Alex.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 3655/4540
Alex didn't move a muscle, he didn't need to. He was the master of energy, even telekenetic energy. So as the earthen spear flew at him, Alex didn't move to dodge, he didn't block, he simply concentrated on the spears kinetic energy...

And reversed it. What was flying forward was now flying backward. The spear's tip didn't move, only the butt of the spear was sent flying.

Flying towards Vince.

Cars paused in the street, Alex saw a little child looking out the window in awe at the spear. A car braked quickly avoiding the new hole where the spear came from.

Alex shook his head. This would limit him, he didn't want any collateral damage. He'd have to take this man down quickly.
Squire Vince
Posts: 339/1586
OOC: It's okay just PM me if you think it'll be longer than usual.

BIC: Joe prepared himself for battle. Excitement was starting to bubble up inside of him. "I'm a collector, friend, and I'm a bit behind on my collecting." Joe focused on the ground before him. Suddenly a spear of earth burst forth from the ground heading towards Alex's chest. As he sent the spear, Joe jumped back and raised a small boulder of earth and made it circle him.

The spear would be easy to dodge but as a distraction a sudden attack would do the job just right.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 3652/4540
ooc: This is the third battle I'm fighting at the time, so I'm afraid I probably can't keep to the 3 day contract, especially since I spend over an hour planning and physically reinacting every step for each post I make. So, while I will hold to my other obligations, I cannot promise you I'll post in time, as each post takes me a major time commitment.

Also, for the record, you should know that Vulcan or Hephaestus are in charge of fire, not Hades.


Alex stood in the middle of the street. He was a mere human, physically he was no stronger than any other. He could bleed, he could get sick, and he would tire. In a game of basketball, he was no better than anyone else, worse, even, in some cases.

But that didn't matter to him. He had trained his abilities for years, starting off as nothing more than a college student taking a few martial arts classes, until he became who he was. A powerful fighter with few equals. A master of battle.

He came here for reasons not even he knew. An idea, a thought. Why not? Brazil was hardly remarkable, especially in its cities. So why had he come?

It din't matter. He paused, and realized why he'd come.

Ahead of him stood a man. A man looking for a fight, the years of combat and eperience in his eyes. A look Alex knew well.

"Good day, friend." Alex called out. He didn't want a fight, he never did. He fancied himself a pacifist, not a warrior. He only fought when the fight came to him.
Squire Vince
Posts: 337/1586
Setting: San Danto City, a small island city off of Brazil. The island is roughly the size of Rhode Island, but all of its surface is a large city. San Danto is a bustling metropolis and a popular tourist attraction. The city has three parks, a naval base, many large ports, and in the center of the city are four towers. They each mark North, South, East, and West.

OOC: This is a battle between Vulkar and I. Three day limit unless pm'ed before hand, after ten pages a panel of judges will decide the victor.

BIC: The wind blew through San Danto. Joe pulled up the collar of his jacket to keep the wind away. The busy sounds of urban society filled the air. Car horns, people on cell phones, it all made Joe think of ancient Greece. Things were much more simple then. As Joe walked he scanned the citizens around him. He still had many names to add to his list, but so far luck had brought him nothing but ordinary mortals. Joe turned and then felt a presence approaching. The presence was strong. Not even close to a mere mortal. Joe readied himself.
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