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11-24-20 04:44 AM
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Shadows were still the absence of light, Alex recognized it as soon as it appeared.

He didn't have time, he couldn't dodge it completely. It would last in the light, and it moved faster than he could stop.

But he could slow it. Alex summoned the air molecules into the air, compressing them in the way of the shard. The shard hit the air, weakened, but still powerful.

"ARGH!" The shard plummeted into Alex's back, and he fell to the ground, sure he was dead.

A minute passed.


He was alive.

Blood draining, but his heart still pumping.

The shard went into his back, but weakened by the air, it stopped before reaching his heart. He was safe. He was alive. He'd need to bandage his back, but he would live!

He sat up and looked at the dead man. Not Braksa, not any longer. A dead host. A dead man. Just another victim of the terrible Braksa. Alex stood. Braksa's host was dead, but Alex knew it wasn't over, the demon was still alive, and he'd hurt, kill more men.

He stood, staring at the dead man. If only he could have saved him. If only he could have killed Braksa without killing the host. What made Alex better than this poor man?

It didn't matter, the least Alex could do was give him a proper burial, maybe find his family. Alex picked up the body. He couldn't get far with his wound, but maybe he could get to a hospital...bring this man to his family.

And then he'd hunt Braksa.
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Braksa flew backwards, his sword dislodging from that of Alex's. The shadows making up his sword were too weak in the light Alex had concocted. To top it off, lightning was forming in the human's hand.

While Braksa himself could not move as fast as light, shadows could. Shadows are the exact opposite of light, and therefore move at the same speed. They are proportionate to one another.

Therefore, before the blast of lightning was released, Braksa moved his own shadow from below him to cover his lower chest. The condensed shadow would act as an armor, but there was no way that it could protect Braksa completely.

Braksa refused to lose this battle completely, however. While Alex's shadow was now moved into the direction of Braksa, the lightning being casted would create a shadow, however small and trace, behind the man. When the lightning left Alex's hand, Braksa manipulated this shadow and condensed it into a small shard, strong enough to survive int he light for the time being. The shard was no larger than a nail on a finger, but it was sharp enough to pierce flesh and armor alike. With a final surge of power, Braksa rocketed this small shadow directly towards Alex's heart. At the same time it would be piercing his skin, the blast of lightning hit Braksa. Shadows blew apart from his lower chest, barely providing any armor for the host.

He seized upon the ground as the host's body slowly fried, beginning to reject him. Braksa hoped that the shard would find its mark as his soul fled the human body.

Braksa had been defeated.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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ooc: Sorry, I sort of forgot about this battle.


Alex grinned, Braksa may hve been a powerful demon, but he clearly wasn't quite used to fighting in a human body yet.

The interesting thing about a kick is that it requires much more balance than a punch or a strike with a sword. It requires you to put all of your balance onto one foot, leaning back slightly to counter the balance of the foot in the air, as otherwise the attack would simply fall forward.

A kick needs to be precise, if the kick goes higher than the attacker intended, it would cause the attack for fall flat on his back. Perfect balance is essential for such an attack.

Braksa was pulling at Alex's sword at the same time as he was tryng to kick Alex. That would leave him with even less balance.

Alex could see this attack because he only redirected the light from his own balls of energy. He could see the wavelengths of all other lights, the stars shining down, the moon...he could see it all, as if his own lights weren't even there. The wavelengths from his own lights were invisible to him.

But there was more, Braksa had his shadows wrapped around Alex's sword. This should have been significant, except that Braksa forgot about Alex's lights. The lights shined underneath Alex's swords, shining light at Braksa's shadows. While these shadows could stll exist, they were weakened.

So as Braksa twisted at the same time as kicking, Alex lifted pushed at Braksa's sword, weakening his balance still further.

As Braksa kicked, Alex didn't step back, he only moved one foot, rotating himself while still maintaining pressure on the sword, so that the kick would go past him, only inches away from his stomach. Perfect.

