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06-12-24 10:28 AM
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So far, doing all right on the whole trying new things front.

- Pretty much became fully responsible for the 24-hour caretaking of another human being - gave an elderly person a bath for the first time (though I'd been doing this by myself several times a week for months), was responsible for feeding her, cleaning her, and taking her to the hospital a few times
- Saw the earliest painting of America done by a European: "Landscape With an Episode from the Conquest or Discovery of America" (circa 1520-45)
- Finally tried General Tso's chicken at a place in West L.A. I hadn't tried before, Fu's Palace
- Went to the new Hole Mole location in Long Beach
- Watched "Meek's Cutoff"
- Watched the Quadrantids meteor shower from my roof
- Tried the new Santa Fe turkey burger at Carl's Jr
- Watched "Curse of the Golden Flower" for the first time
- Tried new Subway sandwich
- Gave police report and was in my grandmother's house right after it was broken into again while police dusted for prints, Brandon was involved in a high speed chase
- Hung around Anime L.A. without bothering to buy a badge
- Tried Granny's Donuts on Woodruff
- Had nachos at restaurant I'd never been to before for Pat's girlfriend's birthday
- Ditched Anime L.A. to try Randy's Donuts for the first time - had a Long John, a buttermilk, and an apple crepe
- Walked around Redondo Beach Pier and visited the taxidermied great white shark for the first time
- Took Christina to the Dickens Festival for the first time - both of us wore our steampunk hats
- Had lunch/dinner at Tio's Tacos, which was more of a roadside attraction with all the crazy statues and Simon Rodia-like structures, and tried their kiwi and mango hot sauces. They were so spicy I couldn't taste anything for 10 minutes and my tongue felt like it'd been burned on a hot metal surface
- Tried Jarritos' Mexican cola
- Went jogging in the park with Brandon
- Read "Sweet Tooth" volume 3
- Watched "Young Guns" finally, followed by "Young Guns II"
- Got jerky at Cowboy Dan's Jerky Emporium - had dark chocolate with peppers in it, caribou summer sausage, a buffalo cranberry bar made from a Native American recipe, and cowboy style jerky
- Watched all of "Hell on Wheels" season 1
- Had lunch at Chicken Maison for the first time
- Got beer from the Bruery - had a Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye, Boysen Beery ale from New Zealand, and Black Phoenix Chipotle Coffee Stout that's brewed in Fullerton

-- Got peanut butter & banana donuts and blueberry cheese donuts from a place in Westwood I'd been meaning to try
-- Drank Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer while visiting Marilyn Monroe's grave for the first time (also found Bettie Page, Dean Martin, Don Knotts, and others)
-- Went to a Chinese New Year Festival at the Pacific Asia Museum
-- Visited the L.A. Arboretum for the first time
-- Went to the Curio Emporium (steampunk shop, not really worth mentioning)
-- Had lunch at Papa Cristo's for the first time (had lamb and feta sandwich and a tiropita)
-- Visited the Velaslavasay Panorama - played with a polydactyl kitten in their garden
-- Had dinner at the Jagerhaus - had deer with mashed potatoes, a 1-liter stein of Spaten, black forest cake and apple strudel
-- Went to a Voidcrush show at a place we'd all never been before, some bar in L.A. called Max Steiner's

- Lunch with Christina and Jayne at Gypsy Den - had what was apparently a VEGAN Spanish scramble, Gypsy juice, and a caramelized banana and almond butter tart
- Put Amarula on ice cream
- Finally started and watched all of HBO's "Carnivale"
- Had Kerry Gold Reserve cheddar
- Lit Dad's blowtorch - later used it to make my own caramelized banana and almond butter tarts that were, frankly, better than Gypsy Den's
- Went to see "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" performed at the NuArt (I'd seen it before, but performed at a different venue with different people)
- Gave Lola a badass shampoo mohawk
- Chopped up chairs in the backyard for firewood
- Watched the sunset from our bedroom window
- Tried this Portugese place in Artesia
- Tried Spanish cheese sampler from Trader Joe's with Iberico, Cabra Al Vino, and Manchengo cheeses
- Tried making noodles that were still in dough form
- Visited the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple - threw red ribbons with coins into the wishing tree and with the bell with the mallet (according to the woman managing the line for the bell, you hold the mallet, wish for wolrd peace, and the bell is heard in heaven)
- Went to steampunk festival - kinda lame
- Picked up strawberry-stuffed donuts - kinda awesome
- Lunch at Stacked for the first time - had pulled pork with garlic aoli and onion straws
- Drove by a place called "POO ENTERTAINMENT," went to it the next day to discover it's a Vietnamese market
- Went to the "green" Arco station that's all space age fancy
- Took Brandon out to dinner for his birthday - got Ukrainian cuisine, afterward walked around Pasadena and found exactly where Leonard and Sheldon's apartment would be based on the view from their window on "The Big Bang Theory"
- Brandon became an uncle. I'm sort of an aunt now.
