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10-02-23 11:27 PM
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True Flight
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Wondering why this RP froze.
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We're starting Friday. Rain or shine.
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COMING SOON: Character....and shits.

But seriously guys...patience. I'm actually quite interested in the project. I just want to come in with as much of a bang as I can. (considering the sparatic free time I do have.)

Or...start without me, and I will keep in contact with Cairoi about entering at a sensible time.

Expect a faerie-like race. This story needs one, imo.
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I think everybody has great races/characters so far, just waiting on a few to post theirs up and we should be good to go...
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Murder. A murder that is completely unknown to the victim until their lifeless body lies on the ground. The body of a dark sorcerer from the magical races. A seemingly impossible task, and when completed, a greater evil walks the earth. When the dark sorcerer is killed, their tormented soul is left behind, wanting back its life and eager for revenge. It attacks the soul of its murderer, tearing it into shreds, but not completely destroying it. The two souls are attracted to one another, and the two evils fuse together to create a maleficent being like no other. A Shade.

After the Shade is created through this painful process, their new soul craves for even more death; so they kill again. With every death that the Shade physically or magically induces, the evil within the soul of their victim is ripped out and fused with their own black one, making them even stronger. While their physical strength grows, their magical abilities are also heightened.

Shades are in control of very dark powers, but each Shade only possesses a handful of the wide variety of magics known by the race. Usually only knowing about two or three dark spells, each Shade's magical abilities seem to be derived from the first two souls that make up the foul creature. How cruel both mortals were, the way in which the murder was committed, and the type of magical creature they killed seem to be the most compelling arguments in where their powers come from, but studies are not common. Holding a Shade hostage is a very dangerous task, and very few have done so without losing their lives.

Other races tend to be cautious around Shades, as they are very spontaneous. They prefer to hunt humans, but many times a Shade has gained greater powers by slaying different races. Humans fear them completely, and the only race that completely accepts them are Wraiths; both races sharing the taste of evil.

Shades tend to pale more profusely the older they get, and all body hair eventually falls out. Heavy weighted Shades have been known to exist, but most thin out to a sickening extent. Nails grow out into talons, and their voices are the whispers of all the deceased souls they carry with them. The most prominent physical detail is probably their eyes. Shades have completely black eyes, their pupils expanding to the extent that there is no white left. Because of this, they have excellent night vision, and also a strong weakness to bright lights. Most Shades wear sunglasses to protect their fragile eyes. Performing an exorcism on a Shade will release all souls trapped within it except for the two originals.

Relaquin is over five hundred years old—a long life for a Shade. Most are hunted down and killed before the one hundred year marker is reached. His skin was completely white—his veins sowing through very lightly, as little blood was left sitting in them. Long black talons grew from the tips of his fingers, but Relaquin preferred his knife for the dirty work. Once a murderer, always a murderer. Besides his knife, a few spells were under his belt, too.

He can release a tormented soul from his body to attack anyone he chooses, but very rarely does he do this; releasing a soul is not something he is fond of, and he loses the soul he sent out. Although he gains the newly slain soul, he’s right back where he started, and Relaquin is a Shade that wants to gain. Relaquin’s prize power, though, would be the one he obtained from the Wraith he slew; the kill that turned him into a Shade. Whenever he wills, Relaquin can turn into a shadowed figure, similar to that of a Wraith’s true form.

Because he has lived so long compared to other Shades, Relaquin is very cautious and tries to stay under the radar. He still kills, but very carefully and discreetly. He lives as a wanderer, not staying in one place too long for fear of discovery, as no magics are available to Shades to hide their appearance, for they were once human.

EDIT (CAIROI): I removed the crucifix weakness and the specific killing method to slightly balance it and make it fit more. Don't know why I didn't notice them last night, but they don't really work.
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My character.

Kane is a wraith born from death, more so than his brethren. He was created from the soul of a notorious mass murderer. Due to this he feeds on the dying breath of others. Because of this he has found a steady source of sustenance by being an assassin, both for mortals and otherwise. To hide the fact that the work itself is the reward, and to keep his demand elevated, he charges an obtuse amount of gold coins. While these coins were originally superficial, he has developed a strange attachment to the shiny trinkets.
True to his nature, Kane moves as a living shadow, unseen by any until they are dead. When he appears in a solid form, he appears as a lithe man, bordering on spindly, with pale white skin and gauntly features, although he nearly always covers himself with black wraps, not being one to reveal his true nature.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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My own class time, feel free to celebrate.

