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06-12-24 12:40 PM
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Alastor sighed as the fox before him spoke. He rolled onto his back with his arms outstretched. Sweat and dirt were caked onto his face, and his clothing was left torn.

"It was a good fight. But hopefully not the last," Alastor chuckled slightly. As he lay there, his laugh grew louder, exhaustion taking over his body. The icy dagger disappeared, and his eyes closed slowly.

Even with the death attempts, the injuries and the tension of battle, Alastor was sure he had just made a friend.
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Sorcha took the hit. She fell forward and looked at her leg. Sorcha sighed and looked at Allister. "You've done well sir." Her energy faded away. Sorcha's body seemed to shrink. She transformed into a fox. "I just can't fight like this. Hahaha. Thank you for fun."
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As the demon ran towards Alastor, he dropped to the ground and onto his side to avoid the slash. After she started to spin to administer the spin kick, however, Alastor sent a punch straight to the back of her knee when her back was exposed. The chances of a hit were tremendous, as Sorcha would not see it coming, and would only be on one foot in the first place. The punch would explode with energy, crippling her leg and putting her on the defensive.

The punch would negate her chances of using the Fox push, as she would most likely most likely fall to the ground. If she managed to dodge, Alastor would still be in the ground to avoid the Fox push, and he would use his dagger to stab at her stomach as she moved forward with the push.

Die I will not, he smiled inwardly.
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Sorcha saw Alastor's arm moving towards her stomach. She immediately let go of his wrist and grabbed ahold of his other arm. The kick however caught her off guard. She lost her tight grip and flew backwards hitting a wall. Sorcha was sort of mad at herself. "You're going to die again undead one." The demon finally spoke. She ran forward and sent a slash towards his side, she then followed up with a spin kick then she moved forward with a powerful shove towards his chest.

Fox Push: The shove is a martial arts move that is so powerful. It focuses all her physical and mental energy into the palm of her hands and makes a pocket of pressure. This pocket is powerful enough to break bones or even send the opponent flying. Sorcha doesn't even have to touch her opponent with this shove technique he has to be close enough to hit the pocket of air. (about 3 inches to be in fact)
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With both of Sorcha's arms holding Alastor's, nothing was keeping him from stabbing her. But his arm was still the main problem. He would be defenseless if he allowed her to break his arm.

Alastor twisted towards her quickly, facing front again. While Sorcha was applying force upwards on his elbow, no force would be applied in the horizontal direction, meaning this should be an easy break. Sorcha had left too many holes.

While twisting, Alastor slashed at Sorcha's side with lightning speed. With the break, her arms would still be up, possibly still on his arm because it was an unexpected method. The slash should cut open her the side of her stomach. If this missed, Alastor would use the momentum of the slash to bring a kick up with his right foot. If Sorcha grabbed the kick, he would let he, and bring up his other foot to kick at her again. That kick would be almost impossible to block, as her hands would be busy. Even if she let go of the first leg, it would be in her way, and she should be unable to catch the second.
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Sorcha's reflexive action was to grab Allastor's wrist. She clenched in real tight to his wrist as part of her block. Cling, her other arm blade shielded her from being stabbed. She threw his stab away from her body freeing both of Allastor's and Sorcha's hands. Quickly, Sorcha reached for his forearm and moved her free hand smoothly to the elbow joint where she forced the joint in an upward motion the pressure was continuing that if he did not escape Sorcha would break Allastor's arm. Sorcha was giving Allastor a sporting try to get out of this grip.

Edit: I missed the stab.
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Alastor smiled as Sorcha approached.

"A cornered animal is stronger than its predator, they say."

And with that, he lunged towards her with incredible speed, his left hand flying in for a punch, the energy crackling dangerously.

But this was a distraction. Sorcha should be thrown off by his sudden attack, but she would surely dodge. It was his other attack that he was hoping she would notice.

As Alastor swung, his fist whipping through the air towards Sorcha's face, he stepped further inward, making sure to keep moving if she ran backwards. For Alastor made a stab for Sorcha as he stepped in, low and fast. It was aimed for her stomach, and he was hoping the sparkling energy on his other fist would distract her. It was probable, but this fox woman was tricky.