- All-you-can-eat sushi with Christina - had quail egg shooters
- Went to the Holland American store around the corner and had saucijzenbroodjes (sausages wrapped in puff pastry), potato krokets, and a jar of Wenger Rotisseur mustard (comes in a clay jar from Austria)
- Finally saw a performance by the Upright Citizens Brigade's Dead Author Reading - H.G. Wells interviewing J.R.R. Tolkein
- Bought a carton of International Delight Iced Coffee and drank it while driving around town
- Conducted an impromptu architecture tour of Los Angeles - went to the Bradbury Building, the Biltmore Hotel, the Hollyhock House, the Ennis House, the Jack Colker 76 station in Beverly Hills, the space age Arco, and the modernist United Oil
- Tried new Costco turkey and pesto mayo sandwich
- Had ice cream Chef made - Dude Food (white Russian and malt balls ice cream and Guinness-flavored ice cream)
- Tried the peanut butter Fiberful bars from Trader Joe's
- Got my steampunk article printed in the CSUF alumni magazine
- Finally went to Whimsic Alley, the Harry Potter-themed shop in downtown L.A.
- Also, finally went to Dapper Cadaver
- Went to a bunch of other geek shops in Burbank
- Ate chocolate-covered spicy peanut brittle
- Chef's last show with Voidcrush
- Went to see "The Woman in Black" after getting Stacked with Christina
- Drove out to Ridgecrest, through Bakersfield - had the most amazing Monte Cristo sandwich with jalapeno poppers in the Oildale section of Bako, took some pictures of the Native American Muffler Man, drove through Kernville and along the white water rapids, and went through scenic Walker Pass. Saw this majestic eagle just sitting by the side of the road
- Had Indian Wells Brewing Co.'s Death Valley sodas
- Went to the Trona Pinnacles and the Fish Head Rocks
- Visited the Maturango Museum and this shitty ghost town in the outskirts of Inyokern, comprised of abandoned houses from the '30s filled with junk
- Hiked Rademacher Hills trail and went by abandoned mines
- Encountered an 8-inch-long centipede in Brandon's dad's storage space. I've never seen one that wasn't under glass
- Went to the Indian Wells Brewing Co. and drank their Mojave Red and tried their Amnesia IPA
- Ate jellyfish for the first time
- Drove out to Arizona with my parents for the first time in over a decade - finally took my parents to Organ Stop Pizza
- Went to the Arizona Renaissance Faire (first time going in February, actually, but as for first times) - saw Cast in Bronze (music played by a masked man on a carillon), finally saw Hey Nunnie Nunnie's full act, watched the new Tortuga Twins show, saw some musicians cover a Boggards song, and bought a big bag of leather
- Drove by Todd McFarlane's toy store (it was closed on a Sunday), All About Books & Comics, Ash Avenue Comics, and a bunch of other geek shops in the Phoenix area
- Ate bacon pecan brittle
- Had lunch at Two Hippies Beach House in Phoenix - AMAZING lemonade
- Got beer at SanTan Brewery
- Headed home from Arizona with my parents, took them out for Native American fry bread for breakfast
- Tried Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet ice cream
- Went to see the Captain America, Thor, Cowboys & Aliens, etc costumes at FIDM
- Tried habanero sugar, Cyprus Black Rock lava salt, and a bunch of other spices
- Discovered this used book store in Silver Lake is mostly gay porn and a front for legally-iffy drugs
- Finally tried Intelligentsia Coffee - got Nyanusiza coffee from Rwanda
- Picked up my grandmother from my aunt's only to discover these fucked up looking bruises on her face and took her to the ER. Two weeks later we were back because she broke her wrist falling out of bed
- Finally visited Carroll Avenue's Victorian houses and went by the Witch House
- Touched part of the Berlin Wall
- Finally got around to drinking the last of the sodas I bought a year ago from the vintage bottling company: Season's Greetings Shameless Consumerism and Borealis Birch Beer
- Made rosemary panfried chicken with fettucini alfredo - used Philadelphia cooking cream for the first time
- Cried over a sandwich
- Drove to Cabazon for a day trip to visit the anti-evolution dinosaur park in the middle of the desert
- Tried a bunch of dessert wines at Hadley's fruit stand
- Finally went into Morongo Indian Casino
- Visited the Hobbit House in Culver City and the Binocular Building in Venice
- Tried Picoso, this place that's pretty much an attempt to compete with Chipotle
- Watched the giant rock that was on its way to LACMA turn a corner in La Mirada
- Went to CSULB's Pow Wow - watched different tribes take part
- Tried the collard greens at Johnny Reb's
- Watched those Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time videos
- Had the stuffed salmon with potato and broccoli croquettes at IKEA
- Attended WonderCon, which was held in Anaheim for the first time
- Went to a convention in costume for the first time
- Took friend to see Rocky Horror for the first time - was there for Tracy's last show
- Took same friend to a bunch of places in L.A.
- Got a hobo plate at Porky's Barbecue joint
- Read the latest Usagi Yojimbo book
- Were extras for a new webseries
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So long, 2011. Helllllllllllllooooo, 2012.