Alex concentrated, he was the master of energy, even of telekentic energy, and as Braksa kicked, he suddenly sent a wave of telekenetic force underneath of Braksa's foot, which would hopefully left his leg high, and send Braksa falling to the ground.

If Braksa fell, Alex knew better than to attack with his sword. Instead, he would lift up a hand, and fire a blast of electricity, a bolt that moved at the speed of light, from his hand. Enough to kill a man.

Lightning too, fell under Alex's domain of energy. It had its uses, but rarely was as easy to control as Alex's other attacks. Rarely was it a smart choice.

This was a rare time.
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OOC: Yeah, and I would probably lose right off the bat with anyone else.

BIC: Braksa cursed as the light got brighter around him. He shut his eyes, but the light soon pierced through the mortal's eyelids. Quickly, he pulled up shadows from within his host's hair and set all of them to cover his eyes. The shadows acted like very strong sunglasses, but the light was still visible through them.

While doing this, Braksa swung his foot towards his opponent's stomach and twisted his upper body in an attempt to pull the sword from Alex's hands. He was able to sense where Alex stood by feeling the small shadows covering his body in unseen crevices.

Braksa hoped the kick was enough to make his opponent release the lights. Alexa may not see the kick coming, for if he directed too much light from his eyes, his receptors would have nothing to see with. You can only see by having light enter the eyes, and that was the opposite of what Alex was doing.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 3586/4539
OOC: You have no idea how glad I am to be using Alex in this fight, xD.

IC: If there's one thing Alex knew, it was never to use the same trick twice, especially for defense. So, when Alex sensed the shadows moving up to his feet, he chose a very different tactic.

Instead, this time, he created three lights, all in a circle at equal level to shine on the shadows. He kicked, but the shadows stuck. He pulled, but they acted of their own accord.

"Well dang."

Alex pulled his sword from Braksa...he couldn't, tht was stuck too. Suddenly he grinned, and realized what he had to do.

The lights already in place, Alex strengthened the brightness of the lights. They shined, shined brighter than even an industrial light. Brighter still. The field lit up in an odd color, the orbs shining everywhere.

Alex was careful with these orbs, making sure that all of the energy sent out was along a visible wavelength, no infrared or ultraviolet. Bright, but not hot. Bright enough to blind an unprepared opponent. If Alex was lucky, Braksa, even with his eyes closed, would be blinded. The light was enough that even soemone with their eyes close could recieve enough retinal injury to hurt them.

Alex had hi own defense against this light, simply beding the light away from his eyes, so that he recieved no injury. He kicked, and the shadows' hold loosened, he could move once again.

But he couldn't hold these orbs for long. They would weaken shadows used against Alex, and possibly blind Braksa, but he was releasing a lot of energy, and couldn't concentrate enoguh to put together an attack with this light.
Posts: 777/2746
OOC: The shadows would be stabbing my ankles, as we discussed. Lol. So edit that when you get the chance

Braksa was surprised by the sudden light, but not thrown off. He had heard stories of this combatant.

When the shadows were twisted around and aimed at Braksa instead, he felt the change immediately. Nothing escaped him in the darkness. Two more shadows shot up from the ground right next to Braksa's ankles, shielding the would be stabs.

This was completed in less than a blink of an eye, and Braksa continued with his plan. The shadows of his sword quickly unwound themselves on the point at which the two swords met, attempting to wrap around the blade of the katana. If it went unnoticed, Alex would find that his blade was stuck within that of Braksa's. To add further distraction from this attempt, Braksa concentrated on the part of Alex's shadow nearest his feet.

Not making the same mistake twice, Braksa made sure to have these shadows act in the light, not being affected by a light source. Alex would not know this, and he may make a faulty move in trying the same technique again. The shadows flung towards the feet of his adversary, attempting to wrap around them and hold him to the ground.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 3575/4539
Alex by himself could focus, he could detect and control major changed in energy. However, for his more subtle abilities, he implanted a synthetic chip in his head, designed to better observe his surrounding and temporarily take over his body when he was to defend himself.

