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07-02-22 12:46 AM
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Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1751/1852
Slaine chuckled as he stepped to the side, narrowly dodging the straight.
From there, he held his hand up, and caused his Hell's Ring to glow, causing all of the clothing on Blaine to grow extremely heavy, to the point where it would slam him to the ground, and pin him.
True Flight
Posts: 4491/5243
Blaine exploded. He sent a punch straight toward Slaine's face out of his rage.

The plane landed and the thud woke Elsie up. "Mmmm..." She looked around to see that she was taken back to Ace's plane. "What happened?" She rubbed her head and looked and saw she was in arms. Elsie jumped up to look at who was holding her. "You..." Elsie blinked. "I don't remember names very well... Who are you?"

The doors opened and Ace ran out. "No tackling of the Elsie okay?"

Elsie stood there looking at the guy her thoughts went straight to the negative. What lecherous things did he doooo? Was he just watching me sleep... or WATCHING me sleep?

"There you are my keystone!!" A voice shouted behind. All of a sudden Elsie was tackled down by a blond lady. She had an hourglass body which was complemented very well by her low cut blouse and pencil skirt. She wore a pair of small circular glasses in front of her purple eyes. The office lady picked up the girl with the gloves and then turned the girl so that she was facing her. "Why didn't you listen to Ace when he said go away?.... You got KOed." The lady then face planted Elsie's face into her chest. "I missed you my Elsie."

Elsie began to struggle out of her grip. Can't.... breeeeathe... Elsie finally resorted to her only solution to getting out of this grip. She made her body go completely limp.

The office lady's opened wide as she snatched Elsie out of her cleavage. "Oh my gosh!!! Are you okay Elsie?"

Elsie took a huge breath of air. "I'm fine Boss... What are you doing here? Why aren't you with Mel? Do I have to shove you to the right offices again..?"

The blond shook her head and sighed. "Mel's far too busy with her research to be bothered at the moment." She looked at the man that saved her. "You're a new recruit," she smiled at him. "My name is Kasia Pawlak. Please call me Boss," She began to feel around his arms for muscles. "What's your name Cutie?"

Elsie put a hand on her head then it slide down her face. "You now have a nick name," she said.

"Ace go gather the newer recruits and take them to my Office," Kasia said looking at the guy. "I don't know how Cutie slipped by me with out being introduced. So what's your name Cutie?"

Ace ran off to the front of the building. It was a huge office building that was damaged looking on the outside. Behind the entrance door ways, there was a huge foyer the entire place was covered in a steel metal and there are cushioned seats. Ace looked at the group of new people.

((This is an opening for those who want to join in))
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1750/1852
Slaine walked into the area, arms behind his back, as he moved up right next to Blaine. He chuckled to himself as he glanced at the little girl.

"I dare she's right, 'My Friend'" He said, with an underline of indifference. "So quick to rush and finish the job before you calmly do it correctly. Take the entire Third Wing for example."

He paused for a moment, as a massive cracking sound could be heard echoing from the background.

"Maybe you should... Take a moment. Go fix the job you messed up on, and think about things." He chuckled, as he slight his right into his hand, just as the glow was vanishing, showing that he actually caused it.

"Be a good boy, because I believe, even though you absolutely loathe me, I'll still sleep tonight." His calm stare went from the little girl, up to Mag, never once looking at Blaine.
True Flight
Posts: 4486/5243
The pilot smirked. "Alright," he said over the intercom. "As long as Elsie's alive, the Boss is fine. I'm going to go off radio to land, I think the Boss will probably greet you guys and congratulate for damaging yet ANOTHER wing of that fortress.

Blaine gave Slaine a glare. "That's the third wing completely decimated and left for me to fix. Slaine... I seriously hate you." He held a fist so hard blood ran down his hand. He held his left hand in front of him and slowly the walls floated about going back into a semi repaired state. That girl with gloves is going to be a huge threat.

Magdelena stood in the center of the dark room again. A light came on to the right of her and there stood a girl with a crystal ball in her hand. She wore her hair in two pig tails. She looked about 13 with her pink hair, black gothic dress with petticoat, white and black striped tights and a pair of mary jane shoes. "Lady Magdelena, she will come back."

"Erica," Magdelena said turning toward the light with the girl standing in it. Her gown flowed gracefully. "Tell me something I do not know. That girl is a virus and her gloves..."

