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08-11-22 07:54 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Phoenix
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Nope. Head of a Phoenix. he is no longer a mortal in this form, and therefore resembles his true form much stronger.
Squire Vince
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You had me until head of a Phoenix, maybe a helmet that resembles a Phoenix, because if he has a helmet you could have him simply burst out of the form when his full Dreamthing comes out.
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*Character outline thanks to Cairoi. He's awesome.*

Name: Phoenix

History: When mankind entered the world, they created not just vast cities and stories, but also a realm of dreams. Though many minor thoughts and creations flutter into being and perish soon after, there have been a few powerful Dreamthings that have pervaded and survived long after their creation. Phoenix is one of these ancient, powerful Dreamthings. He has survived this long in part due to his true purpose of rebirth. For a long time, Phoenix and several others ruled the realm of dreams as benevolent gods. However, responsibility is a dangerous thing, and it perverted some of his number to take more power for themselves, thus igniting a war for supremacy. In this great war, Phoenix stood strong, as every defeat signaled a new beginning. To counter this, one of the most powerful Dreamthings cast a powerful curse upon him. When inflicted, Phoenix was cast from the realm, forced to live as a human being, unaware of his true identity. He would grow old, perish, and be reborn as a baby, completely unaware of his previous lives. However, in the 1800s, another Dreamthing, escaping the hellish dream realm, found Phoenix and attempted to break the curse, only to perish in the process. Now, Phoenix has begun to awaken. With each ressurection, he retains some knowledge of his prior life, and awakens even further in the true depth of his powers. Someday soon, Phoenix will remember the realm of dreams, and he will return.

Powers: As Phoenix is currently trapped midway between human and Dreamthing, his powers reflect this.

Holy Fire: Phoenix's body can naturally produce extreme heat and flames when desired. He is immune to natural fire. Phoenix has also learned to control the lesser fire that mortals use.

Sacred Ash: Phoenix can expel ash from his body and control it to make dust clouds or other such things. He has complete control over the ash.

Wings: Yep.

Past Lives: Phoenix has developed a memory for his combat-filled life, and he is extremely proficient with all forms of weaponry.

Weapons: While proficient with all types of weapons, from guns to swords, Phoenix prefers to use his Phoenix sword--a golden-bladed sword infused with Dreamworld magic. This blade is extremely strong, but is breakable. If broken, however, the blade will regrow, just as a phoenix is reborn. The sword can also withstand any temperature of heat, and is not burnt by flames.

Dream King: When Phoenix focuses hard enough, he can begin to recapture the true power that lies within him. By expending mortal energy, he can tap into the vast potential of his true form as a Dreamthing, giving him huge stores of magical energy, and superhuman physical capabilities. However, constant exertion of Dreamforce (I suppose we'll call it) ages his mortal coil, until the point he falls apart into dust and must wait to be reborn after the simbattle he's in.
Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Phoenix

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