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08-17-22 03:51 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - I believe an announcement is in order
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Lmao! No! Well, if you can find me. No one in here knows exactly where I live, and my parents have a different last name. But I still vote to not be beaten down. Instead, I vote City off the island.
Posts: 12/201
I vote that Katana beats down Phoenix. Nothing personal, Phoenix...but I can't get over the fact that you're a Giants fan...
Posts: 81/2746
Hahaha. I know. Im getting there
Posts: 3392/3807
I'm back early. I don't care what anybody says, this newfound springwell of activity is my doing entirely. I brought some noobs (Phoenix, I mean only the best) into the fold, and that was the proverbial butterfly that made the hurricane.

Also, Xeu, what's your problem with shredding? Shredding is the forum equivalent to a stimulus package. We throw conversations at you people and you come back en masse.
Posts: 2879/3649
I really would be careful, Phoenix. You don't live far from me...

But so far, still not too shabby the past few days. I worked 10 hours yesterday, so I was beat when I came home. Posted shit to be a goofball, and then just watched Family Guy until I fell asleep.

Now today to get the pool together, get some drawing shit done, the house clean....**walks off grumbling**
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Originally posted by Katana
I don't have enough free-time at the moment to smacktalk with anyone else, so more competition will have to wait. XD

Posts: 2858/3649
Originally posted by Demi-fiend
Balls balls balls balls balls


And yes...yes we are doing awesome today. Now I just need to surpass Xeo for the day again. Since, once again, he is the only one to receive smacktalk so far. I don't have enough free-time at the moment to smacktalk with anyone else, so more competition will have to wait. XD
Kyoku kun
Posts: 1145/1329
And now, today has reached over 130. And we haven't had that much in a day since 07-26-07!

Nothing close to the 1290 we got one day though. Keep it up :O!
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2376/2915
Originally posted by Katana

Of steel.

Balls balls balls balls balls

Posts: 2856/3649

What?! Their whole concept is hilarious.

And I kinda figured lots of people were visiting. Just didn't see any real reason to post. Welcome back though, girly! Glad to see more girls than Elara, Rogue, and I again. Being outnumbered sucks sometimes.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2373/2915
Originally posted by Valhalla

Yes, I believe that, in a manner of speaking, tits is a great subject.

We should all speak about tits.

Pictures go in that forum, though.
Kyoku kun
Posts: 1143/1329
Originally posted by Xeu
We miss you Kyoku.

I miss you guys too! I hope to get back into the swing of spending my time refreshing the "last posts" page every five minutes.

And I didn't come back from the dead. I'm always here... just not posting .
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Originally posted by Vulkar
Originally posted by Xeu
I feel like I can actually read topics and contribute something, when most of the time in the past... shredding was just talking about poop and such.

Good sir, please do not tell me you have a problem with poop, Without it, what else would we talk about?

Posts: 8307/11746
I could hit him up via youtube, lol.
Posts: 5667/11900
Wonder if Nagis will ever return? He sometimes does in times like these.
Posts: 8302/11746
(but seriously?)

Craziness. Maybe we'll see some more friendlies popup again...
Posts: 5665/11900
It's the will of the island.
Posts: 8298/11746
It's just really weird. Are you guys spreading the word or are we just magically ... COMING BACK TO THE ISLAND?
Posts: 5663/11900
It's so cool when people come back from the dead to post during shreddings.
Posts: 8296/11746
We miss you Kyoku.
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - I believe an announcement is in order

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