The Xiuhcoatl lived for over a thousand years in the rainforests of South America. They were feared as both gods and monsters, leaving their forest only to feed on human flesh once a year.

The Xiuhcoatl originally resisted the grip of Legion, even waging a short war against it. However, they were soon pacified and forced into a relocation camp located in the Nevada desert. Since their only food is human flesh, they recieved death row inmates from around the world, and were allowed to feed only on them.

In more recent tims, the Xiuhcoatl have been allowed to leave the camp for extended times, only returning for their feeding season in the early fall. Thus far, this has met with good results.

Instead of skin of fur, the Xiuhcoatl have an outer exoskeleton, like that of an insect. This shell is almost impenetrable, completely bulletproof, and very resistant to magic. However, once every twenty years, a Xiuhcoatl has been know to shed its skeleton, allowing for a yet stronger one to grow underneath. This means that the older Xiuhcoatl can often be nearly invincible.

The Xiuhcoatl do not practice ranged combat. Instead, they fight only with a set of claws at the ends of their long fingers, using their superior speed and strength to decimate their opponents at close range.

They have no true internal command structure, acting instead as animals, migrating instinctively to breeding grounds, and spreading to other areas when not. While their migration patterns have been severly disturbed by Legion, the Xiuhcoatl have been slowly reverting back to their old patterns, though they still have to go to Neveda for their yearly feeding.

The Xiuhcoatl also have a strong resistance to both magic and heat. However, they have a strong fear of the cold, to the point where a glass of ice water can often hold them at bay. Some of the Xiuhcoatl have managed to overcome this weakness with modern techonology, placing heated pipes around themselves so that they are constantly kept warm.

Because of their resistance to magic, the Xiuhcoatl do not undergo magical transformations. Instead, they wear a sort of fleshmask to give themselves a human face, using clothing to cover the other parts of their body.

I'll post my character up sometime today, hopefully before this whole thing actually starts.
True Flight
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I am deffinetely interested in starting up a muse. Will be having some free time through out my deployment. I will keep yall updated.
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Hey guys...posting here to let y'all know that I am most definitely in. I am coming to the end of a pretty difficult week, so I won't have the time to really do anything here until this weekend. Mostlikely Saturday, being as I somehow scored the day off. **shrugs**

I do have a few questions though, prolly not gonna remember to ask 'em all right now, but..are you expecting us to each come up with our own race to protray? I'm thinking you want this world to be big, so I'm intending to come up with a thing ot two myself, but as far as character, I wouldn't mind playing a muse, water elemental (A, water is my favorite, and b, it's like Xei said, similar to the Nauticans. While it's a challenge to conjur up something of your own, it's even more of a challenge, to me, to make something very similar turn out differently. So, I'd like to take up that challenge.)

Um...lesse...I will come up with more later...gotta get going to work.

I'm definitely, something to focus on creatively means a lot to me at the moment, so none of you guys are allowed to back out and not post in this one anymore. Haha.
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Wraiths: Wraiths are born from the perversions of mankind. When some mortals die, ones who are shining examples of the evils of man, the dark part of their soul may become shorn away, being left to rot on earth while the rest ascends. But sometimes this dark part of man, instead of rotting, gestates. It begins to feed on the evils that it was born from, slowly growing in strength until it can take on its own form, that of a Wraith.
Wraths have no relations, and no heritage. Because of this they have no loyalties to their kind; to them, they are the only ones of their kind. Each wraith is different from the next, warped by their creation. When a wraith is first brought into existence they are barely more than a living urge, deriving sustenance based on the vices of the mortals they were spawned from. If a wraith survives long enough, and feeds well enough, it begins to develop it's own semblance of a personality, slowly but surely.

Character, and possibly more on wraiths to come.
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Alright, I'll make a return here with a race of my own conjuration.