"Her gloves are very important to the rebels. They are a key item just like the Spear of Longinus," Erica's amber eyes looked towards Blaine as he walks in.

"M'lady," he said. "They got away..."

"I understand..." Magdelena said.

"Your despise is your over ambitiousness toward and underestimations of your enemies Heaven's Ring holder," Erica said looking into her ball. "You will not live to see our Revelation."

Blaine turned to Erica and a knife was sent straight to the girl. It stopped right in front of the girl's throat. "You tell me one more thing my false death I will kill you myself."

Erica closed here eyes and smiled as she looked at Blaine. "Slaine looks before he leaps and is not angered by the smallest things such as death. That fact, Blaine, means that you are scared of death." Erica finished.

"Erica," Magdelena turned away and held her spear close. "When you get a reading of the decisions the Minority have made, please give me an update. Please refrain from angering my coursers."
Makii Tachibana
Posts: 25/31
" She is fine. just sleeping for the moment." the man said still holding the girl. " she will more than likely wake up with a head ache." he smiled as he looked her over.
True Flight
Posts: 4484/5243
The floor beneath the remaining rebels crushed beneath them. They fell to the ground. As they fell out of sight from the floating fortress.

Then suddenly below the remaining rebels a jet comes flying in. The top of it opens up and they all land in a padded section of the plane. It closes back and the room is pressurized back to normal.

The intercom sounds off. "Everyone okay? Well that was a dumb question... Never mind that. I'm here to take you guys back," it was a male voice. "How's everyone doin'?" The plane shifted a bit. Then it took a hard left and flew down to the clouds not to be seen by anyone in the fortress again. "Oh Boss wants to know if Elsie's fine."

Elsie was out. Her eyes were closed and she didn't answer.
Makii Tachibana
Posts: 22/31
The Tall man with the cross on his chest quikly grabbed Elsie up in his arms and stood by for the impending destruction of the floor beneath them. " Sheesh the one day i get to practice and this happens. No one expects the inquesition i suppose" He chuckled. "Girl dont you die on me... oh boy this is going to hurt".
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1749/1852
"Oh, damn, the ceiling didn't kill you." He glared over his shoulder at Blaine as he turned and began to leave the room, after hearing the com link.

He appeared next to Mag, and glanced through the doors leading to the crowd outside, causing her a headache "Hmm... Dirty, quick... and Blaine will have to clean it up. I like it." He chuckled, as he reached his hand out to the rabble causing the annoying sounds, and began to shatter the ground below them.
True Flight
Posts: 4481/5243
Blaine lost his concentration and the knives began to drop to the ground. Elsie looked up at the ceiling and jumped back far enough so that the ceiling fell right in front of her.

It's not going to turn out well if we fight here... She thought to herself.

"Elsie... come in Elsie..."

Elsie put a finger to her ear. "I'm here..." She looked forward at the two.

"You need to get out of there... Worry about the spear later... That's Slaine and Blaine."

Elsie glared at Slaine. "Not yet... I still have my mission..." She said and put a hand on the ceiling that fell.

You to throw me?

"Yes..." She said and picked the block of concrete that fell. It was light as a feather to her. She sent it flying across the space between her and the two as hard as she could.

Blaine put up his left hand revealing a glowing ring. "Slaine... This would've been a lot cleaner if we had done this my way... And faster..." The block of concrete stopped in motion then was sent at a fast speed right at Elsie hitting her in the stomach.

Elsie flew back and hit the wall. She fell unconscious.

Blaine walked towards the girl with a dagger in hand. "Now to finish you off little one."

"Come in..." went off the communicator in everyone's ear. "Everyone needs to get out of there now. Someone grab Elsie up. I've lost contact with her."

Magdelena watched and kept an eye on Elsie. "These ants are getting me annoyed." She looked at her spear and she smirked. Magdelena began to walk away. "Slaine drop the floors. They'll fall to their deaths."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1748/1852
"I knew if I waited long enough, you'd attempt to get the better of me" Slaine grinned to himself.
He leaned against a pillar, not far from Blaine, with his arms crossed. He had short spiked black hair, wore a white tank top, blue jeans, and had a chain of tribal tattoos going down his right cheek, all the way down to the back of his right hand.

This man stood in complete contrast to Blaine.