This was still anyone's game.
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Sorcha was too fast. Clink! Right up against her opposite arm blade. She blocked the attack with her other arm blade. Sorcha's eyes finally thinned so much that she kept them closed. They opened wide to reveal fully red and the flames for her hair and tails grew wilder. She was stopped and turned around to face Alastor. Sorcha began by walking forward towards him. Sorcha seemed like she was being sporting to give him a chance.
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Alastor cursed as he realized Sorcha was wearing leg grievers.

As she ran at him, Alastor tensed, ready for anything. As she threw the slash at him, Alastor flipped over her arm, using it as leverage. He tried to hold on to her arm as he landed on his feet. If he did, he would stab her in the back with his dagger, right where the heart would be. If he could not hold on, he would spin around, and be ready for the her next move.
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Sorcha heard a cling up against her grievers. She looked down and noticed a minor scratch on the grievers. Madam Sorcha please be careful with me... that dagger... it's dangerous. I will give my AI for you but please don't get hurt. Sorcha ran forward straight towards Alastor. She used her immense amount of speed as her strength. So she crouched in lower and continued running low. As soon as she reached Alastor she held her arm forward infront of her and sent slash right at Alastor's stomach and continued running past him.
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Phoenix prepared as Sorcha ran towards him, and spun quickly as she launched over him. A kick was spinning its way towards him.

Acting on reflexes, Alastor flipped his knife to face downward in his fist and sliced the air horizontally, the blade facing towards the ground.

Alastor took the kick to the stomach a split second later, and it sent him flying backwards several meters.. He quickly rolled to his feet and looked to Sorcha, looking to see if his dagger had made contact. With no time to react, Sorcha's leg should have been sliced open by his dagger, and the effects were something he could really use right now.

The energy still cracked on his fists as he swallowed, dirt and saliva scratching his dry throat on the way down. This was getting rough.
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Sorcha began with a smirk by running up to Allastor. She jumped over him and sent a swift roundhouse kick to Allastor's back.
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Alastor slowly looked Sorcha over, and sighed.

"Well then, it looks like the end of the fight is nearing," Alastor said, exhaustion showing in his voice. "But I will not give up"

Alastor reached out his open hand slowly, and all three energies began to crack and whisper until, in their place, was held a black bladed dagger, the hilt a glowing silver, seeming to radiate light of its own. The blade, however, reflected not a thing around it, making it seem like nothing but darkness was there at all.

Sighing again, Alastor moved into a defensive stance, his dagger held in his right hand. "Let us end this," he said, his voice suddenly full of power. All three colors of energy radiated from both hands, cracking with rage.

***The Stygian Dagger. A dagger made of stygian iron, the iron of the Underworld. It is cooled in the river styx, adding magical and deathly properties to it upon the end of its forging.

This dagger specifically was made for Alastor by order of Hades, the Dark Prince himself. When held, it amplifies Alastor's energy, allowing him to use all three at once. The dagger itself cannot have energy charged upon it, but has its own properties. If the dagger were to make a wound, it cannot be closed in any way--by fire or medicinal properties. It will remain open until either they are dead, or Alastor has returned to the Underworld. It also brings a chill in the area cut, hindering movement.

However, because this dagger is so strong, it feeds off of the life force of Alastor himself. While it makes Alastor stronger, it will not last forever. He will slowly fade back into the Underworld, regardless if he won the fight.***

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Sorcha's eyes kept in a red as her demonic strength continues to grow. Sorcha felt the shockwave and held her weapon infront of her when she saw the energy headed her way. Sorcha braced herself for impact and then flew back. Sorcha hit a wall in the arena and landed on her knees. Sorcha slowly got up and checked herself for injuries. When the dust cleared, she saw Alastor standing there. "Cheap shot..." She said shaking to get up. "But I guess I'm lucky." Blood streamed down her forehead. Sorcha coughed and blood was hacked out of her mouth.

Mistress... you're not going to make it through this...

"I'm not... but I know who is..." Sorcha said as the flames for her hair began to increase in length. Her fangs grew. Sorcha let out a growl. Her nails grew as well. Sorcha gained claws. Sorcha split her quarter staff in half and they returned to her armblades. Sorcha stood there. Here eyes were all red now. No pupil could be seen.

