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07-24-21 10:00 AM
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With a flick of his wrist, a horizontal slash of white energy shot forth from Xeios. The slash tore through the air with great and magnificent speed, and it was aimed for Cairoi's upper body, though, even if it missed Cairoi, it would most likely hit one of the Will-o-wisps that were beginning to flow around Cairoi.
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As the shockwave approached Cairoi, he lifted up a blockade of rocks beneath the warriors, holding them up as a sponge for the force of the shockwave. They were demolished, but the shockwave was nothing more than a breeze when it reached Cairoi, who was already readying his next attack. Green will-o-wisps faded into existence around him, glowing brighter with each passing second.

Cairoi smiled. "Your move."
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Xeios reacted quickly, he planted his feet squarely on the ground, and waited for the rocks to come to him, charging his shield as he did. When the rocks were about to collide, he thrust his shoulder into them, forcing out a potent shockwave, which destroyed the rocks that would hit him, and aimed to strike Cairoi. The potency of the shockwave was diminished greatly after tearing through the rock, but it still packed a moderate punch. Xeios felt the rush of combat once more, loving every minute of the battle they were in.
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Cairoi was hit by the punch, and his body floated backwards as he dealt with the surprising force behind the blow. Cairoi was loath to let the offense die, and so he continued the movement, quickly turning around and facing Xeios. As he turned, the rocks buried in the ground between them came up in short waves before launching out in quick succession at Xeios. Cairoi's body then took a defensive stance similar to the one he had taken before, ready for whatever Xeios would throw at him next.
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Xeios noticed the kick coming as he began launching his attack, instead of retreating from the blow, he pushed his body into it. Smothering the force the blow planned to attain. Xeios winced with pain when the kick struck him, but he did not recoil from it. His right arm, which he planned to use for the uppercut, was kept in front of him now, cancelling his attack once he knew it was faulty. Now, he took his left hand and brought it across with a quick hook towards Cairoi's face. His left hand was glowing a light green with magical energy, amplifying the force of this blow by a substantial amount. Xeios' right arm was kept in front of his face in a defensive position.
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OOC: oh fuck its a mfc.

If there was one thing Cairoi could handle, it was seeing through dust. Even without the powerful Hawkeye enchantment on his eyes, his bond to the earth through Terrakinesis gives him a tactile connection to the earth when needs be, and so he could feel Xeios coming. He stepped back from the uppercut he felt coming all too clearly and launched a kick with his right leg at Xeios' gut, mid-uppercut. Should it hit, it wouldn't cause enormous pain, but open a window for Cairoi to unleash more damage.
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As the scatter shot of rocks flew towards Xeios, he slid his legs apart, completing a split, then pressing his body against the ground. He slammed his left hand into the ground as he did so, and a shockwave of energy released from him, settling down into a small barrier. The initial shockwave vaporized the small pieces of stone that were hurtling towards him, and the barrier afterwards was simply to avoid the debris. Dust covered the playing field, making things incredible difficult to see. But Xeios did not need to see the two blast of energy to avoid them, as his current position should have been enough. A moment later, Xeios stood back up, from here, he charged Cairoi. (Lol, CHARGE'EM!) The dust cloud that remained was still very thick, and Xeios used this to his advantage, by attempting to bring a powerful uppercut to his foe's chin.
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The dust cloud that had followed Cairoi's initial attack surrounded Xeios' attack, eroding it by absorbing the kinetic force until it reached Cairoi, nothing more than a short gust of wind.

Cairoi continued the assault, lifting five chunks of rock from the ground with his Terramorphus. With a flick of his wrist, they began to spin madly in the air, gaining momentum. With a push, they launched at Xeios, hurtling at him. Not satisfied to end it there, Cairoi clenched his fist and the five rocks shattered mid-flight into a shotgun blast of sharp rocks.

With his other hand, Cairoi released two more energy blasts to follow up. He was attempting to keep the heat on Xeios. After all, he knew Xeios could handle it.
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Xeios' bright green eyes scanned the area, attempting to discern the true nature of the energy blast. From Xeios' left hand a light glowing aura appeared, which he used to bat the blas of energy into the ground, his hand, which was glowing a light gray before, took on a pale green shimmer. Moments after batting the small blast of energy away, Xeios thrust his hand forward, and an orb of transparent kinetic energy launched forth at Cairoi, not a particularly powerful attack, but one which should knock the wind out of Cairoi were it to connect.

Edit for not fully reading Cairoi's post. :V
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Cairoi's legs spread out into a readied position. The scars marked across his body began to shimmer with a white aura, and his eyes squinted. The dust around his feet began to orbit his limbs, snaking its way to the arm closer to his chest. With a flash, he brought his back foot forward and released a blast of white energy from his closer hand at high speeds. The dust trail behind it blossomed behind it, filling the air with a fine coat of dust.
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A smile came across Xeios' young face.

"Ten paces, in opposite directions, then draw?"

Xeios spoke quite calmly, his hands resting at his side, as he turned and began to walk away. As he walked away, Cairoi would be able to see the holster which carried Xeios' revolver. Nothing remarkable jumped out about this weapon. It bore all the common characteristics of a revolver, perhaps it served as a conduit for Xeios' power, Cairoi could not be certain. It has been a long time since they met on the field of battle. Xeios reached ten paces away and turned on a dime, right hand located just above the hilt of the revolver, left hand in a defensive position in front of his body.

"Whenever you are ready, friend."
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At first glance it would appear Cairoi had always been there. From his disheveled dirt brown hair to the oddly earthen tone of his chest, covered with a labyrinth of tribal tattoos made of a strange moss, he stood beside Xeios like a formation of rock that had taken the shape of a man. His forest green eyes, dulled into the deep green of forests primeval, turned and faced his oldest friend.

"I suppose we couldn't ask for better."

Cairoi turned and faced Xeios completely. Hanging just over the waistline of his loose black pants, his sword rested in its sheath, revealing only its bone-like handle. His scarred face was kind upon looking at his enemy, not twisted into the look of supernatural focus and indignation he bore at many other opponents.

"How shall we begin, friend?"

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The morning sun shone through the ravine, casting deep shadows throughout where any rock face stood. A small shadow, almost insignificant in it's appearance, bore the shape of a human. His hair black, short, and seeming relatively messy, his eyes a bright green, skin a light tone. He was certainly not from around here; yet, here he stands, awaiting his challenger.

The clothing fit him very well, he wore a white button-down shirt, sleeves rolled up, a pair of dark grey jeans, and a pair of black high-top sneakers. The man's arms were covered in bandages, not well, mind you, wrapped carelessly across his forearms, focused primarily on his wrists and hands. A small trail of bandage fluttered from either arm in the wind.

"Good morning Cairoi, wonderful day to test our skills again, don't you think?"

The lone man smiled lightly as he talked to his old friend, their sparring match seemed as though it would be entertaining to say the least.
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