"A pitty though, with your featherweight strength, we'd have to clean the ceiling of their blood, not the floor. That would be my job." He raised his right fist up into the air, and clenched his fingers, causing his right to glow. The pulse that weight through seemed to suffocate the air, as creaking sounds where spread all throughout the area.

Within the same moment, sand and dust were the only warnings that Elsie and Blaine were to get, as the entirety of the ceiling began to come crashing down at both of them.
True Flight
Posts: 4480/5243
Elsie continued running down the halls touching every statue to make sure everyone is going the right way. Everything they said was true. They were close.

"Lady Magdelena," a voice sounded behind Magdelena.

"Blaine..." Lady Magdelena turned to her side. "What do you want?"

"Shall I take care of the little bugs for you?" The voice sounded again.

"Blaine your rival will be more than mad if you leave with out him," Magdelena said.

"I do not want them to come to my Lady," the voice then faded.

"Do as you wish Blaine."

Elsie stopped in front of a pair of doors and looked around. She touched a statue. "What... What is this?" Elsie closed her eyes.

Scared... so scared...

Elsie looked to see there were no guards following her and it was quiet. "Where is she?"

Don't go any further. He's protecting her...

Elsie looked forward. "Who is he?"

The door's flung open. There standing in the middle of the doorway was a tall man. The man had fiery red hair that was tied back. He wore a black tuxedo and a pair of thin square glasses. The man's left hand was in his pocket and the right hand was at his side. "I am he little girl," he said looking down on her. "My name is Blaine. You're all arrested under the Code of Lady Magdelena, surrender now or your blood will stain our holy floors."

Elsie backed off. "These floors are not holy in the least! I'm not going to---"

With in a flash two knives sped straight towards Elsie's throat. She ducked and the knives sped right back around straight for her back.

The main stood there with a smirk.
Makii Tachibana
Posts: 20/31
A reply came from behind her. " Im right behind you girl... NOW MOVE... GO GO GO! " A tall man with bright blue hair, green eyes, and a scar on his face that ran down from the top of his right brow down his cheak ran up behind her. He is holding a kendo boken (wood practice katana) and wearing nothing but hakama pants and tabi boots. On his chest was a large cross that runs from the top of his chest, across both pecktorals and down past is naval.
True Flight
Posts: 3957/5243
"Mother Magdalena..." A voice sounded.

There stood a beautiful woman, she stood wearing a white gown holding onto her spear as tight as she could. On her face she wore a golden mask that covered her eyes. She turned around and her long brown hair with silver streaks in it flowed and the belt that she wore on her hips jingled. "Yes," she said. Her voice was graceful. Her gown was a bit low cut showing her supple breasts. Around her neck she wore a golden crucifix. She was thin and her pale skin seemed to make her glow in the dark. "What is it?"

"The Minority has infiltrated our floating castle Madame. What are we going to do? They are tearing down every Elite guard we have."

The woman looked as a screen popped up. There was a red haired girl in the front of an entire group. "It looks like we have idolators and pagans in our keep. Just who do these people think they are?"

"They are strong..."

"But we are stronger. If they make it to the center, where I am, the will know God's power in this Holy Spear."

Elsie looked behind her. Her troop of rebels seemed to be falling one by one as they were taken out by guards. "Where is she? The one that claims she will bring God to this planet?" She asked as she touched statues.

This way... this way... They seemed to whisper in her mind. Follow our voice... She must be stopped....

Elsie continued running forward looking to see if the rest of her group was following her. The tack of her boots could be heard on the ground. Elsie continued touching objects around her. The jewel on her glove seemed to glow each time. Not here... Over there...

Elsie followed the voices that she hated. She saw someone standing there in her way. He was big... Too big. This was someone in charge of the Elite Guard.

"What are you going to do little girl?"

Elsie saw a statue that was very large and could knock the man out. She put a hand on it. "Well hello there.. May I pick you up and defend myself?"

The guard looked at her in a very inquisitive look.

Please... Throw me and kill him...

"I don't want to kill..." Elsie said picking the statue up. "I want to knock him out." The statue was as light as a feather. With all her strength from her sports in high school and college she threw the statue at the man. The guard was in shock and fell to the ground.

Elsie dusted her hands off. "Hurry!" She shouted. "This way! This way to save our lives and the rest of the world's!"
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