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05-20-22 07:05 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - Djarum Blacks
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I've been seeing them around, but apparently they have filters now so it's OK.

Either way, I've been seeing them sold on the reservations, so they're still to be had.
True Flight
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You can get DJarum Blacks here for >.> 4.00 a pack and 15.00 a carton. I guess that makes me lucky
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The reason that it was included can be summed up from quotes from the article itself.

"They come in cherry, chocolate, vanilla flavor," Hassan says. "The cloves come in cherry, chocolate, vanilla, 10 different types of cloves." (appeals to kids, you know it would)

In the meantime, some of Hassan's customers, such as Dese'Rae Stage, will be difficult to convert. Stage has been smoking clove cigarettes since she was 15.

"I like the smell of them," Stage says. "And once I started smoking when I got my friends to buy 'em for me, I liked the taste of them and that was that. I mean, cigarettes taste horrible. These do not taste as horrible. They just don't." (proof)

By saying "Hey, smoke these, they taste good" producers of flavored cigarettes were able to draw in younger audiences because their product did not have the nasty taste of normal cigarettes, one of the chief deterrents.

Honestly, I hate the smell of cloves so I am not sad to see them go. Of course, being around any form of smoke throws me into coughing fits so that is a somewhat biased opinion.
The Accidental Protege
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This was an obvious push by big tobacco to eliminate competition from foreign countries within the states.
I smoke Pall Mall and Camel, so it doesn't really affect me much.
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They were the only cigarette that I would ever enjoy, and I would rarely smoke them. On September 22, 2009, all cigarettes with flavored additives such as the ever popular clove were banned for sale in the United States, due to its apparent appeal to children. Why is it okay to ban these (which only make up 1% of tobacco sales nationwide) and not menthol cigarettes, which is the most popular flavor of cigarette?

Well, Djarum found a way around this. They made their famous Blacks into "cigars", using slightly different tobacco, and bypass the law completely. Viva la revalucion! However, they don't taste the same and many would like their old cigarettes back. I'm a firm believer in what you put in your body is your own business and that sale to minors isn't nearly enforced well enough. Hell, most people don't even like Blacks and it makes them hate cigarettes altogether after trying them!

Full story here.

What are everybody's thoughts on this? While I think it's a good thing that a handful of youths will be slightly less interested in smoking, it's a pain to people like me who would have a single pack last 2 months and smoked purely out of pleasure, not out of addiction. Besides, most teens are more interested in weed.
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