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11-29-23 11:12 PM
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Granted - it’s simply postponed. The physical effects are gone, but only for now, and when they come back that time will be made up for. Watch out.

I wish there was a pot noodle in the cupboard. I’m not only hungry but I’m literally craving noodles
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Granted, it just gives you the worst burps ever.

I wish I wasn't sick.
Posts: 4/5
Granted, you fly for approximately ten seconds before impacting against the ground. That is way more terrible than I originally imagined.

I wish for a hamburger that won't give me food poisoning.
Posts: 31/31
Granted, however they must beat the games to get the cure.

I wish peoples' internets had 100% reliable service cause all the random pop-in, pop-out service gets really annoying.
Posts: 73/155
Granted, you end up in a lot of endless debt after the renewal.

I wish Touhou music could cure cancer. (To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it could)
Posts: 186/735
Granted but by then everything you own has been destructed already.
I wish I could buy loads of random domains for free ( etc)
Posts: 9358/9733
Granted. It your game glitches every time the level loads.

I wish my cats were not so destructive.
Posts: 170/735
Granted you can't tell if people are pretending to be nice or not anymore.
I wish Dankdust Memeway was a real level in Sonic CD
Posts: 9355/9733
Granted. You have no life outside of this board.

I wish people were not so rude.
Posts: 4/11
granted. i post in it. :}}

I wish I was more active here
Posts: 118/735
Granted, you get tired of your life and eventually kill yourself due to immense boredom.

I wish there was a memes thread on this board.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 4471/4540
Granted, but when it's hovering, it lets loose a horrifically annoying squeal, causing everybody around to hate you.

I wish I wasn't tired of eating cereal for breakfast.
Posts: 9233/9733
Granted, but you get hit with massive copyright infringement fines that cost you everything.

I wish that I had a hoverdisc to carry heavy things, especially up and down stairs.
Posts: 110/735
Granted, the chocolate produce out of them is worse than something like Tesco Value or whatever.

I wish you could download torrents of anything, like houses, life, cars, etc. even fictional characters and such, put them into life. I'd download myself when I'm 22 and Cammy at 19.
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Granted, but they're the size of a tire.

I wish there were chocolate milk fountains.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 4467/4540
Granted, it is now filled with random off-topic SPAM!

I wish for a delicious bowl of cheerios.
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Granted, the air conditioner only blows out hot air, burning you into the flames of hell. You never go to that parallel universe and never meet Cammy, meaning your dream is dead.

I wish that this thread wasn't dead.
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Granted, you can't wear your other clothes, your boots or go on your motorcycle.

I wish I was next to Xeo's AIR CONDITIONER. The Hot Tub has overheated my machine, and I have to run a VM of Windows 3.1 now.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Granted. Additionally, all precipitation has stopped, throughout the entire world. There is no more rain, snow, sleet, fog, or anything else. Eventually then the world turns into a desert. Life in forests, lakes, and rivers are all quickly extinguished. Consequently, humans must move into a seafish only diet. People with allergies to shellfish die first, then the rest of the human race begins to develop mercury poisoning. To help curb this, japanese fishermen may now legally catch whales due to their lower mercury content. All whales and dolphins soon become extinct. The oceans soon become overfished, with the supply diminishing.

Soon, nations begin to go to war over the fish supplies. Ironically then switzerland strikes first, launching nuclear weapons at England. Nation fights against nation, nuclear weapons are being used everywhere, and soon then all life is extinguished. Earth is no longer habitable for the next few million years, until aliens come by, start digging up remnants of our civilization, and begin to believe that we worship toilets and have our lives ruled by cats, which, granted, is actually fairly accurate. So I guess that what it comes down to is, thanks, Elara, for destroying the world.

I wish for a great pair of socks.
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Granted. But then the board is hacked again and all your posts are deleted. You must now start again from scratch.

I wish it would stop snowing.
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