Anyway, I stuck to my previous (and ongoing) resolution. I know I tried/saw/went to/ate/learned/touched/read/etc at least 365 new things this year.

I know it's just me filling this out, but you guys can feel free to write in the new things you've seen and tried.

So the rest of my firsts from 2011:

- Walked the newly refurbished 2-mile hike at the El Dorado Nature Center
- Attempted the M*A*S*H hike for the first time, saw deer
- Had apple fritter pancakes at IHOP, also tried the potato bacon soup
- Tried Greek yogurt
- Had White King Salmon from the Columbia River
- Bought new hiking boots
- Tried Fresh & Easy's Moroccan mint tea
- Watch the Da Vinci Code movies and the National Treasure movies
- Made it to the M*A*S*H site, saw the range the choppers fly over during the opening credits and while there ate sausage and Sicilian jack cheese
- Tried Greek yogurt with honey
- Took friend in from Australia to Olvera Street and other places around L.A., finally had taquitos from Cielito Lindo
- Made basil and garlic linguine
- Tried green pork burrito at Taco Surf
- Watched Redd Foxx stand-up I hadn't seen before
- Drank Woodchuck Hard Granny Smith Apple Cider (not much different than their regular stuff)
- Climbed Vasquez Rocks
- Had a Mamma Chia blackberry hibiscus drink
- Tried on a fursuit head
- Went to the newly-opened Terra Cotta warriors exhibit
- Took friend from Australia to the Griffith Observatory, took her to The Pantry afterward, tried roast port
- Hosted a baby shower
- Walked around the Halloween attraction in Griffith Park set-up in the old zoo ruins
- Tried Juan Great Burrito before taking Brandon's mom to watch his band practice
- Saw Rango, Megamind, For Your Consideration, and X-Men: First Class
- Had dark chocolate marshmallow squares from Trader Joe's
- Got hair dyed professionally
- Watched Game of Thrones for the first time
- Had tomato and cheese pinwheel sausages
- Tried Mexican candies I hadn't tried before at Dia de los Muertos
- Had a meatloaf sandwich at the new Tilted Kilt in Long Beach
- Flew into New York City
- Flew into Athens, first time in Greece
- Saw the Mediterranean Sea for the first time, and got on our ship
- Had Parmesan-encrusted veal with cheese-covered polenta with a ricotta and marsala trifle
- Watched the Orionids meteor shower on the sky deck at 5 in the morning while in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea
- Hot-tubbing with Crete on the horizon
- Lay in a hammock with Brandon
- Try a savarin (yeast cake soaked in rum)
- Went to Egypt - saw the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Nile, "Liberation Square," and King Tut's deathmask and golden sarcophagi, rode a camel, ate Egyptian food in a palace
- Ate veal ossobucco
- Went to Israel - drove through Tel Aviv, visited Jerusalem and saw the Wailing Wall, the Garden of Gethsemane, went by Oskar Schindler's grave, and then went into the West Bank (Palestine) to see Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity, where Christ was supposedly born. Saw the Sea of Galilee, the site where Christ was supposedly baptized, ate lunch at a kibbutz, saw a bunch of different churches, visited Nazareth, and saw lightning in the desert. Drove cross-country through Israel (since our ship was under threat by the Gaza Strip) and floated in the Dead Sea, scraped leg on crystallized salt, visited Masada Fort. Lots and lots of Israeli food
- Celebrated Halloween on a ship, danced the Time Warp
- Had a Dutch veal croquette
- Went to Rhodes, Greece - rode donkeys up to the Acropolis at Lindos, hire a cab (SCARY driving), had Greek food and beer in Greece, visited Rhodes, went through the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Avenue of the Knights, shopped in the marketplace, see where the Colossus of Rhodes was
- Went to Turkey - visited Ephesus and the museum, saw where the Temple of Artemis was, Turkish food on the Aegean Sea, went to the house the Virgin Mary "supposedly" lived in, tried Turkish coffee and Turkish ouzo, shopped around the marketplace, ate Turkish delight while pulling out of port
- Docked off the coast of Gythion, Greece - Visited Aeropolis and got baked goods from a wood-fired oven, went through the Diros Caves on a small fishing boat, lunch at an ouzerie (had saganaki, spanikopita, olives, and ouzo ), saw octopus tentacles drying, and also saw the island of Kranai, where Paris and Helen of Troy "supposedly" spent their first night together after her abduction from Sparta
- Went to a high tea
- Sailed through the Strait of Messina, saw Messina (as a massive fan of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing," I was a little too excited about that)
- Saw Stromboli, a constantly erupting volcano off the coast of Italy
- Tried Baked Alaska
- Flew out of Da Vinci Airport
- Drank (free!!) German beer while flying over the snowy Alps
- Had beer in Germany
- Drank Afri-Cola
- Watched Cars, Friends With Benefits, The Help, The Conspirator, and a documentary on Sedona, Arizona
- Michelle's baby is born! Get to hold the baby for the first time a couple days later
- Tried the (rather shitty) mint julep at the Jazz Kitchen Express in Downtown Disney
- Watched the "Axis of Evil Comedy Tour"
- Tried a chicken pasty
- Made broccoli cheddar soup with Indian Wells Spicy Pumpkin Ale as a base, also lit stove manually since there was a blackout
- Made chili with cornbread (with cheese baked in)
- Had dinner and dessert at a Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour for the first time
- Saw the new Volvo and a re-imagined 1934 Edsel Ford at the L.A. Auto Show, went by Occupy L.A. on the way home
- Ate at the Persian restaurant around the corner - had beef wrap and hummus and rose and pistacchio torte
- Tried chocolate-covered potato chips from Trader Joe's and the 1000 Day gouda
- Went hiking in Griffith Park on Thanksgiving (haven't been home for Thanksgiving in sever years)
- Got a poppy seed bar, rum ball, custard Danish, and other pastries from the German market
- Walked from Second Street to Naples and back
- Visited the American Military Museum I'd always meant to see, wore World War I, World War II, and Vietnam era helmets for pictures with tanks and cannons and other such things
- Walked to the Belmont Pier from the Long Beach Museum of Art and back
- Grilled pork ribs
- Tried corn soda (IIIIIICK!)
- Finally got Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls, ate it at the Griffith Observatory and heard the Tesla coil do the "Shave and a haircut" thing
- Get a beer at a new bar in Pasadena for Repeal Day, tried Stone's vanilla porter and had an artichoke as an app for the first time
- Changed tire on Stitch's car without help
- Got cable
- Went to Nuke the Fridge Con
- Went to my uncle's birthday party at a Moose Lodge in Rosemead, ate tacos and pancit together for the first time and ended up dancing to LMFAO
- Had brunch with cousins in from Sacramento at a restaurant we hadn't been to before in Manhattan Beach, brussel sprouts as an app
- Went to House of Pies for the first time, had the butterscotch pie
- Picked persimmons with my cousin
- Went to an Asian market in an Old West-themed shopping center
- Watched the Geminids meteor shower with Stitch, ended up in Camp Pendleton... somehow
- Went through having our neighborhood on lockdown by the cops while they combed the area for a car thief
- Watched a lightning storm outside our window (we rarely get lightning here, so yay, purple lightning!)
- Read all of the latest Usagi Yojimbos, the latest Unwritten graphic novel, latest Chew, and the last Transmetropolitan
- Saw a pirate rock band perform at Villains Tavern, had the Inigo Montoya punch and the Osiris
- Ate a cheeseburger with peanut butter and jalapenos on it, tried parmesan truffle fries
- Ate at Doomie's, had vegan pulled pork and deep-fried mint Oreos
- Had pecan pie and cornbread with whipped honey butter at House of Pies
- Watched my grandmother A LOT this year, took her to doctor appointments, gave her baths, and watched her yell to herself a lot
- Bought my tool belt and new hiking boots
- Tried chocolate harvati cheese
- Watched Waking Sleeping Beauty
- Had a bunch of different cheeses from Trader Joe's of which I'd forgotten to write down the names
- Voidcrush shows in Rosemead, Chino Hills, etc
- Did an impromptu drive down to San Diego on Christmas Eve - walked around Hotel del Coronado for the first time, saw the lights around Balboa Park (first time seeing it lit up), and had dinner at a gay Thai restaurant
- Had vanilla ice cream with Kahlua
- Had picture taken for my aunt's family tree project during Christmas, first time seeing my dad's side of the family in 10 years
- Hiked Solstice Canyon (done it before), but took a different trail to the burned out house. Brandon fell out of the bathtub left in the ruins
- Went to Rockbottom during happy hour for Elara's get-together, tried the spinach dip and some beer that was heavy with nutmeg
- Played "Things" with WhiteRose and Oni, tried almond butter on a Dum Dum
- Met Brandon's cousin Peter
- Made a kilt for Brandon and went in full steampunk for a friend's pantsless New Years Eve Eve party (yes, "Eve Eve")
- Drank hot buttered rum
- Had potato soup, potatoes au gratin, steak quesadilla, and blackberry ginger ale at Black An(g)us.. ugh..
- Hiked to the bat cave in Griffith Park on New Year's Day
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I'm so bored right now. I'll just input the latest stuff.