Shadows, fortunately, were simply an absence of energy on certain wavelengths, and if Alex could detect anything, it was the movement of energy. As it was night, the shadows would be small,

Sensing the shadows moving, Alex's implant took over. First, he steppeed back, and swung his sword in Braksa's, forcing them into a lock. Braksa was strong, but Alex only needed to hold him for a second, just as Braksa surely thought he must hold Alex only until the shadows stabbed him.

Shadows shine opposite the light source, opposite the moon on this night. With a grin, Alex waited until the shadows were in position, and cancelled the moon's wavelengths as the reached him, as the same time creating another dim bulb of light opposite the moon, causing the shadow to turn 180 degrees, and also folding the light so that his shadow would appear behind Braksa, rather than on him.

He timed it carefully, so that when the shadows reversed, their points should be about three feet away from him...or right inside Braksa's ankle.
Posts: 775/2746
The man's smile widened as Alex spoke, the shadows growing darker still.

"Have it your way," Braksa replied. His host held out his hand, and shadows from the forest rushed into it, condensing with dark magic. This process lasted for several seconds before a black sword was held aloft, its entire being a black shape that seemed to be an nothing but an absence of matter and light.

Braksa then charged towards Alex, sending a horizontal slash towards his opponents abdomen. But this was a distraction. Braksa was also manipulating Alex's shadow. It jumped up in two spots, sharp points forming to stab deep into the ankles of the energy manipulator.

This attack was hardly noticeable, the night shielding the movement, and Alexa facing forwards as Braksa slashed, not bothering to look down.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 3574/4539
Alex nodded. "You are a demon then, which means that your host's name is all that really matters to me, for he is the poor one that must be sacrificed for your defeat."

He looked Braksa's host in the eye, and reached for the sword on his belt. A katana, with only a simple handle and hilt, grooves for his fingers on the handle. "I will try for a quick death, but I can promise nothing but your soul's freedom."

He held his katana in both hands, pointing forward. "Do as you can, foul demon."
Posts: 771/2746
The man looked up for the first time, and a wide smile stretched across his moonlight bathed face.

"Oh yes," the voice coming from the man's mouth sounded odd, to say the least. The top layer sounded like a normal man, while the second whispered with hatred and excitement. The voices echoed over one another in an eerie duet. "I have come far looking for you, Alex. Your power is strong."

As the man spoke, his face slowly took on a darker shade, shadows creeping under his eyes. The night air seemed to cling to the man's frame like a dark cloak.

"This host's name is irrelevant, but you may call me Braksa."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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A wolf howled in the distant forest. A dear yowled. Alex moved quickly along the grassy field.

He was clad, as he always was, in nothing more than a suit. Like a businessman, sharp and professional. It was part of who he was. Were he to die, he wished to die looking his best. Were his opponent to die, he desired to give them the respect they deserved.

He spotted the man running the forest, and raised an eyebrow. It was odd, and he could sense a terrible energy inside. Something evil. Something unlike what what he had fought before.

He didn't want to piss it off. "Good evening, friend!" he shouted at the man. "My name is Alex, and you look terrible. Might I be of assistance?"
Posts: 764/2746
OOC: For Vulkar only. Keep out, fools.

Rain fell softly upon the grassy hill, moonlight peeking through the swirling clouds every so often to light the ground. It was a windless night, the only sounds coming from the forest that stretched along the side of the hill. To the other side of the hill, a vast field lay, uninhabited for many years.

A lone figure stepped out of the trees then, his feet treading lightly upon the earth. The man wore no shirt over his muscular chest, only a pair of loose fitting jeans, and a pair of Converse sneakers upon his feet. Black hair was matted to his forehead from the rain. In fact, the man seemed to be drenched, as though he had walked many miles in this condition.

As he emerged from the trees, he stopped a few paces out of the forest and stared ahead, as though expecting something to happen.
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