Nauticans: An almost eternal race of magical beings, known to live for thousands of years at a time. This race of beings find their home in structured colonies in hidden trenches in the sea. In their natural form, these aquatic creatures appear to be glass statues with water constantly flowing within their bodies. Though they do have distinct facial features, the true way to tell one Nautican apart from another is by the coloring and patterns which flow within their bodies at all times. Generally this water appears as a light blue, ranging to a deep dark blue, but the colors are also vary greatly within their bodies depending on many external and internal factors.

This race is deeply connected to the ocean, and not just any ocean, the localized area in which they were born and raised. They draw many things from these areas, temperament, severity of mood swings(and how frequently they occur), as well as internal clocks. Humans rely on the sun to tell their bodies when to sleep, and when to rise for daily activity, the Nauticans rely on the tidal patterns they were raised with, making most Nauticans have greatly varying concepts of time. With this race being connected with the ocean in such a way, they tend to relay the feelings their original ocean has at any given point in time. If there is a storm above their homeland, for instance, the Nautican becomes irritable, and rages like the sea. This effect of the ocean on their bodies and personalities, makes them quite unpredictable.

Nautican culture shies away from the grasp of humans by a large extent, generally dwelling in the ocean to keep their secret and highly intellectual society a secret, as they enjoy their freedom and that man cannot even come close to grasping the power the ocean holds. Although, many of the Nautican's find the most honorable task one can take upon themselves is to live a life of both land and sea. The people who take up this lifestyle generally become fishermen, or commanders in the Navy. They feel that a mastery of both realms is essential to a marvelous and long-lasting life.

Most Nautican's live under their own rule, but they reach out to the Legion as ambassadors, diplomats, and arbiters. Being a very fair and just people, they use the calm of the ocean to weigh the pros and cons of a situation, and act accordingly. When the sea is in turmoil, they harness their vicious side and become excellent warriors.

That is all I can think of right now, I have plenty more ideas, and am simply too damned tired to right them right now.

Night folks.

Edit Time, adding more info.

Also, I see the elemental race was posted before these, and yes, I do find them similar, but I like to think of this race as a very ancient and independent from whatever the water elementals would appear as.

The race's opinions on humans are mostly of wary avoidance. They usually don't like being too close to humans, as one of their large worries is being discovered and having their societies corrupted. Although, many Nauticans, find that those humans who choose to make their life on the sea are honorable, and will do almost anything in their power to help guide those people to safety. They do, however, find humans who traverse the seas out of leisure to be dishonorable, as they trek the ocean as part of a 'relaxing' ritual, and not of respect for the ocean's might.

Nautican's abilities are quite variant depending on their origin. Some merely have the quality to breathe underwater in human form, others have the abilities to control the very water they respect. This race does have a common tell, that is associated with their human form. They frequently appear to be sweating, or wet in general. Though this is not sweat, simply condensation, the effect will wear off after prolonged exposure to the surface, when their body temperature reaches the 'lukewarm' phase.

Nautican's reproduce in three different ways, each being entirely unique and creating a different result. First, they can reproduce asexually, for lack of a better term. Essentially, they return to their home waters, and exert a small amount of their life force and powers, forcing a cloned being to come into creation. This cloned being is then nurtured in the oceans of it's origin, and comes to full adult life in a mere two years. Secondly, the race may reproduce sexually (yet again, for lack of a better term), where two beings take their strengths and qualities, and forge a new Nautican from their combined abilities, gaining distinct genetic advantage over the asexual way. The third way is the closest to an actual sexual reproduction that the Nautican's have, and is extremely rare to begin with. Two Nauticans come together and essentially combine into one being, making one fully adult Nautican, with a dual consciousness.

The Nautican disguise magic is incredibly powerful, making them, for all intents and purposes, completely human in every way. There have even been cases of Nauticans reproducing with the humans, and creating humans with exemplary abilities of swimming and underwater breathing. Though, without having been nurtured in the seas, these offspring never attain their true form, nor do they ever know about their origin.

That is all for now, I will write my character in a separate post so it is easier to locate my character's information without needing to weed through all the interesting background of my Race.

Edit time again: Can't post again until someone else posts, so I'm just going to drop the info I wrote out here.