- Saw myself in the episodes of The Guild we were extras for
- Stayed at one of the hotels at the California/Nevada border -- had a view of the roller coaster from our room
- Won $20 playing slots (it was on Lee's dollar)
- Read the three books out from "The Unwritten" series
- Attended the Star Trek 45th anniversary convention in Vegas (never attended a Trek-specific con before)
- Had barbecue pork from this Chinese restaurant in the Rio -- AMAZING with stone ground mustard (never had that before)
- Visited the Pinball Hall of Fame
- Watched the mermaids at the Silverton Casino
- Had a doubledecker orange MoonPie, and the peanut butter and mint crunch ones
- Made banana Irish Cream muffins
- Held a meteor and learned about cosmic rays
- Looked at a double star cluster in Ursa Major through a telescope
- Tried Bernie's prosciutto-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese and iced coffee
- Drove to North Hollywood by myself and back
- Had a slice of Bienenstich (custardy cake)
- Had a glass of Ephemere Cassis (fruit ale) and fries with chipotle mayo and sweet mustard
- Fogged a house
- Tried this new donut place, Fonuts, in L.A. (cheapest donuts were $3 apiece and they were out of almost everything)
- Ate a pluot
- Saw "Love's Labours Lost" performed (definitely not my favorite Shakespeare play)
- Walked the full circuit of the L.A. Zoo ruins
- Read "The Killing Joke," the first two books of the "American Vampire" series, and "Anya's Ghost"
- Tried the breakfast platters from both Burger King and Jack in the Box
- Went to the newly refurbished Santa Monica Mall
- Made bacon and egg sandwiches on cheesy focaccia bread
- Read "Sweet Tooth" volumes 1 and 2
- Watch snippets of "Long March Song Cycle"
- Ate at a new place--Bonanza Coffee House--played Apples to Apples
- Went to a new anime store in Temple City's grand opening
- Went to Time Travelers and steampunk picnic at the Griffith Observatory, met new people
- Made my own deep-dish pizza with rosemary focaccia for crust, garlic alfredo sauce, and way too many other things
- Knowingly tried copicola for the first time
- Finally saw the new Dinosaur Hall at the Natural History Museum and watched the scuba presentation at the California Science Center, also saw what would have been Apollo 18
- Tried Rey's maple and brown sugar ice cream with candied bacon and chocolate chips
- Scanned pictures by myself
- Watched The Social Network and Amistad for the first time
- Tried the pre-made pizza from Pavilion's -- not bad for adding your own extra toppings and baking it yourself
- Attended a James Bond-themed party, met new people
- Bought a lab coat
- Ate at this place in Huntington Beach -- had a $30 seared ahi (the menu didn't have the prices )
- Made chicken fettuccine alfredo (I've only ever made those frozen ones from Trader Joe's) -- and made it for breakfast at that
- Got an ice cream cookie sandwich by UCLA -- peanut butter cookie and M&M cookie with strawberry cheese cake ice cream in the middle
- Watched Zachary Quinto interview Leonard Nimoy at the Hammer Museum
- Tried a new entree at this restaurant I got to a lot with my parents: Mexican pizza. It was pretty much just meat, guacamole, beans and peppers and covered in WAY TOO MUCH CHEESE (didn't know it was possible for there to be too much cheese)
- Finally tried an It's-It (although it was a mint one, still good)
- Lastly, finally watched "It's a Trap!" (the Return of the Jedi episode of Family Guy)
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It's Congregation. Loads and loads of beers either draught or bottle.

The carne asada bakes at the Costco we go to are just terrible in that they have the crust even and it breaks and spills in the middle, and the flavors just don't seem to go well together. We've come to love the meatball bakes, but they appear to have stopped making (or at least selling) them.

So new things tried/seen/learned/etc:
- Took my mom for sushi for the first time (tried new Vegas and Rose rolls)
- Ate at the new Mexican place around the corner (it was crap)
- Went to a Grand Performances event for the first time - it involved mariachi, sign spinners, marionettes, a slide show, and free slices of Jell-O cake
- Try Famima cheddar pretzel poppers
- Missed a flight (I've missed a flight before due to rain in Indiana while we were on the runway, but this time around was due to the other person being late) - made the ticket agent smile and got put on the next flight
- Had to go through the full body scanner for the first time
- Attended San Francisco's gay pride for the first time
- Watched the entirety of a gay pride parade
- Tried this diner in Palo Alto - Caribbean pancakes and a chocolate peppermint shake. I've never been sooooo full in my life.
- Sampled Barefoot's moscato, which I seem to be drinking at least once a week now
- Visited the Asian Art Museum - watched a lot of stuff on Bali including their cremation ceremonies
- Ordered the Tranny Smackdown at Humphrey Slocombe
- Attended the Neil Gaiman "American Gods" reading with Patton Oswalt
- Watch a zydeco/jug band followed by a pirate rock band at a bar in Santa Monica
- Went to Anime Expo (not for the first time, but saw a lot of cool things I hadn't seen before) - tried couple of the trucks in their massive food truck lot (Slice Truck and India Jones truck)
- Attend the very first AMĀ², a new and FREE anime convention happening the same weekend as AX
- Watched all of the fireworks we could see from the Griffith Observatory on the 4th of July
- Read a bunch of graphic novels (the last two Fables books, the 9th Transmetropolitan, the first three of the Unwritten series, etc)
- Saw the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired "Re-Animator: The Musical!" performed, starring my friend
- Attended an Obon festival in Little Tokyo
- Watched a Shakespeare play performed in the haunted Pico House in downtown L.A.
- Tried the Jimmy Fallon flavor of Ben & Jerry's (vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered potato chips and salted caramel ripples - surprisingly underwhelming)
- Got that stupid newsletter to the printers all by myself
- Watched a production of "The Merry Wives of Windsor" (never saw it before) - the troupe performing weren't very good and so we left early
- Tried mint choko, Swedish chocolate-covered mint-infused caramels
- Watched "The Merry Wives of Windsor" performed in Griffith Park by a much better Shakespeare troupe
- Attended tiki-themed car show, featuring a series of sideshow acts
- Drank lemongrass soda
- Saw "Bridesmaids" and "Thor."
- Watched "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" screened for free at the beach (seen it before, it's one of my absolute favorites, but never saw it at the beach)
- Bought a fuck-ton of obscure sodas
- Attended a meeting of this science fiction club - was there to see the creators of steampunk, whom I had previously interviewed and they remembered me
- Watch "Much Ado About Nothing" performed by a Shakespeare troupe I'd never seen perform it before and at a park in Lakewood I didn't even know existed
- Saw "Cowboys and Aliens."
- Tried Hungarian-style strudel (one beef and one spinach) - the spinach one was trying to hard to be Greek spanakopita
- Drank Virgil's root beer Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg, huckleberry soda, Mate Colada, Sioux City cherries and mint soda, and Sprecher Raving Red
- Wrapped a person in a full body duct tape cast
- Tried chocolate-covered bacon, deep-fried Kool-Aid, and deep-fried butter at the county fair
- Saw "Captain America: The First Avenger."
- Got Jack Daniel's pulled beef and King's Hawaiian rolls (made for some really tasty f-ing sliders), and Rembrandt gouda
- Learned about Preston Tucker
- Watched a bunch of old movies: "The Villain," "Tucker: A Man and His Dream," "Kiss Me Kate" (starring Harvey Keel), etc.
- Finally saw "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End."
- Drank Barrel Brothers vanilla root beer, Mystic Seaport Birch Beer, Celon's Mythical Creme Soda, and Buckin' Root Beer
- Went to a screening of "Valley of Gwangi" screened at the La Brea Tarpits (had a picnic of cheeses and meats. Ahhhh... prosciutto).
- Tried a bunch of different sushi
- Finally got out to look at the full mural of happy pigs and such at the Farmer John pork slaughtering and packing plant
- Tried the strawberry pies from McDonald's (eh...)
- Drank Not See Kola.
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What is this new alehouse you mentioned? And the carne asada bakes are good, but I don't know if I like them more than the chicken bake... they also sell boxes of meatball bakes inside that are decent.
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New stuff tried, seen, and learned:

- Graduated from university
- Was a part of a Filipino graduation ceremony
- Went to faire again - first time stuff: saw Manly Men in Tights' show all the way through, hung out and talked with this girl I'd known of for years but never officially met, tried peroshkis
- Walked into a few of the historic buildings in Heritage Square
- Tried homemade Carrot Cake ice cream
- Drank Kickapoo Joy Juice
- Learned I'm related to Stephen Hopkins on my father's side
- Drank Australia peach soda, Australian root beer, and Mr. Q Cumber soda
- Finally try a carne asada bake at Costco
- Bought a pewter tankard
- Ate brown sugar mochi
- Attended adult science fair near San Francisco - watch battlebots destroy dish washers
- Ate at a new-ish Vietnamese place, Pho King Way
- Tried chile relleno burrito at Alberto's - too many seeds
- Read over most of "Seduction of the Innocent"
- Mailed in my final research paper for a GRADE
- Drank Rogue Brutal IPA and Rogue Kells Lager
- Ate chile relleno taquitos
- Ate at bland chicken pot pie restaurant in Anaheim
- Drove by where Sharon Tate's house (site of the Manson Family murders) used to be
- Got Japanese-inspired crepes in Beverly Hills
- Intentionally melted crayons (yeah... not all that proud of that)
- Attended a Transformers-specific convention
- Saw members of the Too Much Coffee Cast perform at a Rocky Horror homeless all stars show (there were four other casts and I'd seen them all)
- Saw new scrimshaw exhibit at Bowers Museum
- Made strawberry vanilla jam
- Tried cheddar bacon popcorn
- Watch Voidcrush perform in a few places they'd never played before
- Went to the new exhibit at the California Science Center, 1001 Inventions of the Muslim World
- Visited a taxidermy shop in L.A. - bought pheasant feathers for cheap
- Went to the interactive Da Vinci exhibit - played with gears and all kinds of things
- Visited this vintage toy and novelty shop in Echo Park and the gallery attached
- Ate cochinita pibil burrito
- Tied a faire bodice correctly
- Visited the Skirball Cultural Center for the first time - saw the visiting Houdini and magic exhibitions
- Sat up 'til 5 in the morning CLEANING MY ROOM JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT. Christina blame Lee's coffee saying it's "Crack in a Cup." Also managed to make all of the edits to the 40-page newsletter that were requested.
- Got drinks in Balboa Park in San Diego - Brandon took WAAAAY too many pictures of a horse statue's asshole (seriously...)

Posts: 7155/11918
130 days into 2011 and I'm still managing to try or learn something new every day.

I'm leaving out a lot of listings because many of them would just be "Tried a restaurant I'd never tried before."

- Was actually in the moshing part of the pit during a metal show - felt tenderized
- Ate pecan pie at the iconic L.A. diner I'd never been to before
- Attend a Civil War re-enactment (done it before, but spent the whole day there and watched the cannon demos)
- Walked around the Southern Renaissance faire grounds before the season started
- Attempted to count the males on an anglerfish
- Watched "No Strings Attached," "Leap Year," "Who Killed Vincent Chin," "Tideland," "History and Memory," "Surname Viet Given Name Nam," "Red Baron," "Charlotte Sometimes," "Fob Man," "Sucker Punch"
- Walked around campus taking pictures for work
- Ate a whole clove of garlic
- Sat up all night while on a road trip up the coast
- Attended Wonder Con for the first time, in San Francisco - ran into Grant Imahara, watched Sergio Aragones draw Rapunzel hitting Groo with a frying pan, saw Neil Gaiman, got stuff signed, actually attended masquerade, etc
- Walked from Fisherman's Wharf to Moscone Center - way tooooo much walking
- Fed swans at Palace of Fine Arts
- Tried new flavors at ice cream place in San Francisco, a couple days later had a Bourbon and Coke float
- Rode Cal Train for the first time - sat on the top deck
- Met Sung Kang (he came as a guest speaker for my Asian American film class)
- Researched Fredric Wertham and Frederic Thrasher
- Picked up my cap and gown for graduation
- Try Red Dragon English cheddar with mustard seeds and honey apple butter
- Attended faire opening weekend - watch new shows and military demos, have pewter octopus made
- Hatched grunion eggs with Brandon
- Attended a lecture on veterans - you should never call an injured soldier disabled, but rather a "wounded warrior," etc
- Made caramel banana turnovers
- Visited Ridgecrest - went thrift store shopping and found a bed warmer from the Chicken Ranch in Texas, famously referred to in popular culture as the "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"
- Went to Fossil Falls, Mount Whitney Portal, Manzanar (the Japanese internment camp), Randsburg, and Red Rock Canyon
- Celebrated our seventh anniversary - went to the freakshow and had drinks at this bar in Venice Beach
- Tried Scrimshaw Pilsner and a bunch of different ciders
- Met Asian American bloggers for Angry Asian Man, 8 Asians, and Disgrasian, who came to do a panel for class
- Used microfilm projector (one of my sources was only available in that form)
- Interview a bunch of veterans for a story
- Did a photoshoot of carnivorous plants at school - learned a lot about Venus flytraps, sarracenia, nepenthes, butterworts, sundews, and pitcher plants
- Got to be extras for "The Guild" at Comic Expo
- Attended party at the L.A. Natural History Museum - see newly opened exhibits and try Aztec Sacrifice and Pancake Breakfast ice cream
- Spent Easter eating ham sandwiches on rosemary foccacia bread at the Griffith Observatory
- Volunteered at Anaheim Comic Con - got waved at by Julie Newmar, ran registration, ate a piece of cake commemorating an anniversary for the 1960s Batman series
- Sat in the front area for Bogfest
- Went to the L.A. Times Festival of Books at USC (it's the only time I can recall it being at USC. It's usually at UCLA) - saw Patton Oswalt and others
- Attend Cal State Fullerton's powwow - took part in the round dance
- Watched performance by the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors
- Tweeted something (for the university's Twitter)
- Helped with TV taping for PBS
- Attended steampunk convention in San Diego - got shot with a net gun and saw a bunch of cool people
- Had warm apple bread pudding with bourbon glaze at the Old Globe Theatre
- Hiked around Abalone Cove Shoreline Park
- Read a bunch of comics, Priest Volume 1 and Y: The Last Man Volume 5 (can't remember a lot of the titles since I've forgotten to write them down)
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Still maintaining my resolution -- 84 days strong.

