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12-02-23 11:02 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - If only I could stay.
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Fine...I admit defeat. I have spammed once, but only once. My spam also had a valid point. I'm sure everyone here has spammed at least once, though. Maybe..
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 3427/4540
Stitch...since when are we academics?

Nevertheless, I support your point simply because it still kind of agrees with my otherwise failed ideas.

So how'd everyone enjoy watching dogs? xD. I got paid a good ninety bucks for eight half hour visits, I'm excited.
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Originally posted by DrowningPhoenix
Spam: Forum spam is the creating of messages that are advertisements, abusive, or otherwise unwanted on Internet forums.

Brought to you by

Totally not spam, especially considering you responded.

You can't use wikipedia for credibility. It's a place for hosting stuff that can be edited by anyone, so it's not academically (or for my purposes) credible.

I wish I could participate in a post thingy again, but I ended up growing up. I didn't mean to, it just kind of happened. I'm sorry, guys.
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Funny stuff, we just gave back my grandma's dog after two weeks of watching him. She even paid my family for it.

Is that normal? Hell yeah I'll watch dogs... and just leave them outside!
Kyoku kun
Posts: 1135/1329
What a coincidence, Vulkar! I'm watching someones dog too!

Keep in mind that *I* am doing it for free though.

Other than that... My parents are out for the weekend, so...I get to sleep on their waterbed! Yay!
Posts: 51/2746 play with dogs? Not walk them? I'm just imagining that you have a play date with people's dogs and you're going to play some hardcore DnD.

Although I have no room to jest. I am broke. lmao. I need a job so bad.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 3417/4540
I hearby declare you Spammer McSpammy, you Spammetron, xD.

And to keep on topic, I'm also getting paid quite a bit to play with some people's dogs this weekend, since I love money.
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Spam: Forum spam is the creating of messages that are advertisements, abusive, or otherwise unwanted on Internet forums.

Brought to you by

Totally not spam, especially considering you responded.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Let's pick some nits you spammers, xD.

Lets see, I get to go to a "scary" movie marathon with several friends. And by scary, what I really mean if that the host couldn't handle The Sixth Sense, so we're more going with Signs or Eight Legged Freaks.

Awesome? I think so, xD.
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Haha. Yeah yeah yeah...i will so win that fight. At least once this weekend is over. Haha. Wayyyy too busy for more posts than just during the night, but hey, ill still try to be everywhere at once.

And yes, I am back before saturday, but Im just home waiting to get ready for prom. I dont need as much prep time as girls. lmao
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XD Yeah, borderline spam I guess? But Hell, you're excited to post, and I guess calling this spam and not turning it into some sort of discussion would be nitpicky as hell. :p And yes, yes you did surpass me in posts. Congrats.

This weekend? My plans are to relax! I was off yesterday, off today, and I'm off tomorrow. Lately, I've been working 10 hour days, so instead of working about 5 days a week, at 6 hours a piece, I'm working 3. Something about the store needing good numbers, and I'm at my personal best when the shifts are longer for me, and some co-workers do better when they're there for a shorter amount of time in a day. What does this mean? It means that by the time I have my first day off for the week, I'm TIRED! I literally sat home ALL day yesterday, which is rare that I can do that now, but I needed it. XD

Otherwise, I'm soooo going to kick your butt in posts from now on.

Probably. XD
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But, alas, sleep is upon me. I wont be back on until sometime saturday night, saturday morning if youre lucky. :p

This post almost seems a little spammy, but hey, I totally surpassed Katana in posts XD (at least for the 27th)

Also (so this is less spammy), whats everyone doing with their weekend? I have senior prom tomorrow, then im out all night and am going to the philadelphia art museum on saturday. Sunday its off to the aquarium and monday I have off from school.
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - If only I could stay.

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