Edward J. Smith appears to be an older British gentleman in his human form. Either in his late 50's or early 60's, he sports a short cut of white hair, as well as a very well groomed white beard. He is on the heavier side of the average weight range, but is by no means overweight. Edward Smith has only recently resurfaced, after pulling off one of the greatest terrorist acts in the history of the world. A terrorist act, which was regarded fully as an accident. The sinking of the Titanic.

For too long had Edward served man on their frivolous trips across the ocean, rich and powerful men and women who would eat expensive foods and gossip while at sea, as if the ocean was some sort of lavish playground. He would show them that the ocean was not a plaything. Sink the unsinkable ship, man would be foolish to doubt the strength of the ocean again. The iceberg that sunk Titanic was the sole conjuration of Edward, a revenge against the humans, and a marvelous display of power for the people of his race.

Edward hails from the Arctic circle, a frozen wasteland that proves time and time again to never be able to be tamed by man. His personality is quite reminiscent of this type of location. Cold, calculating, and destructive in his power. While other Nauticans have an internal turmoil, constantly flowing and moving like the sea, Edward knows no such luxury. His personality is as static as the glaciers above his homeland. Because he lived in such a unique area when compared to other Nauticans, his powers vary more than theirs do. While he has almost absolute control over water in general, he also has the ability to conjure the freezing waste of the Arctic circle, and freeze the water he holds under his command.

In his true form, Edward appears to be as most Nauticans, his coloring is a deep blue with very light circles travelling across his body. The "Glass-like" appearance of his skin seems to be frosted glass, as opposed to the usual clear glass. His tell is also slightly different, his human flesh always appears to be cold, and his body temperature never reaches a lukewarm state, always tending to be on the cold side.

Edward has resurfaced to join this group of people, because the thought of making silly humans pay brings him great joy. Edward has lived for a little over two thousand years, making his mark on history books all along the way.

The Accidental Protege
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Cindy, the flame element, works as a glass blower. Never had much money, and hated living under wraps the way she did. Lived in a shitty apartment with her roommate and friend, Bruce, the earth elemental. Bruce heard about the heist, and told his fiery redhead of a roommate. He needed the money to pay off debt from gambling and trouble with the mafia.

Cindy seems about 26 as a human, small, lithe, crazy red hair, and personality that would confuse Gary Busey. She's hot and cold, almost bipolar in some respects. She's an odd person; she dabbles in art, listens to strange music, and is an avid fan of tea. Pretty much a hippie minus the weed. Bruce is pushing 45, tall, heavy, stocky and balding. Works for a construction crew and is a part time alcoholic. Loud, simple, and straightforward would describe him.

Both mask their appearances by simply not focusing on it. When they do, though, Cindy's body becomes engulfed in flames that are not hot to the touch. However, she can stoke herself like a furnace and create superheated bursts, waves, streams and explosions on command, the more powerful the impact, the more focus required. Immune to fire. Bruce's skin turns gray and geodesic like a hunk of granite, granting him tremendous strength and amazing endurance; he never tires, and is rarely stopped. His only projectile attack is a spew of gravel from his mouth as though they were bullets. Cindy and Bruce can team up to do a double attack they dubbed "Volcano Assault", simply put, both attacks at once. She superheats his projectiles, melting a decent portion of them, and scorching others. This can be a frontal attack from Bruces mouth, or he can aim upwards and rain it down on enemies.

Cindy is small and lithe, as stated, so she can get into tight spots. Being able to heat things remotely would be a powerful asset, and Bruce provides amazing defense and great strength. He's just not very fast.

When it comes to humans, they are neutral. Bruce likes them as drinking buddies, while Cindy simply finds them amusing how, after seeing civilizations rise and fall, species become birthed and wiped out, the foolishness and simplicity of mankind is repeated ad nauseum.

About elementals: They're tribal. However, some do break off from the pack, these two being prime examples. Much like Indian tribes, they share many common themes to their culture, but subtle differences, as well. They reproduce sexually, the young born from eggs.
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Okay, here are a few of the magical races that I've created for the RP. I know FX is working on Wraiths, and Clockworkz/Roah has worked on Elementals, so if they'd like to, I'd love for them to post their information on them.