Continuing where I left off last post:
- Went to Anime L.A. for the first time
- Spent an entire day of a convention standing by the pool (rather than going to panels, screenings, etc)
- Tried Nick's, this place in Seal Beach a friend of mine always goes to
- Ate a cactus tortilla (ick...)
- Saw Jackass 3D (I more include this for the fact that it was a live-action 3D film than for the fact that I've never seen a Jackass movie in the theater before)
- Tried Mom's taro cake, which Dad promptly poured vandermint liqueur on and I chopped up toffee and threw some on top
- Baked molten lava cakes
- Tried microwavable Treacle pudding (*shudder*)
- Sampled three new beers at a beerfest in Long Beach

My birthday
- Breakfast of honey and rice pancakes in Koreatown
- Went to the Museum of Death -- saw the decapitated head of the Bluebeard of France, a Heaven's Gate bunk bed, Liberace's taxidermied cat and one of the dogs Jayne Mansfield died with in the car wreck. The place smelled heavily of embalming fluids
- Saw a living Siamese turtle
- Ate at this popular ramen place in Little Tokyo -- tried the teriyaki eel, definitely not a fan
- Bought something at the Time Travel Mart (we've been before, but never actually shopped)
- Ate at this English pub in Orange County that was recommended by the creators of steampunk - had their Cornish pasty and rhubarb crumble

- Ate at a microbrewery in Bakersfield - fish and chips, Gorgonzola-covered fries, and their microbrewed ginger ale and root beer
- Ate Swedish pancakes at this Little Sweden-ish place in Central California
- Stayed in a hostel in San Francisco (never stayed in any sort of hostel before)
- Walked through and got lost in a mirror maze
- Had a Girl Scout Cookie cocktail at this themed bar in San Francisco
- Tried a bunch of other bars and eateries in the Bay Area, including the place Metallica used to eat at all the time
- Visited the oldest temple in Chinatown
- Walked on and under the Golden Gate Bridge
- Got an Irish coffee from the first place to serve it in the U.S.
- Went to the California Academy of Sciences for the first time since the restoration and additions
- Visited the grave of Emperor Norton I
- Tried sushi in Bakersfield - Shockingly, not terrible
- Played "Dante's Inferno"
- Looked at the Orion Nebula through a telescope at Griffith Observatory
- Watched author impersonators speak at Dickens Festival - totally geeked on the Mark Twain
- Tried new mac 'n' cheese place that just opened in town
- Watched these MASSIVE waves while tidepooling
- Started internship at my magazine
- Tried new alehouse
- Get gombo pang at Korean bakery for the first time
- Sampled Target food court fare (disgusting)
- Ate Spam musubi and udon at new place
- Drank soju and played homemade Apples to Apples
- Had a cheddar and chive scone
- Tried new bar - had a flaming marshmallow cocktail
- Saw Phil's new show and subsequently last show in California
- Went to Whale Fiesta at aquarium - held a dolphin's brain
- Tried a bunch of ciders and ales at the new alehouse
- Spent Chinese New Year in temple in Chinatown with lion dancers
- Learned that Marlowe probably wrote Shakespeare's plays
- Tried sorbet creams from new place
- Went to Anaheim's art walk - try Root and Snap
- Took part in banana phone flash mob in Hollywood
- Won corset in silent auction (doesn't fit, but we'll use it for a pattern for something else)
- Tried puttanesca and strawberry rhubarb cake-in-a-pan
- Learned that the nazis first went after the mentally ill
- Watched "Be Kind Rewind," "Cars," "Secret of Kells," "Fantastic Mr. Fox," "Fantastic Voyage," "The Losers," "Tokyo Gore Police," "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell," "In the Mood for Love," all of "Spaced," "Zoolander," "Bandidas," "Bolt," "The Time Traveler's Wife," "Mamma Mia," "Land of the Lost," "Tideland," "Tangled," "The Green Hornet," "Big Man Japan," "Monkey Dance," "The 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors," and "Better Luck Tomorrow" There are others, but looks like I didn't write those down.
- Finished "The Sandman" series and a ton of graphic novels
- Interviewed creator of hyper local news site for Fullerton
- Visited British grocery store - got a curry chicken pasty, a honey nougat roll, and elderflower drinks
- Voidcrush played in Palm Springs a couple times - at least the second time around Stitch and I listened to some sort of occult radio station and took pictures of the Cabazon dinosaurs
- Saw the costumes from movies that came out in the last year
- Watched the Disney Wonder leave port - its horn is the first bar of "When You Wish Upon a Star"
- Took my mom to many places in L.A. she'd never been, which essentially is, "Went to a bunch of place with my mom for the first time" - took her for Korean pancakes, hikes, and stopped in a few odd shops and museums
- Made Korean pancakes at home
- Tried palm heart wrapped in prosciutto and cheese
- Watched the sandsea that was Venice on a windy day
- Went to see this great Metallica cover band a couple times and ended up in the pit both times - the latter time, at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard was in-FUCKING-sane
- Tried a new place for Korean barbecue
- Got the high score on "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker"
- Walked around this old Long Beach cemetery for the first time
- Made Renaissance faire garb skirts - used pinking shears for the first time in a non-papercraft sense
- Went to steampunk convention in Arizona in costume - got electrocuted by lycanthropic shock prod, bought a top hat that ACTUALLY fits, and tons of other things
- Tried Sandstone Cream Ale and Blackout Stout from a Tucson microbrewery
- Ate at a bunch of places in Arizona including this place with a giant pipe organ and had the greatest lemonade in the world flavored with prickly pear
- Went to a Renaissance faire in AZ (been before, but did a bunch of new things) - played a dragon whistle, tried raspberry mead, watched a bunch of performers I hadn't seen before
- Discovered this shut down book store in Long Beach is giving away the rest of their stock
- Attended Strong Ale festival and tried a bunch of international ales with alcohol contents over 10% each
- Was given shots of an alcohol that had TWO DEAD SEAHORSES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE
- Watched grand entry and dance competitions at the local Native American powwow
- Learned that Civilian Conservation Corps was full of beefcake, shirtless guys (this was for an assignment on observing patterns in government photography during the Depression)
- Tried new Ben & Jerry's new flavor, Milk & Cookies - it's freaking cookies & cream, pretty much
- Attended Asian activist group meeting - went to dinner with a bunch of them afterward in Little Tokyo. Since it happened to be St. Patrick's Day there was lots of drinking going on and for some reason the restaurant, which was primarily sushi, was serving corned beef and playing Celtic folk LOUDLY. But oh dear god, the wasabi fries
- Ate Bolivian empandas with Vietnamese iced coffee
- Went to my university's art gallery, which they own in another city (pretty awesome)
- Ate dinner in a converted train car in West Hollywood before a show at the Sunset Strip
- Used a paper Chinese parasol in the rain - it actually held up
- Ate cheesecake pancakes at 2 in the morning
- Learned about male angler fish
- Watched this great, intimate Poxy Boggards show at a small bookstore - it was literally just me, Brandon, and Stitch throughout most of it
- Had shepherd's pie at new branch of restaurant I'd previously only seen in Arizona
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It's a new year, and I've got the same resolution going for 2011.