Sorcha Final Form: Sorcha has returned to her demonic form. She gains a vast amount of magic and strength however Yushi will not respond and change into a weapon or break into a shielding device for her. Yushi can't respond because Sorcha will not talk. Yushi will stay in armblades because Sorcha will break Yushi in half for the weapon to reset back its first form.
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Phoenix didn't hear Sorcha alight upon the ground, but he certainly saw her--fire blazing in every-which direction. It scorched his skin a bit, but not much. While fire did not hurt him, it was still bothersome. And he was pretty sure he was losing hair.. Let her think she is safe...this had better work.

He stood in the same spot, making sure not to lose what direction his sword was in, but again charged red over black and black over red. Now both of his fists were glowing with both black and red energy. He held them out to either side of him and brought them back in, smashing together with bone-shattering force. A huge shockwave of energy blasted in every direction, making an orb that spread out from Alastor himself. With Sorcha being in the same general area as him, this was bound to make things a bit worse. It would clear the dirt from the air, but it would also clear anything else around Alastor. The energy itself will hurt, but if Sorcha doesn't land on her feet from this, it'll hurt even more.
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Sorcha blinked and spun her self around. She waved one of her tails and the other began to follow. Sorcha was caught off guard by the dust, however she landed softly to the ground still making that slight tack due to the unbalance she had when she landed, she couldn't see anything. Sorcha's tribe was taught how to land blindly and trust the sense of touch even though it was impossible to not make a sound with these landings. After all they were foxes, not dogs. She spun her quarter staff around real fast and began to blow away all the air. Along with that she put some of her fire abilities into it making a huge fire tornado Sorcha spun around so it could make the blindness caused by the dust cloud worse yet it still would burn. Sorcha already found out that fire can't affect him, but the more heat there is around her the easier it was to hide. The tornado exploded into a full out firestorm. There were explosions of reds and yellows along with a whole rainbow effect of colors. The got brighter and brighter.

Firestorm: Sorcha makes a tornado to protect herself more so than to hurt. This causes a blindness around her enemies so that it gives her time to plan something.
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Alastor was ready this time, and would not be caught off guard. He still had a few tricks up his sleeve. As Sorcha ran at him, he slammed his energy charged fist into the ground, and the effect was disastrous. Because of the two charges, the strength of the punch was deadly, but defense was more important at this point in time.

Dirt and rock flew everywhere, filling the air with so much debris it was impossible to see. By the time Sorcha pushed off for her jump, it was too late--the cloud of dust was already in the air, and a hole in the ground eight meters in diameter and four meters deep lay waiting for her.

Needless to say, Sorcha's attack would miss, as Alastor was now four meters below his original position. But he was ready. Red energy charged on his right hand, and black upon the left. Now he listened for her to land, eyes squinted against the dirt, so he could go on the offensive. After all, she would be off balance, not knowing about the crater he had created because of the dirt cloud.

Whoever said that you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks should have tea with me sometime.
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Sorcha smirked. You feel that rush don't you Yushi... She thought. Sorcha's eyes thinned. They went from green to a demonic red. She spun her quarterstaff and ran straight towards Allastor. She smirked and began to spin the staff. She jumped and spun around sending a horizontal blow towards Allastor's neck. The blow was so power it could break any bone it hit.
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Alastor cursed as Sorcha's foot moved out of the way--and then her quarterstaff hit him in the chest. He flew back, rolling across the ground away from his abandoned sword, the green energy still crackling along its blade as it waited for the taste of blood.

Alastor continued his roll until he was well out of the way of a follow up attack, and crouching in a defensive position. His sternum was definitely bruised, but he didn't know how bad it was without checking.

Keeping an eye on Sorcha, he started thinking ahead, charging black energy along with the red over his right fist, the left simply clutching at the dirt below him.

He was ready.
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Sorcha quickly bent her knee up at an angle and looked at Alastor as his sword hit the ground. "Wow you're a bit of a meanie. I like to run around," she said as she sent a stab towards Alastor's chest.
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