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11-29-23 09:02 PM
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Making a character. Expect a post soon.
True Flight
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bring them in =P
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I, too, am in. Working on my character. Ill PM you, True, cuz I have a couple ideas I want to run by you for your okay.
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I'm in. Started my charrie, but I have to go. Will post later.
True Flight
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There are people who are normal and there are those who are not. No one really knows who these people are until now. Magdalena began her rampage upon the earth to destroy the man who plans to destroy everything. Magdalena began her journal across the world to find the Anti-Christ and gained the favoritism of all the politicians. Many of them are afraid of her and go with her war so that they are not killed. Magdalena's cohorts are called the Fanatics. They go with her in fear and know that she has now ruled the world with an iron fist. Magdalena is special though. She has many powers all of them came to her through the Holy Spear of God. There is a faction that is against her wishes and knows what she is doing is wrong. The Revolution will come they say. The few people believe in a group called The Minority. Each member has been discovered through a power they have gained in a magical item that they have found.... or the item has found them.

The problem with all these magical items, though rare but powerful, is that they live off the life force of the person. These items became active and will continue to stay active until the Spear that started the fire is destroyed.


Characters will be described in paragraph format.

Meet Elsie. She was the tomboy of her family however the red hot headed girl keeps a side of emotions hidden. Elsie loves to be around people, she loves sharing the limelight as well. Elsie's green eyes pierce through anyone's soul. Even though it doesn't look it at all, Elsie has spent most of her time outside. She is pale still though and she doesn't burn in the hot sun at all. For the longest time before Magdalena's reign she wore shorts, tank tops and shoes. Now she wears a black tank top and a pair of excavator's shorts with a pair of thigh high black stockings and a pair of all terrain mountain boots. Elsie keeps her red hair in a high ponytail and it goes down to the small of her back even up.

In the past Elsie has met with destiny. When she was a kid and before the Spear was ever even active, Elsie was running in the woods one day and ran into a Native American. Elsie was very interested in the person and followed him. She never seen someone like him before. As she continued walking he looked back. Elsie hid. Then the man continued. Finally Elsie found herself in a village. She looked around to see little kids running around and someone ran right through her as if she wasn't there. Elsie was scared, but she continued following the man. The man led her inside a hut and Elsie followed in after him. The man pointed down to the center of the hut to reveal a pair of leather gloves with a jewel on the middle of the gloves and wolf symbols on the palms of the gloves. Elsie bent over to pick them up and everything disappeared. Elsie found herself under a tree. The gloves were on her hands. Elsie liked them a lot and wore them for field trips to excavation sites when she grew up.

When the Holy Spear became active Elsie noticed something when she wore the gloves. She noticed that this all began at her current age 22. Elsie had a more sensitive touch to everything around her. It seemed to speak to her through her hands. Elsie could reply to the items through her mind and they would let her pick them up. Elsie noticed that she had to ask for permission but the heaviest of items could be picked up if they allowed and most of the time the objects did. If Elsie touched an animal, she could carry a conversation with it.

Elsie then touched a statue of the Virgin Mary and it screamed in desperation to be heard. "SAVE THIS WORLD FROM HER! SHE WILL DESTROY THE WORLD IF HER LOVE IS RESURRECTED! IT'S NOT THE LORD! IT'S NOT THE LORD! THE SPEAR MUST DIE TO SAVE THEM ALL!"

So Elsie began her search for Lady Magdalena and her Holy Spear.
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