Here's some new things from 2010 and a few done in the new year.

- Got hired for an internship
- Had an article reposted by bloggers from all over including Boing Boing
- Ate jerk chicken and other kinds of Caribbean food
- Had lunch at Tortilla Flat, Arizona where we sat in saddles affixed to barstools
- Went to Pueblo Grande Archaeological Park
- Went to the Capitol Museum in Phoenix - touched a piece of the USS Arizona's hull
- Watched the sunset from on top of Hole-in-the-Rock
- Went to the Phoenix Art Museum
- Ate a Cornish pasty from a place that does them right
- Went on a roadtrip with dogs (Brandon's mom's two 6-month-old pitbulls)
- Hiked a new section of Sedona's Red Rock Country
- Hiked by Oak Creek and found the ruins of an old house
- Ate chicken fried steak at a place on Route 66 on Thanksgiving day
- Saw a dormant volcano in Arizona - saw the Painted Desert in the fading, golden light of sunset
- Ate Native American fry bread topped with green chili beef and cheese
- Went to a bar in Fontana - Voidcrush was performing there
- Made the perfect ham sandwich
- Made potato cheddar soup
- Ate a snakedog and blueberry pie at this place we eat at while hiking
- Ate bread pudding with bourbon glaze - a friend's "birthday cake"
- Had lunch at this new place in Orange - had a ham sandwich with a folded over waffle as bread
- Roasted marshmallows in the fireplace and made smores
- Walked the Las Vegas strip, just my cousin and me
- Walked the entire length of the new Hoover Dam Bypass twice, with my mom
- Went to a funeral out-of-state
- Ate at this semi-pricey French restaurant in L.A.
- Met Pat's girlfriend
- Ate Filipino food from the White Rabbit truck - had a pork sisig burrito, lumpia, and red velvet flan
- Had date shakes from a place in Indio
- Ate dinner in Wickenburg, Arizona - saw the Jail Tree (they didn't have a jail, so they just chained outlaws to this tree)
- Ate a beef and Guinness pie in pub that was built in Ireland in the 1800s and shipped to Tempe, Arizona
- Toured a cave and the caverns within
- Was in Tombstone while it lightly snowed - went into Wyatt Earp's house and finally went into Boot Hill cemetery

- Spent first New Year's in Arizona - hiked South Mountain and saw the sunset from the peak
- Drove an unpaved muddy road, snowy road in Sedona, that we kept sliding on to get to some Native American ruins
- Hiked to two different ruins sites in the snow - went through a forest of icicles, hiked under a small waterfall
- Saw petroglyphs and pictographs
- Ate a pizza place in Flagstaff, got coffee at another place
- Read the first seven books of "Transmetropolitan"
- Walked to the old mill in Tempe
- Drove out to the middle of the desert to watch the Quadrantids meteor shower
- Ate a damiana and lemon lollipop
- Went to the western museum in Wickenburg - saw Wyatt Earp's gun among other things
- Had hot apple crisp with mud ice cream and the great burgers in Arizona (Avi's Screamer's Drive-in)
- Had a glass of cider at this new pub in Long Beach
- Went to Blue Cafe's new location
- Had lunch at a different place in San Pedro
- Saw lion nudibranchs
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- Got hit in the eye (accidentally elbowed)
- Went to the Halloween thing in West Hollywood
- Drove my dad's new car (new to us, it's older than I am and belonged to a family friend who passed away)
- Saw the belts and zones of Jupiter through the big, observatory telescope
- Went to a different Dia de los Muertos celebration this year
- Walked this trail to gets you close to the Hollywood sign
- Went to the 20th annual American Indian Martket
- Made a Rocky Horror costume for someone to wear to the 35th anniversary celebration of the movie
- Held a *********** at the Hustler store (yeeeeah, never held one of those before)
- Ate at a new Greek place
- Had a cockroach climb up my arm
- Took part in breaking the record for most people doing the Time Warp (for the second time)
- Made Thomas Jane laugh
- Won a comic book trivia contest
- Was a presenter for a comic book award

I'm sick. I'll write more later.
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Accounting only for today:
- Went hiking in a new place.
- Walked through a film set while hiking. They took over the freaking scenic point. Grrr
- Got stung by three different wasps. (Once in the boob, once in the arm, and once or possibly twice or three times on top of my head)
- Had a wasp stuck in my hair
- Ate sandwiches at this place in Long Beach we hadn't tried. Service sucked and they suddenly charged more for the drinks and food without explanation.

