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06-25-22 11:37 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
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Also, this came in the mail yesterday. It is a beauty. I know it's a waste of money, but I'm going to buy each one of these as they come out.

The hardback is a nice touch, and there are even new designs for the covers (not changing the original artwork, just stuff to make it look more flashy). i think the color adds a nice touch, and I am more than content with it.

PLUS, my old friend has been in possession of my Volume 1 for over a year now, and we don't even speak anymore. So, I'm glad to have another, better version.
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brb getting a new hard drive
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I feel like I'm going to jail after seeing that gif.
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So, bitches. I'm bumping this for a very important reason.

Volume One: Colored, previously unpublished scenes, awesomeness in hardback.

Pre-order it now

Also, NSFW Kim
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A friend of mine, who went to this special screening in Hollywood a couple weeks ago where the cast and crew showed up to do Q&A, just told me there was an alternate ending to the movie with Scott just getting back with Knives, who's matured a lot since he met her. This doesn't seem so far-fetched since it seems like Scott and Ramona didn't develop that deep a connection in the movie that they do in the book.

I guess they scrapped this knowing that fans would shit bricks with that sort of change.

But seriously, Knives in the final fight was cool, but confusing. Ramona should have been fighting.
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Of course I do. You Canadian silly billy.
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Originally posted by Bitmap
Loved the movie. Loved the books. I hate the animation.
Now you must love the game.
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The animation touches on part of the books the movie only briefly mentions.

Since it pretty much captures O'Malley's drawing style, it's not bad in terms of being an adaptation.

If that's not enough here's the Clash at Demonhead concert and preview stuffs:
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I really, really hate the animation. It's not funny at all to me.

Call me a bag of bricks or whatever but to me the animation is just a plug-in for the movie. A shameful plug-in.

Loved the movie. Loved the books. I hate the animation.
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Saw it again over the weekend. Still loving it hardcore.

And further awesome sauce:
Squire Vince
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It's amazing there isn't any other way to explain it. Just pure unadulterated awesome.
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I'm going to see it tomorrow, but I loved the video game.
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Oh my FUCKING god.

So it just opened in the UK (in second place, yay!), but was beaten out by "Grown Ups."

What the FUCK!?

Maybe I have too much faith in niche movies? I mean, it was directed by Edgar Wright. That's gotta count for something on the other side of the pond.

It made £1.6M this past weekend. "The Expendables," which has been out for a week there, came in third.

Scott Pilgrim didn't even place this past weekend.

People really don't know what they're missing out on.

Squire Vince
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Guess who just fucking saw Scott Pilgrim?

This guy!

Words cannot express my love for this movie. I must own--no. I must be this movie.
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Tenth place in the box office this weekend. I haven't seen the complete list of numbers other than that was where it placed.

It was a really weak weekend as it was. "Expendables" which came in first only made $15 million. "Vampires Suck" came in second with $12.2 million (it's made $18 million since Wednesday and was only $17 million to make). "Eat Pray Love" came next at $12 million, then "Lottery Ticket" at $11 million and then "The Other Guys" at $10.

"Nanny McPhee Returns" was at $8.3 million, with "The Switch" at $8.1 million.

As mentioned no numbers for "Scott Pilgrim" yet.

This doesn't bode well for niche movies. Producers and studios would be less open to making movies like SP if these are the what they have to look forward to.

In fact, these numbers are frightening. "Vampires Suck" made its money back in one weekend. That means more of these shitty, pop culture films featuring chicks passing gas are well on their way.

EDIT: There are some conflicting reports of the numbers but here's one report off the Examiner:

1. THE EXPENDABLES: $17.2 ($65.6m)

2. VAMPIRES SUCK: $12.5m ($18.8m)


4. EAT PRAY LOVE: $11.4m ($47m)

5. PIRANHA 3D: $10.1m

6. THE OTHER GUYS: $9.7m ($88.2m)

7. THE SWITCH: $9m


9. INCEPTION: $8.2m ($263m)

10. SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD: $5m ($20.5m)

Fucking tragic.
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Make your own Scott Pilgrim avatar!

I think I need to shave the beard

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Even on the Expendables' Facebook, when they posted this article about how the Expendables conquered yet Scott Pilgrim disappointed (quite literally a paraphrase of Entertainment Weekly's headline for the article), most of the comments were people who stated that while they liked the Expendables they felt SP was better.

SP is destined for cult film glory apparently. Some of the greatest films in the world didn't do so well in the box offices, but they live forever while the ones that often bring the most cash lay forgotten.
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Agree with Cairoi. A lot.
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Honestly, the appeal in "The Expendables" is the novelty of seeing that many action stars in one film.

When "Forbidden Kingdom" came out, I was first seduced by the idea of seeing a fight scene between Jackie Chan and Jet Li with fight choreography by Woo-ping Yuen. It wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't a great film either. Still it was the first and only time you could see such a thing.

Great stuff:
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