Demons: Demons were once the grunts of the magical world. Neither intrisically evil or good, they were conjured into being by gods and powerful sorcerers and designed to fulfill necessary tasks. A few thousand years ago, before humans had grown vast in number, a few races of demons broke free from captivity and established communities of their own. The free races of demons strove to free all of their enslaved brethren, known by demonkind as the Great Era. When the Human Expansion occured, demon societies began to weaken under political pressure. It was in fact a demon who proposed the idea of the Legion, despite disagreements from the majority of his kind. The Masters, the greatest powers in the land (none demons), took his rallying cry up and unified the magical community. Many once powerful demon lands opposed the unification, and crumbled in the process. Now, most living demons live amongst the ranks of the Legion, traitors to the memory of their ancestors, slaves once again.

Barkites: As previously stated, Barkites are a shamantistic race made mainly of bark and moss. They are a proud people that have clung desperately onto the memory of the pre-human days. Their numbers have been dwindling as human deforestation has acted as unintentional genocide. They are one of the few races with their own unique system of magic, which they are very secretive of.

Muses: A rather new race of magical creature, these beings are conjured when a work of art is admired by a large group of people. The impressions people gain about the works of art give unique powers and personalities to them. Most of the magical community looks down on them, as they are a human-created race, and they spent most of their times in human society as a result (not that they mind).

Behemoths: The 8 colossal beings that supposedly shaped the planet, hidden in eternal slumber in the shadows of the world. Their existence is a legend among the magical community, but it is discouraged to publicly discuss them or propose they are real.

Emporals: Also called "the kingly kinds", the Emporals are the "higher forms" (as Plato once hypothesized) of animals. They possess great intelligence and greatly enhanced characterstics than their animal offshoots. (Think a super version of an animal.) Several races of Emporals flourish (as far as Emporal society goes) in their native lands around the world. Much speculation has gone into the location or fate of the Emporal Humans. Some believe that they killed each other like their offshoots, or they are afraid of the magical community and in hiding somewhere. Both are likely.

I will post more later, but this took a lot out of me.
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New RP time. I want a small group of dedicated players. Don't post a character if you don't got the game.

Premise: It is December 25, 2009. Snow gently covers the ground. Families around the world are gathering and celebrating Christmas Day. The day is quiet and calm. But in New York City, just underneath the surface, a robbery is being planned. Far from the watchful eyes of the Legion, Sun-Spot (aka Apollo Thompson), a disaffected light demon, is planning a robbery. He has called together other outcasts of the magical community in hopes of reclaiming what was justly theirs: millions of human dollars. The ragtag group he assembles will find themselves caught up in events far larger than anything Apollo could have ever feared. In the RP, you will play as a member of Sun-Spot's team, using your unique powers to aid in the theft, and whatever else faces you.

Mythology: In this universe, magical creatures exist in the corner of humanity's eye. The Legion, the 'government' of the magical community, has a strict code that demands a covert, non-intrusive stance on humanity. It is possible for magical creatures to take on a human appearance, but there are often a variety of 'giveaway' characteristics depending on a creature's race, and due to pride or sheer difficulty, many magical creatures have declined the ability. If any magical creature reveals any aspect of their true nature to humans, they face STRICT penalties. Rather recently, a tribe of barkites (shamanastic forest dwellers made mainly of bark and moss) were killed in the aftermath of revealing themselves to a human. Keep in mind, magical creatures are not carbon copies of what humans believe them to be (There are no real angels, elves, dwarves, etc), but a vast assortment of relatively unknown races (you can invent your own, but run it by me first, please). Also important: If a human becomes fully aware of magical creatures, they are relentlessly hunted by the Legion. The Legion's official policy on these 'Branded' humans is to enlist them into the Legion so they can be more easily controlled. However, a very small amount live freely, although they live almost like fugitives.

For this RP, I'd rather not make a character sheet. Instead, I think it'd be funner if you wrote up a few paragraphs about your character instead. Make sure you have a good idea of their heritage, history, abilities, and why Sun-Spot would think they could contribute to the robbery. Cool. There we go.

Soon, I'll include another rather large post about various races and aspects of the world so you can understand it better. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer.
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