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02-05-23 09:03 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Roaming oil blob and the BP oil leak
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My thought is that the industry is a bunch of ***holes. They wouldn't shut down the pump so that they could continually feed off of it to put more money in their pockets. Would it have been that bad to lose a few million and close it down until it was fixed? Which would have been much easier than trying to patch it while the oil was running.

In my opinion, they are greedy sʞɔnɟ with no concern about anyone but their wallet.
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So the hole has a temporary patch on it. The news is cheering and hailing it the beginning of the end for this whole disaster. So what are they going to do about all that oil in the water?

This has been quite an ordeal, obviously.

What are your thoughts on it?
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What's rather disconcerting are the widows of those who died on that rig saying they will always support offshore drilling. They had video of one of them on the news talking about it.

I just watched it completely astonished and wondered how much BP paid them.

A couple days later, they had the brother of one of the workers sobbing over the loss of his brother. I really felt for the guy.
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No, but seriously, this is absolutely disgusting, and I'd just love to see BP class action lawsuit'd into bankruptcy, though that certainly wouldn't help with the whole "how many fish are dead" aspect of it.
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I think this whole fiasco is the biggest argument against deep water drilling possible and it shows just how corrupt and incompetant the oil industry and regulatory committies really are.

As for this miracles absorber, have they tested it? Would be great if it works.
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Since most people can't gauge how big the BP's oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is, this company in Michigan created this map where you can set your hometown as the point of origin of the spill. This allows you to see how big it is in areas you're familiar.

Roaming Oil Blob

Since I live near L.A., the spill would cover a big chunk of Southern California almost running into Nevada and Arizona.

What are your thoughts on the spill?

A Louisiana company has what they call a miracle plant that will soak up the oil, make it possible to skim off the water, and turn the oil into fertilizer:
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Roaming oil blob and the BP oil leak

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