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11-29-23 08:23 PM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 492/1586
WHAH?!?!?! NU-UH!
Posts: 1258/2746

...I don't spam anymore...*kicks ground*

And this forum doesn't count. I'm pretty sure everything in this forum is spam. Heh
True Flight
Posts: 4213/5243
because just like any other spammer you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. =P
Posts: 1205/2746
I still don't understand why I broke my back.
True Flight
Posts: 4202/5243
<(oo)> pikachu

anyway thus my long explanation was correct. Thank you demi-fiend.
Posts: 8535/11750
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2511/2915
It takes inf. Xeogamers.

Explanation: the board broke again.
Posts: 924/2746










He went ninja on the last one.

EDIT: Damn you, smilies. Isn't it possible to disable them? But now its too late :o
Posts: 8532/11750


I forgot how Kirby went.
Posts: 919/2746
Posts: 2769/2954
Posts: 826/2746
This forum is too unused. No one seems to look in here, or care that its here.

I say we lay siege to the Floating Castle of Cairoi while he isn't here. Take it for ourselves.
True Flight
Posts: 4178/5243
It just goes to show what I think of when I'm bored. I'm surprised Xeios, Katana, or Cairoi haven't ran into this yet lmao.
Posts: 5753/9733
True, that was epic. My poor toe!
Posts: 663/2746
Wow. That was mayhem. And I have a broken back.
Maybe we should see how many licks it takes to get to the sparkly center of a light bulb, instead.
True Flight
Posts: 4149/5243
here;s your answer:

As many as it takes to find a picture on instructions saying how to screw in a light bulb. On this picture must be angles and figures for each model of lightbulb showing that there really IS A DIFFERENCE for each type of lightbulb. As well as that you must add in the asswhole remarks that someone will give you when a member screws in said light bulb. After the lightbulb is successfully in place you will have Xeo the owner walk in with a bat and break said lightbulb and have Demi-fiend fix it.''

At which Elara will blindly find her way to Sunset Waterfall and help those who are in need and stub her toe on a corner. True will randomly send out posts that have nothing to do with what ever subject because she can't tell what forum she is in at the moment. Cairoi will claim that he is the ruler and commands all while Xeios spanks him with a rolled up newspaper. Xeios knows that he is hitting Cairoi because he can tell where he is at all times. Katana joins in pounding Cairoi down with her hockey stick because she thinks that Cairoi actually grabbed her ass. Rosey will find a lighter to find her way through the dark and will trip up Rogue. Rogue will just sit there quietly and try to read in the dark even though True said about a million times that it is bad to read in the dark. AND SUDDENLY Stitch will bring the brightest flash light anybody has ever ran into and blind everyone causing Demi-Fiend to fall off of the ladder to fix the light bulb and break Phoenix's back.

YOUR ANSWER IS NONE PHOENIX. Because disaster will hit all.
Posts: 565/2746
In that case, we're just going to have to settle this the old fashioned way...

Posts: 3462/3807
How many Xeogamers does it take to come up with a punchline for Phoenix's joke?

The world may never know...
Posts: 561/2746
Originally posted by Elara

I've counted.

Of course, that is assuming there is no innuendo there.

That's quite a lot more than we currently have active. But no, there is no innuendo. I'm still working on a punchline....
Posts: 5669/9733

I've counted.

Of course, that is assuming there is no innuendo there.
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