Tomorrow should be better. And if it's not I'm going to punch it really hard and make it straighten up and fly right.
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- Saw Barry Bostwick's ass (attended 35th anniversary Rocky Horror convention)
- Had a photo published in a textbook
- Appeared on Italian Vogue's website
- Tried a "Chinese tamale"
- Smoked sage
- Walked around in the tunnels under a military fort until a groundskeeper found us and told us we weren't supposed to be there
- Interviewed a group of authors for over an hour (still writing the story)
- Drove 300 miles roundtrip for pizza
- Went to the Museum of Man in San Diego (gorgeous structure)
- Went hiking after class
- Walked 3 miles just to look at a historic bridge in the middle of the night
- Attended a lecture NASA was holding on the solar system's moons that have water
- Attended IndieCade this weekend. Ran into Felicia Day.
- Tried this Thai place with Stitch
- Ate fried chicken and pancakes in Compton
- Tried this Mediterranean place in Santa Monica (Sooo good)
- Got buzzed for a few minutes at Hooters after drinking a pitcher of sangria
- Club hopped in the OC
- Learned and read about the philosophies and theories of Marx, Gramsci, and Foucault
- Ate at a different Moroccan place
- Saw shrunken heads (in two different museums)
- Went to the San Gabriel Comic Book Festival
- Watched hermit crabs in the tidepools (I've seen hermit crabs in nature before, but not in California)
- Watched the creator of DDR do a DJ set at a cosplay cafe
- Read Erst's surreal novel in collage
- Ate at the gypsy cafe by the university's art gallery (mm.. whipped chai)
- Watched all of "Rome" and "Hung." Started watch "Sons of Anarchy"
- Re-arranged our room for the first time since moving into this new space. Can now see the clouds and stars while laying in bed
- Went to an Electric Funeral concert
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lmao Xeo do you still look as goody as ever
Posts: 6335/7838
Bought an MP3 player for my car. Now I can jam out without listening to the same music over and over on the radio on my way to work. I also got a rhapsody subscription. So I don't have to worry about purchasing albums every other week. So far I got every single Gamma Ray album and some Dream Theatre. Oh yeah, and Dio. Gotta love Dio
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- Ate at that Canadian pizza place
- Looked in the big telescope at the observatory
- Ate at another place in Koreatown I hadn't tried before (this one wasn't so good)
- Drank a couple beers at this bar in town we'd never been to
- Had this 12% abv ale from Delaware. I was tipsy for 5 minutes.
- Hung out with a friend's boyfriend
- Started my class specifically on graphic novels
- Had the nacho fries at this place we eat at a lot. Not bad.
- Bought textbooks online
- Happened to already own a bunch of books that are being used for textbooks
- Walked around an abandoned zoo
- Inadvertently celebrated Reading Comics in Public Day
- Watched a friend play "Master of Puppets" at this bar with his band
- Went to Red Bull Flugtag
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- Had a mac 'n' cheese grilled cheese sandwich
- Walked around in the bear caves that were a part of the L.A. Zoo
- Got a parking ticket
- I currently have a pocketful of buffalo/Indian head nickels and steel pennies
- Tried just about every sandwich at Quizno's in a matter of a week
- Stood in the line to go into the 99 Cents Store. A new one opened the next town over and everyone was having parties and getting stupid over it. Figured we'd see what all the fuss was about
- Tried cherry cheddar cheese
- Ate a Clark Bar and a Zagnut bar
- Had a Korean barbecue burrito (I've had the tacos and quesadilla. Figured it was time)
- Had a Japanese quesadilla
- Attended an opening at the Japanese American National Museum
- Went to a living history village I didn't like (it's in Arizona and it's DEAD)
- Ate Ćevapčići (Croatian dish)
- Went to Lummis Day celebrations in historic parts of Los Angeles
- Ate a donut packed with strawberries
- Started calling into Arizona for alcohol that isn't legal in California

Posts: 6053/11918
- Got taken out for Chinese at 1 in the morning. Never been to this place before. You'd think it was mid-day with how packed the place was (and not just with kids out late).
- Watched a Shakespeare play that was interrupted by howling coyotes
- Learned that "The Lord of the Rings" was based on Norse mythology
- Watched a simulation of the Aurora Borealis
- Played "God of War III"
- Ate my friend's first attempt at bananas (and pears) foster. It was really good. Ate it with her 3-year-old who spent the time explaining that she liked all kinds of rum, but hates wine and is allergic to beer. My goddaughter, ladies and gentlemen.
- Ate Peruvian alfajores
- Watched Bolivian folk dancing
- Read a bunch of new comics ("Chew," "Scalped," "Tom Strong," etc). New to me, of course
- Smoked a Djarum Black
- Had the ice cream sandwich at Disney's soda fountain (funny thing is the ice cream they serve comes from this place I'd been to in Bakersfield)
- Ate a cheeseburger shaped to fit on a hot dog bun

I should be sleeping.
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Saw the Scorpions and Cinderella in concert ()
Painted a miniature and didn't have it come out looking like shit
Succeeded at birthday shopping for Ben in an epic way (3 items for less than the price I planned to pay for one)
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Originally posted by Bitmap
Knowing what Xeo looks like is the real meme of this forum

Is that the new thing you tried?

I know what he looks like.

Today, I learned that you CAN get beer to-go.

Past new experiences/lessons:
- Saw a preserved clown corpse (Apparently I've been around it before and just didn't realize it).
- Saw freeze-dried bodies from the Silk Road era. One of them was a baby.
- Hung out at a steampunk tavern
- Had a grilled cheese sandwich with cave-aged cheddar
- Went to a LARP-specific con
- Went to a midnight release party for a book (it rocked. Ran into people from school)
- Went to the new extension on the Science Center
- Watched a man in a Faraday suit dancing around Tesla coils causing the lighting to attract to him
- Watched a Tesla coil from Tesla's lab go off
- Started writing for my friend's site
- Got pretty buzzed at someone's pirate party and went to a Boggards show (never saw them before while tipsy)
- Soldered something
- Almost died again ... this time sliding off of rocks in the rapids of the Kern River
- Had the most amazing cheese fries in the world (just a shame they're in Bakersfield)
- Made vanilla lavender shortbread with lavender I planted in the garden
- Watched a feed of a concert in a theater (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer's concert in Bulgaria)
- Ran the lights for Phil's show with a light board I'd never used before
- Tried the pastrami sandwich Tommy's was test-marketing
- Got mochi from this 100-year-old place
- Had Croatian food
- Learned that Jerry Brown pretty much gave birth to farmers markets because it was previously illegal to buy vegetables fresh from the farmers and you had to go through a middle-man
- Further learned that Meg Whitman has spent $99 million on her campaign so far to beat Jerry Brown ... and I'm horribly disgusted that this has been allowed.
- Went to L.A. Rock'n Comic Con (it was its first, and probably ONLY, year)
- Hiked to the cave (more a tunnel) used for the 1960s Batman show
- Got all-you-eat Chinese tacos from this truck that goes around L.A.
- Survived a Big Mike's burger (big burger with cheese, topped off with a hot link) -- what's more was there eating it when the Lakers won the championship. People were running around of every orifice and out into the street to scream and cheer
- Found a place in North Hollywood where two people can eat and get drinks for under $10 put together. Ended up eating the food from this place while walking through North Hollywood to get to our friend's production of "USS Pinafore" (a Star Trek-ized version of Gilbert and Sullivan's "HMS Pinafore")
- Had a bacon beer
- Finally had the tea at the cosplay maid cafe we sometimes visit
- Attended a pagan ritual in Hollywood. Ate food that was blessed by Isis (and apparently it's pronounced "Eesis")
- Went to GEEKS Con (tiny con, but more fun than L.A. Rock'n Comic Con)
- Had a Mexican chocolate shake with cinnamon sticks blended in (got spicy to drink after a while)
- Got TMJ. Was fitted for a nightguard.
- Sampled this blend of rum that this pirate guy's been making for years. Tasted minty and smooth
- Tried to play a saw with a violin bow
- Checked into a hotel at 6 a.m. after driving the whole night to get to it, and then wake up a couple hours later to go to an event starting at 10 a.m.
- Finally had the buffet aspect of CiCi's Pizza (I'd previously only had take out in Texas)
- Met the MythBusters
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Originally posted by Bitmap
Knowing what Xeo looks like is the real meme of this forum

The greatest smiley ever.
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